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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Trying something new this week

Gorgeous sunsets we've been having this past week.  The sky is so glorious.  Isn't mother nature wonderful sometimes?

Busy times here with family birthdays and the horticultural show coming up but there have been some quiet stitching, knitting and reading times enjoyed in the warmth of the sun in the garden enjoying the flowers and watching the birdlife come and go on the feeders.

The little pink cardigan in my last post was sewed together and finished.  I'll add it to our box on Friday.

and the lovely Sublime Merino Silk that Ann sent in her delightful parcel (you can see that in the post below if you haven't already) has hopped onto my new knit pro needles to start another cardigan the same.

Friday we had a visitor to the charity knitting group who came along to collect some of the items we have been making.  She was delighted with what the group has been doing and very impressed.  We have ladies who cannot make the group but knit and drop off things for our box each week.  Knitters are so generous with their time and efforts. 

Here's some of what we had collected together -


Just a few little x's into Peace last week. I was late sitting down, so not quite a finish.  Still need to add the flowers inside the other 3 border sides tomorrow evening in the SAL.

I've also been working on an ornament exchange from the meet up we had at the end of May.  Opening day for that is 31st August.  It's almost finished and will be ready to send off on time, but no pics to share of it till after then when I can also share what was made for me as well.

No knitting group this Friday, I'm taking part in a painting workshop using the Bob Ross method.  A sea scene is the theme. 

Remember this that the teacher came to give us a demonstration of a few weeks back? 

I'm really looking forward to having a go.  Next time I might share my efforts if it turns out ok.  It'll be a bit of fun and trying something new if nothing else!

I hope all is well with you and yours and send blessings to you all.

Have a lovely week


  1. All those knitted items look lovely.
    The painting looks exciting, that is something I would love to have a go at too! One day........
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. So much knitting, lovely colours. You have been busy all round.

  3. Your knitting group certainly accomplishes a lot!
    Your garden looks lovely.

  4. Hello there Julie, Oh how sweet are those little knitted goodies, what a busy group you are. Another string to your bow ,painting now ,well done you. Love the pink dahlia such a pretty colour. Look out for an e mail .Hugs .

  5. Oh, just look at all those precious knitted gifts your knitting group has created, Julie! Such loving presents for all the new babies...

    You'll have the ornament finished in no time and I look forward to seeing your painting. I'm sure you'll master it with no problem :)

    Hope your August continues to be a lovely one!

  6. I love painting though I don't often get time to do it. I would love to see your efforts, I'm sure they will be beautiful. The knitters are amazingly generous and amazingly talented. Beautiful finishes xx

  7. Oh my I adore the knitting they are lovely - well done xx

  8. The knitting is really lovely - you've been a very busy group. Have fun with the painting.

  9. You have all been busy! Such a lovely rainbow of colours too. I hope the charity lady had a very large box for all the donations!

  10. Wonderful knits for the babies. Enjoy your painting class too

  11. Beautiful photos of the sunset and flowers. And, wonderful knitting and stitching! I hope you have a fun time at your painting workshop.

  12. Gorgeous flowersJulie and so many beautifully knitted items.Hope you have a great painting session.


  13. What beautiful little baby knits, oh people are so kind.
    Love your stitch and yes you must show your painting.
    Beautiful flowers and oh the sun set is beautiful.
    We had a lovely one last night .

  14. That little box of knitted goods! A lot of preemies will be snuggly warm thanks to y'all's efforts. :)

    G'luck with the Bob Ross painting~ Don't forget to add a happy little cloud or tree.

  15. Beautiful photos and oh my what a lot of knitting you have been doing - they are all so cute.

    I look forward to seeing your new painting project which I am sure you will do very well at.

    Take care x

  16. You have all been so busy knitting - such beautiful things. Those little hats are so cute!

  17. I'm so impressed by your group's knitting - there are so many kind and giving people around Julie, including yourself.
    I hope the rain doesn't hit too hard tomorrow.

  18. The knitted items will warm little heads and toes :) Thank You for your good heart for knitting for those who has less :) Lovely stitching and-Wow -Julie you are an artist .the water in ainting is so life like :)

  19. Plenty of knitted items for the babies. They are lovely. Looking forward to seeing how your painting session went. I'm hoping you'll share it.

  20. Oh Julie, all these knitted projects are so sweet. Your knitting group is definitely finishing a lot. And so lovely, the wonderful flowers in your garden. Some of our flowers have suffered a lot through the many days of heat that we were having lately. My husband just couldn't water them enough. But now they are better from day to day since the heat has stopped an there are normal temperatures again. The only thing we would need is rain.

  21. You've been knitting some adorable baby stuff lately!!!

    Its always great to try something new. I'm always afraid to because I don't want to get sucked into another hobby!


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