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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Summer becomes Autumn

Autumn has arrived...

Wee Autumn by Heart in Hand was finished and has now replaced Summer in my little frame and sits nicely on the table, such a fun looking scarecrow!

We experienced the super blood moon on September 28th, it was so huge and bright as it rose in the sky during the evening.  Unfortunately, my later pics didn't turn out :-(
Such vibrant colours as the leaves turn to their golden autumnal hues.  DH and I had a woodland walk at the weekend.  It was such a warm and sunny afternoon and this caught my eye.  A new sapling that was so bright green only a couple of weeks ago.   Many of these tress are planted in memory of a dear loved one.
Lots of crab apples on the older more mature trees and plenty of windfall on the ground too.  The dogs were having great fun playing catch with them as we wandered around the meadow.
A big birthday has been celebrated by a friend and a knitted bunny went to a new home ...
Thoughts of Christmas at the craft group and the children's event that will be held nearer the time.  Time to get busy with little items.  A dozen colourful little stockings i've knitted, each will hold a small chocolate bar.
The day of the autumnal equinox we were not a home.  We had a few days away at the seaside that week.  A trip to the north west of England and we were based in Morecambe Bay.
Home of the famous Eric Morecambe

Morecambe was very popular many years ago with travellers who used to use the railways.  You could get your train from most places and disembark for a night in a Midland Railway hotel and then continue your journey the following day by ferry over to Ireland or the Isle of Man.  You can still get a ferry to the Isle of Man just down the road in Heysham which is also now a commercial port.
Due to the decline of railways, the old station building now houses the information bureau and also The Platform - a venue for concerts which has been restored beautifully and is well used. Lots of famous people have performed there in recent times.

A plaque is situated on the old stone jetty building that was the departure point stating it was built it 1853.  The pier has had some new works done to it and the building has undergone some tidying up.
DH had his railway fix when we went off to Carnforth.
 The famous station that was in the film Brief Encounter.
There's a mini cinema that you can watch the actual film if you care too ...

Lots of memorabilia from the filming in 1945......

The refreshment room from the film has been refurbished as it was then and is open for a nice treat. 

The famous clock is still there, keeping good time for all those that use the station as it is still in use as a regular station for locals.
Not far down the coast was Blackpool with its famous tower.
and of course this is where the tower ballroom is .... we just had to go in there.  What Strictly fan wouldn't!   The Wurlitzer organ was playing and there were many people enjoying afternoon tea and having a dance around the floor.

A great atmosphere and fabulous to see. 
No, I didn't dance, but I did stand on the hallowed wooden springy floor.  It was not a nice day, the weather was bad and I wasn't wearing suitable footwear!
Later the rain stopped, the wind died down and we sat outside along the promenade eating chips from the famous Harry Ramsdens. 

and watched the sun setting out to sea .....
We stayed late into the night as we were there to also see the famous Blackpool Illuminations....

The big wheel on the pier, but it was very hard to take decent pics as you are slowly driving along the very long stretch of the promenade watching the wonderful spectacle.  A shame that the wind and rain had started again and we had to be inside the car.

Morecambe Bay is beautiful, it stretches for miles and you can see across the bay.  The promenade itself is 5 miles long, and is part of the Bay Cycle Way.  

Morecambe is not a beach for playing on in many parts, there are areas of quicksand and lots of warnings not to venture on the sands.   There is a monument to the cockle pickers who lost their lives there, a poem has been written for them.  I'm sure many of you remember those headlines in the news in 2004. 

They have two lifeboat stations as lots of people get stranded in the bay when they don't heed the warnings.

Lancaster is popular for its university students and close to Morecambe.  It is steeped in history and full of very old buildings. 

Williamson Park houses Ashton Memorial.  It stands 150 feet tall and dominates the skyline as you travel the area.

The butterfly house at Williamson Park is spectacular ...

so many paths to wander and take in the views from high up ....

Lancaster Castle was still used as a fully functioning H M Prison until 2011.  It's on the site of 3 roman hill forts and sits high on another hill right in the centre of town.  

Until 1800, condemned criminals at Lancaster were executed at a place called Gallows Hill, on the moors close to Williamson Park

The Judges lodgings ..... the sign outside made grisly reading.

One of the most famous and dramatic events to take place in Lancashire occurred over 400 years ago in 1612.  The Pendle Witch Trials.

We followed the journey of the Pendle Witch Trials and took the driving trail,  a journey of 45 miles through the Forest of Bowland.  This has been awarded a certificate as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an honour richly deserved.

The local wildlife keeps an eye on who is driving by ...

 Wonderful sights in the Forest of Bowland.  The scenery was amazing.  Roads that were so narrow and high up and then dipped so quickly, a feast for the eyes as we drove along.


