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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A week of finishing things off...

The little gift I made has been received by Lindsay so I can share it with you.

The free design and coaster was in the 'yellow' themed bag that I received at the stitchers meet up at the end of May and as Lindsay is a lover or sunflowers and she had been kind enough to pass on a chart, I thought it would make the perfect little surprise 'thank you' for her.

FINALLY, the sewing machine came out and the free challenge designs chosen by Christine for the monthly Christmas ornament SAL are made up.

Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs was May's mittens chart.

and for June the design was by The Primitive Hare, a different Yule design.

LHN Woodland Snowfall also got the finishing treatment ....

and I had an evening finishing stitching on the Pears, but not in time to make it up!

Finished the final sock now we have a pair.

For the charity knitting I was crocheting a crib/car seat small blanket.  One of the ladies at the craftshare group is expecting a baby in a few weeks and was so taken with this that it didn't get to the charity box, I gave it to her for her new arrival instead.

We've had some scorching temperatures recently, way too hot for me and this weekend we also had a mammoth storm.  Sunday afternoon, the rain came again but soon the sunshine was back and as I looked out my window I saw this lovely double rainbow .....
Wishing you all a lovely week filled with love, laughter and plenty of crafting.
Blessings to you all


  1. Lovely cross stitching.
    Lovely to see a double rainbow
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Love how you finished all your ornaments Julie, especially the mittens, how cute! Love the little blanket :-)

    Too hot for me too, were just not used to it are we, lol T shirt weather is just about right for me, although i do love the thunder storms :-)

    have a great week xx

  3. Your newest ornament finishes are darling, Julie--I especially like the way you added the acorns on the Woodland Snowfall! Love your new socks and the pretty baby blanket will be well-loved, I'm sure.

    You've had such hot weather over there! My brother and his family are in France and were just boiling last week... Things have been very rainy and cool here--doesn't feel much like summer!

  4. Wow you have accomplished a lot! That was nice to gift the blanket to the expecting mum. Love the socks!! A double rainbow is really special.

  5. You've been very busy! I love everything you made but especially your gorgeous blanket, the colours are so pretty!

  6. An amazing array of stitched finishes. The sunflowers is just gorgeous and to me such a happy flower.

    We were lucky enough to see a double rainbow when we were on holiday in May. They are so pretty.

  7. Good for you Julie, it's a good feeling to achieve an end result and not just on one piece.


  8. Oh Julie what a wonderful post so much lovely stitching and the socks and blanket are beautiful.
    And the last photo of the rainbow made my day , sending hugs.

  9. Wow Julie look at all you've done!!! All so lovely! I'm off to find that little mitten ornament its cute!

  10. Great ornaments Julie, I love the way you finished the mittens

  11. My goodness you have been busy!
    Just popped in to say hi and thank you for dropping by my blog... Will be back later to catch up on all your great posts :)
    Hugs xx

  12. I have fallen for your crochet blanket :) So cute!!!

  13. Lovely finishes, and lovely socks.
    I am slowly building up my charity pile.

  14. WoW! You sure been busy crafting, all your finishes looks beautiful. Well done!
    Had been too warm here for a couple of days too but had cooled off in the weekend till now, cloudy and very windy which makes it cold on the island.

  15. All your finishes are perfect Julie, but I have to say I think my favourite this time are the mittens although I like the colours of the pairs. I have not forgotten you my friend ,I am afraid I have been having my holiday fortnight chores in the morning and then Wimbledon. Even family dinners have been salad or fish and chips , they know better than to ask for more this 2 weeks , Be in touch soon. Take care of you and yours.

  16. What a lovely gift you made for your friend. I also love sunflowers and pulled out some of my sunflower charts because I wanted to stitch them throughout the summer - but then I mislaid them and for the life of my can't find them again. Maybe when I stop searching I'll come across them, lol. At least I hope so.

    Wonderful finishes, Julie. And all of them are so different. Great finishing spree.

  17. You have been productive again! Love the coaster, a perfect gift.

    Your ornies look good too, I really like the primitive blanket stitch on the Prim Hare design, perfect. Mine would look like that unintentionally LOL

  18. I just love the mittens finish! The hanger even reminds me of ear muffs! Thanks for the freebie link; definitely needed more of them in the hoard hah. :D Actually... there are many lovely freebies on that site. What have you done!

    Your double rainbow is amazingly lovely.

  19. Well done Julie they are all lovely - love the Primitive Hare Yule one and of course the socks xx

  20. Oh my, such lovely finishing. I like doing the stitching but always take my time before I get round to finishing as it isn't my favourite part. x

  21. Lots of lovely ornament finishes Julie and I LOVE your blanket.

  22. They all look wonderful, I love the finishes!


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