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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


November, you have nearly come to an end and the advent season will very shortly be upon us.

We had a storm here in the UK last week, very high winds, worse than we have seen for some time.  Unfortunately, we had some damage resulting in the insurance assessors having to come out and see what can be done.  A tree, a large fence, a garden shed and two not happy neighbours!

A couple of little outings have happened this month and quite a bit of staying home.

The craft group went on a bus trip to the Crafts for Christmas show at the NEC the first weekend of the month.  Very busy there but I did make a couple of little purchases.  I bought a few other things but they are for gifts.

A new 1/4" foot for my sewing machine and some bottom line thread for the shuttle (purchased on advice from the quilting tutor).  After seeing Jo's lovely Nutmeg Company little housey I treated myself to the Cinderella Panto House.  It wont be stitched for this festive season, definitely next year.   A beading kit to be shared with a friend as we both try our hand at making a bracelet, something new for the new year. There was hundreds of stalls for papercraft but not many for stitching and knitting.
A cute bee hat has been knitted. The kit was donated by a local councillor for the charity knit group and I was asked to knit this childrens hat.  So buzz.....
DH asked me if I would kindly knit this little chap, and he's now gone off in the post to his new home.  We've named him Alf.  I used two strands of 4ply sock wool for his hat to give it the tweed effect.  It always makes me smile to add a face on a character I've knitted.
Still playing catch up with the Plum Street Sampler SAL.   Days 3, 4 and 5 now complete so not too far behind everyone else.
Clare will soon be decorating a tree in her church for the festive season. Some of you may remember she has done it quite a few years now.  This years theme is joy and here's the ornament I stitched for it.  Found in the 2004 JCS ornament edition.
I was lucky enough to be able to give the ornament to Clare in person Saturday 14th Nov as 5 ladies from Needlecraft Haven met up for a days stitching and fun, organised by Clare.
We always have a goody bag exchange and this time the theme was 'numbers' 

Each of the lovely homemade cakes has a raffle ticket underneath to correspond with a bag, you choose a cake and hope that you don't get your own bag back!

The number I chose for my bag was 6 and here's the contents of my goody bag that was won by Gill...

The bag I chose was from Clare herself.  She chose the number 4, great things inside including a lovely chart from Elizabeth Designs with the four seasons on.  Perfect for next years seasonal SAL.  Thank you Clare.

We also have a book exchange.  This time with the theme of the day being numbers we had a dice game to decide which book went home with you, that was fun! 
We passed the books around the number of times the dice showed after each of us had shaken it.  In the end my book went to Clare, I'd chosen Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd to donate and the book I received was this one.  Thank you Lindsay.
Lots of nice work on show, its always nice to see things in person that you have been looking at over the months before meeting in person.

Everyone donates something to the raffle. The money raised from this keeps the forum advert free, it usually lasts till the next meet up.

I was lucky enough to win the jester bag (bottom left of the pic) that Gill had made, its fabulous and was a real hit at my Craftshare group.  The ladies are all keen to have a go at one of these themselves.

The lovely day did end on a sad not though as one of our ladies had an accident on her way home resulting in a fractured wrist and broken shoulder.  Get well soon, {{gentle hugs}} Angi.
A lovely 'thinking of you' gift arrived for me in the post from dear Barb, isn't she fabulous.  She's holding a bunch of lovely forget-me-nots.  Thank you so very much my dear friend.  Perhaps you are a reader of Barb's blog and have seen her lady currently displayed on her November mantle who is carrying poppies for remembrance.  Barb does some wonderful stitching and visits some great places so if you haven't visited her, why not pop along.
This week its time to post out the ornament for the Christmas exchange.  Pleased to say mine was finished on time and is being sent.  Not long to wait till the reveal of that as its opening day on 1st December so i'll share that with you next time.   Also, it will be reveal for the monthly challenge at NH organised by Christine this coming Sunday so something else to show you.  Some Christmas gift knitting as well, so I must remember to take a pic of that.
It's that time of the year when secret things are being made and everyone is so busy with preparations for the holiday season.   Not too many days left if you need to whip up a quick Christmas gift and mail it out. 
Snowflake ornament stamp.
Wishing my overseas visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving for later this week. May you spend happy times with those you love over the holiday.   I've seen a few of you with coverings of snow in your gardens so I hope it doesn't cause disruptions to your holiday plans.
Thank you for your good wishes comments on my last post for me, I am much improved.
Till the next time .....
Blessings to you all


  1. Hope you are managing to get the garden damage sorted out Julie.

    Looks like you had fun at the meet up, great goody bags, hopefully I will
    be able to manage the one in April.

