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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ornament challenge, birthday and kind friends

A new month upon us, in fact we are almost at the end of the first week of it... time is certainly not slowing down this month and we have three birthdays in the family in the next week.

I heard someone say this morning that if you are paid monthly there are only 4 pay days before Christmas.... now that does make you stop and think! 

It does mean that the monthly Christmas ornament SAL will get me 4 more stitched and finished this year.  July's free Christmas online design chosen by Christine came from Balades et Broderie, a lovely tree.

We've had the reveal so I can share my version.  Unfortunately, the silver sparkly backstitch doesn't show up too well.  The little gifts under the tree are buttons that my DH kindly snipped off the protruding bit and filed flat so I could glue them on as it looked a little bare underneath and of course Santa always leaves a nice parcel under the tree doesn't he?  Three were stitched this month, you can see others in the album here.

I had a birthday last week, not a big one but another one that came round far too quickly.  I received wonderful gifts from online friends and thank you very much to all who sent cards, I was very spoiled.

Barb stitched me the most beautiful lavender filled pillow and included a chart that I could stitch on parlour evenings in her parcel.

The words are so lovely -

May you always walk in sunshine
May you never want for more
May the angels rest their wings
right beside your door ....

Here's a close up of it, aren't the little angel buttons so cute....

the back is so pretty using the broderie anglaise to hold the tissues.

From Maggie the sweet button trinket jar and drawer scented sachets - I've put those in my fabric drawers so it smells nice when i stitch on it.  

I was invited over to have lunch with Clare last Monday which was lovely and she gave me a parcel to take home.  Inside was the lovely sign, threads and one of her beautiful handmade scissor fobs (you can see a better pic on Clare's blog of the beaded fobs she makes).

Clare also gave me a recent chart she has stitched which I had won in a draw she had.  Her version of this was so lovely and her daughter loved it.  Hop over to Clare's and read about it. 

Kathy (no blog) made me a lavender hanging heart and Sally kindly stitched a beautiful pillow of The Sewing Bird by With Thy Needle and Thread (I have quite a collection of Sally's lovely work in my handstitched basket of goodies she was one of the first people I met when I was introduced to the world of internet stitching forums). 
The crochet basket is from Tricia, the lady who runs the charity knitting group, a lovely and special gift.   

Postie arrived on my actual birthday with a large cardboard box parcel.  My family were wondering what I had ordered, nothing I'd ordered I told them.  But, I was expecting a parcel to arrive.  An email came to say a parcel would be on the way soon.  There was no name on the back of it so until I opened it I wasn't sure if it was that or something else.
Ann's blog Beadlework i have read for some time and she had emailed to say she had some wool that she didn't want and would like to pass on if could I use it for family or charity knitting.
Here's what was in the box.... I was so shocked and amazed at the wonderful generosity from Ann.  15 balls of Stylecraft Special DK and a ball of lovely silk 4 ply.  These will most certainly be used.  Thank you again Ann for your kindness. xx
DH bought me a couple of sets of Knit Pro needles for my birthday so I've been trying them out and  did a little charity knitting this past week.  They say "Symfonie wood provides that much needed warmth to hands and the wool glides off the needles"  They certainly are nice to knit with.... forgot to take a pic of them!

A small secret stitchy project in the making ...

and of course there is last weeks Parlour stitching.  Just the border to add in tonight's virtual parlour evening stitching with the ladies at Needlecraft Haven.  There are lots of lovely designs being stitched each Wednesday evening with Barb and the ladies.
I've finished another instalment of the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon.  Eagle eyed readers will have seen A Breath of Snow and Ashes on my knee in my last post whilst sitting on the beach.  I was very lucky as my DS bought me the first series on DVD for my birthday so I'm looking forward to watching and seeing if the actors live up to my expectations.  I still have two more books to read to catch up in the series. 
Thanks for stopping by to visit.
I hope you are having a lovely week and send blessings to you all.


  1. Belated birthday wishes. You had some lovely gifts :)

    I bought a set of dpn knit pro needles 9 just happened they were mini ones that I needed) and I loved feel of them so might get some more.

    I have read the whole of the outlander series. Want to read them again but they are on the Isle of Skye at the moment with my sister. I shall have to try the library. I am not sure if I want to watch the series. I might be disappointed. Let me know what you think when you have watched it :)

  2. Happy Birthday for last week, you had some wonderful gifts from your friends .
    Hope you enjoyed your week, yes I am playing catch up with time I am sure this year has gone faster do you think the world is spining twice as fast !

  3. I am so rubbish at remembering birthdays..I'm really sorry. I did have them in a little book and was determined to keep on top of them this year..but I can't find the book which is about right for me. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and your gifts are lovely. I thought about you a lot whilst at my daughters. I ran out of things to read and have found an unexpected advantage to Tamoxifen brain: I couldn't remember what happened in the last two Agatha Raisin books that I read on my kindle I got to read them all over again lol!

    Happy belated birthday

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely day with so many cards and gifts.

    Please don't talk about the "seasonal" thing which is fast approaching!

  5. What a splendid birthday you have had! Such wonderful and perfect gifts for you. :)

  6. Lots of lovely gifts Julie, I love that little verse on the pillow. I've just about finished re-reading book one of the the series. I've read the first five or six twice but haven't read the later ones yet.
    I knit with Addi turbo metal needles and find them very easy on the hands - I always use circular needles as well as it takes the weight off your wrists. The knit pro needles are lovely needles - I tried a set of cube needles last year but couldn't take to them.

  7. Your ornament is lovely. Looks like a lovely B'day celebration.
    I have read the Outlander series and seen the series, while there are some differences I don't think you will be disappointed.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Julie :) Lovely post full of wonderful goodness!

  9. Loads of lovely gifts there Julie. I can picture a beautiful crochet blanket in those wools

  10. Happy belated birthday. You got some lovely gifts. Love your tree ornament and that wool is scrumptious! I can't seem to get past Drums in Autumn book for some reason. Finding it hard. I'm watching the series on amazon prime. X

  11. Fabulous gifts & makes for your birthday! Belated birthday wishes :)

  12. A belated Happy Birthday! You received some wonderful gifts.

  13. I love your ornament finish, great idea using the buttons;-)

    I know that you will put that yarn to good use, can't wait to see what you make :-)

    Have a great weekend x

  14. Happy birthday for last week! Lots of lovely gifts and turkish delight Yum!! lots of great progress with your stitching, you have been busy.

  15. Happy, happy belated birthday, Julie! Looks like you were thoroughly spoiled by friends and family which you surely deserve for all you give to others. That parcel of yarns from Ann will be put to good use by you for your charity stitching--I look forward to seeing what you'll be making next :)

  16. Happy belated birthday
    Julie xxxxx

  17. Happy Belated Birthday, Julie!! You received many lovely birthday gifts! And, such pretty colors of yarn you were gifted--I am looking forward to seeing your finishes with it.

  18. Belated birthday wishes, Julie. You received a lovely selection of gifts. What a good idea to put buttons under your stitched Christmas tree as presents.

  19. Lovely gifts received for your birthday Julie,can spy the turkish delight in the piccie(my favourite too)
    Love your finished ornie,looking forward to see what you make with the yarn. Xx

  20. Happy belated birthday~ :D You got an amazing assortment of gifts. That little crocheted basket is very neat. I think I would like to try making something like that... someday. :)

  21. Happy belated birthday wishes! (I'm a bit behind with blog reading and commenting due to my daughter's visit). All these gifts from your stitching friends are just wonderful.


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