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Monday, 29 June 2015

Summer is here...

My Summer SAL, "Wee Summer" by Heart in Hand is now in it's frame, I changed it on the Summer Solstice.

The same evening I was playing with the camera and captured some lovely snaps in the garden

The sky seems to be have been wonderful recently, all pink in the evenings....

and sunny days.  A little heatwave forecast for this week...

Flowers are blooming ....

and we have a new addition in the garden.  DH had a great gift for Fathers Day.  He just needs a name.  Any thoughts?  What about Hector Spadendig.... does that sound like it could have come from G O T lol.

Only 1 stitch project to share with you, the LHN SAL.  Pear Tree, just it's border to add this week.
I have stitched a small something else, but its a gift so will have to remain secret till its received.

and the challenge, I can hear you all asking ...... for May and now June (yes it was the reveal yesterday) well......... they still need to be finished.   Wasting time and procrastinating far too much over which fabrics/trims to use for them both.  I just need to get on with it and do it!

Charity knitting pile grew with 4 more hats.   Total items for June was 2 cardigans, 9 hats and a pair of children's socks.

Adult sock is finished and the second one started...

Yesterday I went to a quilting exhibition.  It was organised by the lady who recently came along to teach us at the community centre.  It was in conjunction with a festival in their village.  Lots of beautiful quilts on show and things for sale.  A phone call with exciting news for me last night regarding the raffle.  I have to go collect my prize this evening.  I'll share what it is with you next time together with some photos that DH took whilst we were there of the lovely things on show - I didn't have time to take pics, too busy chatting with the quilters and learning how they make such magnificent pieces to craftwork.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and blessings to you all


  1. Love Sir Hector Spadendig he is wonderful.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Gosh you have been busy! I love that little pear tree. The skies are beautiful, I always think that sunsets would make lovely hand dyed fabrics.

  3. Oh my , winning a prize Julie - that's exciting, I look forward to seeing what it is. I take my hat off to you (no pun intended) with your charity knitting - such a good thing to do.
    I can't believe we've already had the longest day - this year is whizzing by. Enjoy your week.

  4. A lovely post Julie with great photos.Looking forward to you revealing your prize.

  5. Wee Summer is too cute, gorgeous flower blooms, your knitting pile is growing, happy knitting and stitching

  6. Hmmm gorgeous sunsets, I was up at 4 the other morning ,(not for long, I might add) and the sky was wonderful . I was asked why I did not take a pic, dur, at that time in the morning.
    Flowers seem to be doing so well this year , but I am sure Hector Spadendig will be helping in the garden , even if only to bring a smile or two. Love Summer ,and the pear tree now has leaves such pretty colouring. Those babies will have lovely warm little heads ,
    Have a good week sweetie and i look forward to seeing the win.
    Much love and hugs to both. Will be in touch soon.

  7. Beautiful stitching & the frame compliment it really nicely :)

  8. Oh, prizes are always fun aren't they?!
    Our daughter and son have watched a youtube tutorial, and they now are knitters I will have you know! :D I do not know how. Our son is making Henry a scarf. ha!

  9. Oooh lucky you winning a raffle! :D

    Your flowers and sunsets are lovely, cosmos flowers are so much fun. I'm sure Lord Spadendig will rule the Iron Tool Throne with much benevolence, right?

  10. Your Wee Summer looks great! Hopefully your LNH Pear tree will be finished soon?

  11. What lovely summer photos, Julie! The sky is so pretty! Glad to see someone is having nice summer weather--here it has just been rain, rain, rain...

    Your charity knitting is so impressive--I'm sure the recipients are all amazed that you knitters can make such beautiful things :)

    Love your Wee Summer in it's white frame and I can't wait to see what prize you've won!

  12. Beautiful stitching and wonderful photos.

  13. Oooh congratulations on your win! Can't wait to see what you have won.

    Perfect name for DH's gnome I think!

    Lovely stitching and knitting and the flowers in your garden look beautiful.

  14. Great new projects that you finished here. You are always busy with handcrafts, aren't you? Me too and I love it.
    Wonderful flowers in your garden - and they have someone to look after them now, lol. Nice little garden gnome. You will have to water all these flowers now as I think the heat wave has arrived at your place as well. We are having temperatures around 30°C right now and it sucks all the energy out of you, sigh.

  15. Love all the pictures! They are so pretty...glad to know I am not the only one who likes to take pictures of flowers...


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