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Monday, 24 August 2015

Quiet weekend

Monday morning came round slowly after a nice weekend.

We had a lovely relaxed and quite one, late starts, plenty of tea and cake and lots of gardening for DH and crafting time for me.

My sewing machine was out and finishing off recent stitched projects ...

A little ornament for LHN Pears

and a pinkeep for LHN Peace

The meet up exchange was also finished but I can't share that with you till opening day next Monday 31st August.  It's gone off in the post today, so fingers crossed Royal Mail deliver it safely.

Knitting needles were out and a new knitting start sitting in the garden soaking up some summer sunshine.  Crazy zauberball wool in the colourway 1564 for a pair of Christmas gift socks.

A nice book got some attention and whiled away some time too.

Don't you just love weekends where you can do absolutely nothing and yet accomplish quite a bit for yourself.

Today I turned the page on my perpetual desk calendar that I had for my birthday from DH.  365 Happy Days ~ A Happy Thought for Every Day.  It's by Helen Exley.

Today's page was a quote from William Shakespeare. They do make me smile each day.

Frame your mind to mirth and merriment,
which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life

A stitching new start and a little finish last week... 

A finish was handed over on Friday as we had a birthday at the knitting group.  I made a covered tape measure for the birthday girl.  Happy Birthday Patricia. 

New start for the LHN/CCN/Sampler Girl Wednesday evening SAL.  This time I chose Happy Skater from the 2010 JCS Ornament Edition.

A gift arrived in the post for me.  Vicki over at 2 Bags Full had a giveaway for one of 7 wonderful journals.  She asked what you would write in it if you won one. 118 people commented on that post and I was so very lucky to have one arrive through my letterbox. Thank you so much Vicki, its is so beautiful.

the inside pages are so lovely....

Monday morning, the start of the last week of August, I wonder what this week will bring for us all?

School uniforms and supplies are being purchased as the new school year begins soon.  My granddaughter will be starting school full time so a first for her.  She is so excited and has really missed her nursery school friends over the long holiday.  Many children will be moving up to new schools and facing new challenges. 

Wishing you a week full of happy times and I hope you all enjoy the extra day off work for the final bank holiday weekend here in the UK next Monday.  Will it be a sunny one?

My thoughts over the weekend have been with all those who have been affected by the crash of the Hawker Hunter jet at the Shoreham Air Show this weekend.  Be they rescue workers who have to deal with the aftermath or families who have lost loved ones.  Such a tragedy for everyone at what should have been a fun family day out.

Love and blessings to you all.

**Edited ........ Dani has asked if the covered tape measures are hard to do, there's a tutorial I did for them here.


  1. What wonderful finishing Julie! I've always wanted to try one of those tape measures! Was it hard?

  2. Hello Julie
    Found you through MiiStitch.
    Lovely finishes and I love the sock yarn, the colours are great.
    I like the covered tape measure you made for Patricia.

    I do love lazy weekends.
    Hope you have a lovely week x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with lots of "me" time. Those are the best. Wonderful projects and lovely finishes.

  4. Another lovely post full of wonderful things. The tape measure is particularly pretty.
    I am so bemused by the airshow disaster, I read that the airfield is only a mile from the sea, so why not hold the show there? We used to have an amazing show here and once a Harrier ditched into the sea. The pilot survived and no one was hurt. Although my Mum was concerned I was going to go into labour from the shock, as I was seven months pregnant!
    I also read that the Red Arrows won't perform at that show because of it being in a built up area with nowhere safe to land. Hopefully lessons will be learned.

  5. Great finishes Julie and such lovely colours in the sock yarn

  6. Wonderful finishes Julie. I have yet to try the covered tape measure. It looks fantastic!

  7. Love your recent finishes Julie,the ornaments are gorgeous,lovely sock yarn x

  8. Lovely finishes Julie but I love the socks. I have just bought a 'Socks for Beginners' book xx

  9. Beautiful finishes. Love the colour of your yarn and your journal is very pretty, what a lovely surprise to win one. Logan starts school in September too - I can't believe where the time has gone. Take care and enjoy your week.x

  10. Such lovely finishing that you were doing over the weekend.
    I have always loved these moments or hours or days of doing nothing, of just being lazy and just doing what comes to mind. And since I am retired I enjoy them even more.

  11. Lovely stitchy finishes, and i LOVE those bright socks!

    I can't believe that Isabelle is old enough to start school!!
    where on earth does the time go!

    Sounds like a perfect weekend :-)

  12. Your weekend sounds like a perfect time, and such lovely finishing, stitching, and knitting!!

  13. Beautiful finishes, absolutely gorgeous. I hope the next weekend is as enjoyable for you xxx

  14. Beautiful stitching and finishes .
    So happy you had a nice weekend .
    Love the socks and tape measure .

  15. What beautiful finishes Julie. I love your little touches, like the brown gingham ribbon on the LHN pears piece. I will have to bookmark this post to inspire me with my finishing!

  16. Beautiful finishes and the sock yarn is fab. The tape measure is fab

  17. Your finishes are so pretty Julie. The colours in Peace are gorgeous.Love the tape measure. I have the one you made for me in my knitting bag.

    Those socks are fantastic! One of the ladies at craft group had some of that wool and it so colourful. Love it!

    I can't believe your granddaughter is starting school! Where did the time go?

  18. You have such beautiful finishes, is there anything you can't do?! I love the little covered tape measure; that's so clever!

    I love weekends where there is nothing necessary to be done and one can just do whatever; they are the best for creativity or, at the very least, catching up on everything that gets pushed aside by necessity!

  19. So many wonderful finishes Julie. Your finishing is lovely. That type of weekend is the best!

  20. Sounds like you've had a lovely summer, Julie, and you've certainly created some lovely projects. Just love both of your stitched finishes and the cute tape measure. How lovely that journal is that you won--almost too pretty to write in.

    Best of luck your granddaughter as she begins full-time school--hard to believe how quickly she is growing up.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  21. Julie- your cross stitch pieces are just lovely!!! And that yarn for the Christmas socks is gorgeous!!! Oh my it must be great fun to be knitting that beautiful yarn!!

    I'm so happy your journal arrived and that you are pleased... You took some lovely photos of it..


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