    The Christmas ornament exchange has rolled around really quickly!! Can't wait to see what you have got :-)

  2. What fun you have had and wonderful gifts/exchanges too.

  3. What a lovely post full of pretty things :)
    Went to the NEC on the Saturday, it would have been nice to meet you!

  4. Your knitted creations! You are amazing Julie!
    I know! I am stitching as fast as I can!!!

  5. Two fun outings and some lovely goodies with good company. Doesn't get much better than that. Love your knitting creations, especially Alf.

    Hope the storm damage gets sorted out quickly.

  6. What an amazing post. I so needed to smile today, and your post was just the ticket. are so talented. I love the idea of the raffle tickets under the cakes..might have to borrow that one!

  7. Pantomime houses? I need to add them to my list! My main tip is buy a curved needle for attaching the roof!

    The 12 Days are looking great, I love your colours choices.

    The meet up looks as much fun as always. It must be so nice to spend the whole day chatting and stitching with friends.

    I have sent my Joy ornie off to Clare and she has received it safely. I can't wait to see her tree!

  8. Your posts are always full of so many wonderful things to see! Alf is cute ~ I can't imagine knitting something that tiny. The goody bag exchange sounds like fun! And a book exchange definitely sounds right up my alley. :) What a lovely gift from Barb. Hope you can get your storm damage fixed without too much trouble.

  9. A great post to read Julie,so many lovely photos withi it. I love the little hat you knitted and your 12 days of Christmas are pretty.

  10. Oh dear Julie, I hope your garden recovers from the storm damage.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your little 3D cottage.
    Your Twelve days are looking wonderful, and you knitting, as always, is wonderful.
    What a sweet gift from Barb.

  11. Lovely things. they are wonderful. Love the 12 days of Christmas hangings
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  12. Super post Julie, love Alf you are so clever with those knitting needles. Lovely stitching , I am off to get some more done I am lagging behind this year. Take care and thanks for the mention. See you in the parlour later.
    Hugs to you as usual.

  13. Oh no! Storm damage isn't fun at all, hope everything gets back to normal real fast
    I'm in love with that hunk, Alf is so handsome.
    Happy Holidays!!

  14. Julie I thought I was a follower of your blog and just found out I'm not. The shame. After you always leave such wonderful comments on my blog. I have now taken care of that issue. What a lovely blog. Glad I have found you officially.

  15. What a lovely post Julie.
    Your Sampler SAL are all beautiful, looking forward to see them all stitch.
    Happy week!

  16. Such a great post, Julie--lovely finishes, wonderful gifts, and it sounds like the Needlecraft Haven meetup was such fun!! I hope the storm damage is taken care of and repaired quickly.

  17. What a busy time you've been having! Your Needlecraft Haven meet-up sounds lovely, you all do such beautiful stitching. And what a gorgeous gift from Barb.
    Sorry to hear about your storm damage though, hope you get that sorted soon.

  18. Our weather was a little rough too but not as bad as yours by the sounds of it. Such a lovely crafting-giving-sharing post :) The little gift from Barb is such a sweet thing x

  19. Our weather was a little rough too but not as bad as yours by the sounds of it. Such a lovely crafting-giving-sharing post :) The little gift from Barb is such a sweet thing x

  20. Love the Plum Street Sampler stitching Julie - they are lovely xx Weather dreadful here too xx

  21. Goodness me, your storm doesn't sound like it was fun... hope things are getting sorted out now with the neighbours :o)
    Love Alf! He is gorgeous with his tweed hat! And that bee hat.... so cute!
    Your Joy ornie is lovely - how nice that you all met up and had such a great time. It's so nice to have stitchy friends! I hope Angi is on the mend...

    Don't worry.. I haven't even started my 12 days yet! Don't think I will have time now before the end of the Advent season... They are lovely designs though and I am loving seeing what colours everyone is choosing to stitch them!
    Can't wait to see Cinderalla's house when you do it!

    Have a great week
    Hugs xx

  22. Holy cow girlfriend-- you can sure pack a lot of great stuff into a post!! You girls sure know how to have fun. Incredible stitching-- the sampler is going to be amazing. The little bee hat is so precious! Just so much to see here--- am amazed by the lovely treasures and gifts that you share among friends:)


  23. You had a wonderful meet up with your stitching friends. And wow, the show and tell at the get-together was just awesome. Isn't that one of the best parts? :)
    Great Joy ornament for Clare's tree. And good for you that you are up to date with Paulette's 12 Days.


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