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Monday, 17 August 2015

Sunday - the day of rest

Better still have a restful day out -

Sywell Country Park was the place we visited yesterday.  Only small but it filled our requirements for a few hours.

A walk round the perimeter of the reservoir is approx 3 miles

Great flora, fauna and wildlife to see.

Swans with their cygnets swimming happily

Teazel heads really caught my eye

Cows munching in the field

 An hours rest along the way for a picnic lunch of chicken salad

and who doesn't enjoy some strawberries on a lovely sunny day

We sat and enjoyed the peace and tranquillity.  DH snoozed on the blanket and I read some of my latest book.

A tiger moth flew overhead from a nearby aerodrome and the clouds started to darken, but they soon passed 

A crane came very close to us as we ate

then opened his wings and flew to the other side of the water to his mate

there were feathers all over the grass

and lovely thistles along the pathways

and lots of wildflowers

someone got a bit excited near the end of the walk and strolled off...
I think it was more the thought of an ice-cream from the café that quickened his step as I told him he could have a treat if he had been good!
We sat eating it and could hear the sound of children playing in the older children's play area.  It's a disused old water tank that is filled with sand and other exciting toys etc.  Such whoops of joy and the chatter of little voices having fun.

and in the small sandpit area for the little ones close to the café.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday, we should have a day of rest a bit more often i think.

My birthday still goes on, late last week I had a parcel in the post from Tina (no blog).  She kindly sent me some lovely threads, fabric and a needlebook blackwork kit.  Thank you Tina.

Peace by LHN got the final few flowers added so I need to choose another design for Wednesday and this weeks SAL.

Another little cardigan was finished for the charity box.

Friday, if you remember, I was going off to a painting workshop.  The tutor does some on her larger canvas and then you try to replicate something similar to get the feel of the Bob Ross method of painting.  Here's how mine turned out at the end of the class.   I was quite pleased with it for a first attempt.  We've named it Sunset Beach.

I hope you are all finding time for crafting as well as spending time in your gardens.  Summer is not really happening here in the UK, some days are nice and warm and then you get quite a dull and chilly day and the cardigans are back out again.  I don't like it too hot but it would be nice to see a little more sunshine this summer.  Perhaps we will have an indian summer and September will be a scorcher.  

I was in a well known card shop earlier today and they were putting the Christmas cards out!  As I stood in the queue to pay everyone was commenting on why as we are still in the throws of summer.  Have you got Christmas in your neck of the woods yet?  It's far too early for that, I know us crafters like to be organised when making things but really ....... 

Wishing you all well, love and blessings


  1. What a lovely day out. So many nice photos too.

    I'm glad your birthday celebrations are continuing too.

    Your painting is wonderful, I would never have thought it was your first attempt at this technique. You should be very proud of yourself.

  2. A lovely, relaxing Sunday.
    Wow! Your painting is a real success!
    Much too early for Christmas. puh!

  3. Far too early for Christmas in the shops. I have started to think about crafting though.

    Beautiful painting, well done and I love the blackwork kit too

  4. I enjoyed tagging along on your day out. I am so impressed by your painting, it's so very effective.

  5. Oh no, not Christmas cards already! :( Even though I like Christmas, to me this is disappointing and takes away from the specialness of the holiday. But then again, I was a bit shocked to see the Halloween displays out here. Maybe I just can't wrap my head around August!

    Your first Bob Ross painting was a great success and your outing looked amazingly peaceful. It is still too hot here to go out and about but I can smell fall coming.

  6. Love your painting. Looks like you had a wonderful walk and picnic.

    We have two card shops where we live and both have their Christmas cards out! I usually go in and say in a loud voice to my whoever I am with, usually my husband and say its only August!

  7. A lovely trip Julie. Nice gifts from Tina too. This summer is just flying by whatever the weather is doing! Xx

  8. Such a lovely day out Julie!
    Your painting came out beautifully

  9. Sounds like a lovely Sunday.
    Summer seems like it's coming to an end you can feel the air cooling
    already, I like your optimism about an Indian summer :-)

    Lovely gift from Tina, and you already know that I think your
    painting is wonderful :-)


  10. Enjoyed the walk with you and Hubby Jullie, I wish I could draw and paint ,matchstick men are my forte lol. Lovely little cardi and I agree about the summer (the day we had it) seems to be coming to an end the hanging baskets are well and truly windblown. I like the September weather usually so hope it doesn't get too hot!

  11. Julie, your painting turned out so well--I am really impressed! I think you've discovered you have yet another creative talent :)

    Lovely little cardigan and the Peace stitching is beautiful. So glad you are finding some nice days out even with your less than ideal summer. Things have been so hot and dry here that our lawns are burning out and the leaves are turning brown and dropping already!

  12. Your painting is lovely - I would never have guessed it was your first.

  13. Julie, your painting is marvelous--I am very impressed! And, the Peace finish and cardigan are lovely!! Thank you for sharing photos of your day out--it looks like such a peaceful place to visit.


  14. So lovely to have a day of rest , love the photos .

    Your painting is just wonderful you do have many talents .

    Lovely gifts.

    Hope you get more sun soon hugs .

  15. Julie,what a beautiful painting,I love seascapes.I cn here the waves breaking on the shore looking at your picture.

    You are multi talented and this post is a lovely mixture.

    Your trip out looked tranquil,what a great place to spend a Sunday with an picnic too.

  16. Oh Julie, what a wonderful summer day this must have been - not too hot, great scenery, a book to read, a picnic, an ice cream at the cafe - what do you want more. When I saw the pictures of the playground I had to think of my grandson who would have loved to play there.

    Your painting looks great. I love the Bob Ross videos and sometimes watch them on TV. It's fascinating what he creates with some colours and brushes.

  17. Julie, you had a lovely Sunday outing.
    Your painting is impressive.

  18. Congrats on finishing Peace its lovely!!!!

  19. A lovely day out - I love Sundays. I have started my Christmas knitting / crocheting and stitching x


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