It was sad to see a memorial to those who lost their lives in air crashes in the Forest of Bowland between 1940 and 1949.  All those different nationalities listed, so many men.

I treated myself to a little pendle witch as a reminder of our trip from the Pendle Heritage Centre.
As with any holiday, the days pass quickly and its soon time to have a final evening stroll along the beach and watch the sun set and say a thank you to the place that has shown you its treasures and given you some wonderful memories to dip into in the future.

On the way home we stopped off in the Peak District in Derbyshire and visited an English Heritage site. 
Arbor Low stone circle and gib barrow.    You enter through a working farm and climb the hill to see the stones that have been left by ancestors from years ago.


It's been on our 'want to see' list for a while and as we were passing by just a few miles away it seemed a good idea to stop for a cuppa and a breath of air after sitting in the car for a while.

Back home safely, and everything back to normal again.
A little stitching and Happy Skater is finished. 
The knitting group have been asked for hats/scarves/blankets for children as they make their way to school and are out and about in the coming cold weather.  It's for those who are experiencing hardship.  Lots of different cultures living locally so differing colours being used.   Not so practical the lighter colours in the winter months! 
This recent free pattern from Deramores online site looked perfect and was printed off and started...
I now need to have a blog reading catch up and see what you have all been doing these past couple of weeks.
Thanks for visiting and blessings to you all 


  1. What an amazing time you had, so much to see and do :-) Philly danced at the Tower Ballroom when she was 5 - it's an amazing place.

  2. Lovely photos of your travels Julie, I enjoyed all of them.
    We haven't been to Blackpool in years, we took Stevie to see the lights
    when she was about 9 or 10 and she was more interested in going on the fair!

    I love your little Autumn scarecrow :-)

  3. My goodness, Julie! What wonderful sights you've seen!

    Being in the U.S., I had never heard of the tragedy of the cockle pickers so I just googled it--how terrible! And I never knew there would be quicksand on a beach--I always thought it was in the jungles!! The things I learn from stitching blogs :)

    Your little skater finish is so cute and the tiny stockings are irresistible (especially when filled with a chocolate bar :)

    Happy October to you!

  4. Fantastic pictures and lovely stitching

  5. Julie what wonderful adventures you've had!

    Your fall piece looks wonderful and congrats on finishing another ornament!

  6. Oh what a lovely holiday Julie. What a great thing you are doing, knitting for unfortunate children.

  7. Thank you so much for all the pictures and story of your holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed them - makes me want to dust off my passport and start travelling again.

  8. What a lovely holiday you had, Julie!! I love seeing the pictures from all the locations!

  9. What an amazing trip you had to Morcambe Bay and beyond. Thanks for taking me along! Love your autumn and Christmas stitching, and the charity knitting, too.

  10. Love you autumn scarecrow stitching & cute little bunny!!
    Looks like you had a great time away.
    So envious you went to the tower ballroom!!!!!

  11. What a lovely holiday Julie, I really enjoyed seeing all your pictures

  12. What a busy holiday! I expect you need a break to recover from it all.
    How sad that we have children in need of charity scarves in the 21st Century.

  13. Lovely interesting photos and wonderful holiday you had. Making me homesick again.

  14. Oh Julie thank you for sharing your photos...being from Lancashire and having studied at Lancaster University most of those places were very familiar to me. A lovely nostalgic trip for me!

  15. Lovely photos Julie.We live in the north west and for the first time last year visited Morcambe and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Lovely stitching and your blanket looks fantastic.

  16. What a super break away Julie And of course you'd have to have chips by the sea...lovely knitted little stockings..
    Blessings Chrisx

  17. Wow what wonderful photos so glad you had a good time - so enjoyed reading your post xx

  18. Oh Julie what a fabulous post, you pack so much into your trips away I am very envious. I think maybe a trip "home" maybe on the cards after seeing your pics. Been through the Trough of Bowland many times. Love the witch and your little stockings ,you are a very industrious lady. Seymore still sits by my chair but he is a very old bunny now.
    He snoozes more than he shouts keep stitching now lol.
    many hugs to both.

  19. I enjoyed reading about your holiday, Julie. Thank you for the selection of pictures, I enjoyed seeing these.

  20. That must have been anawesome trip that you took to Morecambe and Blackpool and all the other sites on your way. Great pictures and many memories for me of one of our holidays spent in that region.

    I love the little stockings you knitted. An your fall piece looks so great, that's a sweet little scarecrow.

  21. Oh wow! What a trip you had! I loved seeing your photos.... you found some wonderful "historical" places to visit and some very sad places...
    Love Eric Morecambe!
    Many years ago when I went to my grandparents house they had a crab apple tree in the backyard so seeing pics of the tree brings back lots of fun memories with those "sweet" (not) fruits... oh, the games we used to play with them... :o)
    Hugs xx


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