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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Uploaded off the camera, wanna see what i've been doing?

Crafting keeps you smiling ............ finishes since I last wrote a few words here ....

Charity blanket finished and here's a close up of the lovely pattern -

Christmas gift for Miss Isabelle.  She wanted a pair of socks like mummy has had knitted by nanny, so santa will fulfil her wish :-)

You were all right, she NEEDED another clanger in the set, this one is Tiny clanger - will there be more?

Stitching ....

The Wednesday SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH, Merry and Bright was stitched, but not made up yet.

Octobers challenge, a free chart by Janlynn, found here.  I think I told you in the last post that it was a very simple finish.  A coaster that will accompany a nice Christmas mug as a gift.

Plum Street Sampler SAL, I've seen quite a few of these being started.  Day 1 and 2 are complete so I have a few to catch up with as this week 5 gold rings was posted .....

perhaps I wont get them done for this Christmas, but a start has been made....

Made a couple of these for the craftshare group for the Christmas event.

Not a lot to say this time, feeling a bit under the weather with a sinus infection that has resulted in a perforated ear drum and other health issues that are rearing their head again.

I'll be back soon feeling much brighter.

Thanks for stopping by... Blessings to you all


  1. Busy fingers! I LOVE that blanket pattern. And all the stitching finishes are very pretty.

  2. Always love to see what you have been making! Maybe someday I will conquer knitting. Sinus infections are no fun ~ hope the health issues clear up soon!

  3. Lovely crafts, you have been busy.

  4. Beautiful handmade deliciousness
    Hope you get feeling better. We keep passing it around here, lol
    Happy stitching!!

  5. Oh all the crafting wonderfulness...and the the clanger..double wow!

  6. Oh dear! I am so sorry for your sinus infection and perforated ear. I hope you are on the mend now. You certainly have been productive. Once again I am jealous of Isabelle's present.

  7. Beautiful work Julie. The blanket is fab. Plum street is looking lovely. I'm behind too, I'm starting number 2 tonight

  8. What a lot of loveliness in this post.
    Funny how different your 12 days look to mine in the modern colours you are using. I'm nearly done with Fourth Day.

  9. Tiny clanger is adorable.Love your blanket and your twelve days of Christmas look great, not to mention the decorations.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  10. I adore the colors you've chosen for the 12 Days series...totally retro!
    I hope you feel better very soon!

  11. You manage to put so much into your blog Julie even though y ou are feeling yuk,the clanger is adorable ,is your hubby going to get some meccano to make an iron chicken !
    Feel better soon and continue to WOW us with your creations.
    Gentle hugs.

  12. Your knitting is wonderful; Tiny Clanger is adorable! All your stitching finishes look perfect. Hope you are fully recovered soon.

  13. Lots of lovely goodies Julie love the blanket , and the socks .
    And what lovely stitching ,you have been busy.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Great finishes Julie. The blanket is gorgeous, did you use a pattern or just make it up? Tiny clanger is absolutely adorable, do you have any plans for a soup dragon?
    I must say I'm quite tempted by the 12 days myself. Great challenge finish too
    Hope you're feeling better soon

  15. Lovely finishes and starts Julie, I love the blanket,
    I have that same pattern, I might have to do it sometime soon :-)

    Hope you are starting to feel a little better now.

  16. So many lovely finishes--the blanket, socks, and Tiny Clanger! And, wonderful stitching finishes, too--you have been busy!! I hope you feel better soon, Julie!

  17. Lots of lovely makes & finishes.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  18. Sorry to hear you're not well, hope you feel much better soon.
    Your Christmas stitching is beautiful, especially love the Merry & Bright one.
    And yay for another Clanger! You can never have too many Clangers, right?

  19. Oh, the perforated ear drum sounds very painful, Julie--I hope it is better very soon! Really sorry to hear things are not quite right in the health department--sending you a warm hug!

    Love your projects and the Clanger is too cute--I know Isabelle will love him and the pretty socks you knit for her Christmas present.

    Take care now and I hope you feel better very soon...

  20. You have very busy needlecrfter and all your knitted pieces are lovely too! Well done !

  21. Lovely work Julie,so productive,send some my way.those socks look so soft and snuggly xx

  22. Lovely Christmas stitching. And great knitted gifts for Miss Isabelle.
    I hope that you are on the mend and that your health has been restored by now.

  23. Lovely finishes, stitching and knitting...busy-bee as always.
    Hope you are feeling much better by now.

  24. Oooh Julie everything looks wonderful.

    Hope you are feeling much better now.


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