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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A learning curve (or not so curved!)

Shock, horror...... the sewing machine had its cover dusted off and I got three little finishes made up recently.

The monthly challenge designs that Christine chooses for us at Needlecraft Haven are always fun.  I am was behind and missed the deadlines of the last Sunday of each month for making sure your finished picture is with Christine for the gallery for both August and September.

Here's August, a free chart from the Kreinik site.  A little pincushion for the festive season.

Septembers was such a fun design, I love this little chap from Aliolka

I can safely say, that Octobers is done in plenty of time, my picture has been sent.  Easy finish for this month and it will make a nice gift too. You'll have to wait till the end of the month to see it though ... what a tease!
The third finish is my Wednesday SAL, a design from LHN, CCN or Sampler Girl.  Happy Skater is all jingly with his bells on.
Saturday i took my sewing machine and went off to a quilting day with 5 other local ladies.  Great fun was had as always.  This time we were making a quilted wall hanging for Christmas.
Mines not finished yet, still got the quilting bit to do and the border to add. Here's how it looks so far.
What a fiddle sewing around heart shapes is with all those curves.  It took forever and mine are nowhere near perfect.  Lots more practice and learning needed in curved sewing on the machine.  Anyone got any tips?

Here are all 6 of them together, no one finished there's.  But there is still plenty of time before they need to be hung.

Here's the tutors finished one she brought along to show us how it should be done.
Such neat stitching, hers is only a couple of millimetres from the edge of all the hearts and follows the edge to perfection - I guess that's why she's a quilting tutor!
A new start for the Wednesday SAL last week.  Merry and Bright by CCN from JCS ornament edition 2010. 
Stitched on a scrap of 28ct something from the bit box.
The fabric is actually a nice purple colour, perhaps it will show better next time. 
It certainly lives up to its name with the nice bright colours.
I've been blog reading and all caught up again.  I've seen lots of lovely things you are all making, some wonderful things ready for the festive season along with lots of Halloween stitching of spooky and scarey as well and down right funny designs and some new types of finishing that I need to try.  It's always nice to pop along and see what others are crafting and making and leave them a little comment of encouragement.
Quite a few are away on autumnal trips enjoying the last of the seasons sunshine and I've been learning about places they are visiting.
Thank you for stopping by here to see what I've been up to.  It's so nice to read a little comment from you if you have time.
Blessings to you all


  1. Lovely stitching, I must get my sewing machine out as well.


  2. Wonderful stitching Julie , love all the ornaments .
    And what a great idea making hearts in to a Christmas tree hugs.

  3. What fun finishes! I love the owl sitting on the reindeer's antlers!
    Your heart wall hanging looks perfect to me.

  4. You have been mighty busy! The only tip I have, is that I go extremely slow. I would have thought I could go faster after years, but no. I have often thought it would embarrassing if a fellow quilter were to see how slow I go. But it turns out well for me this way.

  5. I can barely go in a straight line so no advice on curves!! Your little Christmas finishes are so lovely, the reindeer is such fun!

  6. Beautiful finishes - I especially like the reindeer. Your quilt is going to look fabulous too. x

  7. Very pretty projects you have been working on :)

  8. Your finishes are lovely and the quilt looks wonderful. Using a sewing machine makes you much braver than me.

  9. Lovely Stitching finishes.I have the same reindeer part way done at the moment having stitched the other design earlier in the have motivated me to finish him.
    I love your quilt tips for quilting here,I have never quilted,I like seeing other crafters quilts a lot though,so looking forward to your progress.

  10. What lovely stitching finishes!!
    I keep meaning to work on the little reindeer from Aliolka ;)
    Well, I love that tree you are working on!!
    Curved sewing on a machine is impossible! Well for me anyway :D I haven't got a posh hi tech machine but I'm sure with a more elaborate tool, one must work wonders! :)
    I love what you have done so far, it is perfect to me x

  11. You were puttiung your sewing machine to some very good use it seems. The three little pillows are so sweet. That little moode guy with the owl on his antlers is just too funny. I also love the hearts on the trees, what a nice idea for a gift.

  12. Lovely finishes Julie. I'll add your ornaments to the gallery in a bit, they're on the other computer at the moment

  13. Great catching up! The ornies do look lovely.

    Your heart trees are great too, much better than I could do!

  14. What a lovely collection of ornaments Julie :-)

    Love the quilted Christmas tree, it will be fab i'm sure.

    Have a great weekend x

  15. You and your sewing machine did a great job on each of the ornaments, Julie! Thank you for the link to that cute freebie, too--I hadn't seen that one before.

    I can't imagine sewing around all those hearts--well done for finishing them! The quilts will look so nice hung up at Christmas time.

    Enjoy your new little start--the colors must be fun ones to stitch with.

    Have a lovely weekend, Julie :)

  16. Lovely finishes and the quilt is stunning well done Julie xx

  17. Lovely stitching and finishing Julie !!

  18. Lovely stitching!!!! The quilt wall hanging will be so prett!!!

  19. Lovely stitching Julie, Love the hearts and reindeer.

  20. Beautiful finishes Julie and love your Merry and Bright WIP.

    The quilt is gorgeous!

  21. Lovely Christmas finishes,love the reindeer,i have been rubbish this year and hardly stitched at all.
    The wall hanging is going to look lovely.
    Hugs xx

  22. I love your little pillows - so cute :o)
    Well done on getting the sewing machine out.... your heart quilt is going to be lovely! I would never be able to sew around a curve - have a hard enough time sewing a straight line!! :o)
    Hugs xx


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