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Thursday, 2 July 2015

The BIG prize

The quilt show was at the Market Bosworth Festival and the villages own quilt group had a display in the parish hall.  It was their 25th anniversary year of quilting.

Lots of beautiful quilts on show....

This one was so very special.  Bunting had been made for a quilters daughters wedding in spring colours.  There were also some plain calico panels that guests could write on.  After the wedding, the words were then embroidered on the calico over the writing and the bunting was cut up into small pieces.  All of it was used to make this wonderful wedding quilt as a reminder of the special day and an heirloom for the future.


The Frozen quilt was for sale. The little birdie house was for you to place your bid into and the highest bidder got to keep it.

Two ladies were giving demonstrations of certain patchwork techniques and you could have a go.  All the quilts along the back of the stage had been made during a beginners course with each square being a different pattern.  Linda the lady on the right is the tutor that comes along to help and instruct us.  Roll on October when we have another days class booked with her.  If I had another day in the week I would definitely sign up to join the beginners class each week.

Were you all in suspense of what my prize was?

Instead of an entrance fee to the show, you were asked to contribute £1 on your way in (only if you wanted to) and you were given a raffle ticket with the chance to win one of their handmade quilts.

My name came out the bucket and I was the lucky winner  ...... a wonderfully handmade double bed quilt in the most spectacular variety of patchwork colours.

It is so beautifully made and such a treasure to receive. 
Thank you to the Market Bosworth quilters, I am not sure if a lady made it herself or it was a collaboration of them all.
I bought a couple of things whilst there, one a gift and the other a little ornament for the Christmas tree and kit/instructions on how to make them myself.   That means I have officially started Christmas thinking and it's only July!
If you follow Richard III and what's been happening recently, you will no doubt have been thinking I know the name of that village. Yes, it was where the Battle of Bosworth was.  The quilters made the banners that were hung along the procession route for the re-interment earlier this year.

Lots of bunting was also made by lots of villagers...

All proceeds from the show this year have gone to cancer research UK and the Trussell Trust Foodbank (this helps people who are struggling to provide food for their families with the current government cuts).
A lovely morning out with the added bonus of winning such a stunning prize.
Blessings to you all


  1. What an interesting post Julie and what a lovely prize. It makes me think of Joseph's Coat of Many Colours:-)

  2. Congratulations on winning such a beautiful quilt. I have not seen that ornament..I must try to find it!

  3. Yay what a wonderful prize to win! It's so bright and happy!

    I think my favorite is that Hawaiiana style quilt (at least that's what it looks like to me haha) in the background of picture #7. Do you happen to have a closer picture of it?

  4. Beautiful quilts and congratulations on winning the Big One. I'll ask Mum if she knew about it - she goes to a quilting group at Lutterworth

  5. Good for you Julie! That is wonderful! Such a pretty post.

  6. What a wonderful show - so many beautiful pieces of work by all the quilters. Well done on your prize.

  7. From what I see on the pictures this must have been a really great quilt show. And you were so lucky to win this wonderful quilt in the raffles. Enjoy this great piece.

  8. Wow Julie what a wonderful prise to win it is beautiful.
    Love all the quilts it must have been a lovely day .

  9. Beautiful quilt, what a wonderful prize
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Oh my goodness Julie, it is stunning!!!

  11. well done Julie your win is fab. Such lovely quilts and talented people out there.

  12. Such a lot of work gone into making that quilt it's beautiful,Congratulations on your win, what a fabulous prize!

  13. What lovely quilts! Congratulations on your win!

  14. I always love going to quilt shows...they are so pretty!

  15. Congratulations on your win and what a beautiful prize! Looks like a lovely morning out. Some gorgeous quilts to see.

  16. Wow Julie! What a lovely quilt, how lucky!
    It looks like it was an amazing show of quilts.
    I can't believe that it is July...I need to start thinking of Xmas :)

  17. What a great day out and a stunning prize too. Come on, how many tickets did you buy to win it?

    I love the idea of the Wedding quilt too, such a great memento of the day.

  18. Beautiful quilts and such a lovely prize, Julie!

  19. Oh my goodness to WIN a QUILT! Wow! I've entered many draws over the years but my name has never made it out of the bucket!

  20. Congrats on your win! That is such a lovely quilt.

  21. Congratulations on your win Julie. It is beautiful.


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