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Thursday, 18 June 2015

The longest day ... already!

This weekend sees us coming to the Summer Solstice, the longest day.  It will also coincide with Fathers Day here in the UK on Sunday.  I hope all dads everywhere have a wonderful day.  My thoughts will be also be with those like me who have angel dads.

Last year DH brought me a posy of the first of the seasons sweet peas on Fathers Day and this year we have just one bloom so far, he brought me that yesterday from the bottom of the garden.  Perhaps its with not being in the open at the allotment that they are later at home?  The smell is wonderful.

The plants in the boxes just outside my kitchen window are Sweet Williams, my own late dads favourite.  they are the best they have ever been and have been blooming for quite a few weeks now with lots more buds to open yet.
Plants in the greenhouse are coming along nicely too and we've had our first little cucumber for tea.  So different from the shop bought ones and so tasty.
Last time I mentioned that I was going to a painting workshop at the Craftshare group.  What an eye opener that was.  The tutor, Jayne, created such a beautiful seashore scene and in only 2 hours.

She uses the Bob Ross method of painting.  I'd never heard of him, perhaps you have?   We have a class in August where we will also be creating a sea scene like this.  Something to look forward to, but I wont be rushing out to buy paints and easel I don't think at the moment!

A little charity knitting  has flown off the needles....

I've also been to the new improved local larger library now its had its refurbishment and as it was adult learners weeks there was a knitting group with a proper teacher to help solve your problems.  She was kind enough to chat to me about my sock knitting and instruct me as to how I can start them off better and not end up with a loose join in the top.  It worked out well so I also have a pair of socks on the needles now (forgot to take pic of those). 

A lot more knitting happening than stitching but I did a little parlour evening stitching last night and my current WIP, Pears by LHN from an old JCS ornament magazine, looks like this ...

I still haven't made up last month and this months challenge design, they still sit on the table awaiting inspiration for finishing them.  Perhaps this weekend it will come.....

Hope all the UK readers are enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having this past week.

Blessings to you all

Jo has asked which issue the pears came from. 
It was the JCS ornament edition dated 2006.



  1. Your charity knitting is fab Julie. You are a very good person. :)

  2. Oooh yes I would love to grow lovely things like you do in your garden... Indeed the longest day, Father's Day and Emm...that same day, my birthday! Is almost here...crazy how quick it's come around.
    Bob Ross,.... Yes oh I have heard of him, I used to watch him paint in the early hours on a sky channel.... He whips paintings up really quickly, with so much detail. Hope your having fun in your workshop :)
    Really pretty knits you have done, I can only just manage a scarf!!
    Oooh pretty stitching too!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Smiles :)

  3. I admire those of you who are kind enough to make charity items. Yum for that fresh cucumber. How do you make your cucumber sandwiches? I had them a few times in a lovely tea shop.

  4. It seems you have been very busy gardening, painting, knitting and stitching. Such lovely things that you have grown/created! Happy Solstice to you!

  5. Oh I love sweet peas, so pretty.
    Lovely items for charity.

  6. Pears are looking good, I look forward to seeing how you finish the ornament up in the future.

  7. I'm afraid not Julie, it's still cool and overcast with us. Today it was around fourteen degrees, it's getting a bit wearing not seeing much in the way of sunshine. Your cucumber looks so fresh and appealing and the workshop looks very interesting.

  8. I love sweet williams too, I think they are a very underated flower.
    Lovely knitting there and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the painting

  9. Love your knitting. We don’t have cucumbers yet. But I have 1 ripe and several almost ripe tomatoes on my mini plant on the kitchen window. Can’t believe it’s nearly the longest day. What happened to the warm weather did it miss us ut?

  10. Lovely charity knitting. These will definitely make a few people happy :)
    Enjoy the sun, cucumber & Fathers Day!

  11. Great seascape. I remember watching Paint Along With Nancy at lunchtimes after the children's programmes back in the 70s.

    Nice pear tree, could you post the issue number if you get a chance?

  12. Oooh Bob Ross! I highly recommend looking for some of his stuff on YouTube, he's fun to watch. He'll take nothingness and put in a happy little tree and some cloud friends and make a lovely painting. My husband even likes watching him and he is not at all interested in painting!

    Amazing that you have cucumbers already. Mine have just sprouted and it'll be a miracle if the whole garden doesn't wash away this weekend. I think we've traded our sunshine for your UK clouds and rain!

  13. Sweet Peas are lovely as is your charity knitting well done xx

  14. Lovely knitting finishes :-)

    I love sweet williams but haven't seen any this year, never thought to put them in my window baskets!

    Have a great week x

  15. It's incredible that half the year is already over. Unfortunately the longest night wasn't a night to sit outside on the terrace and to enjoy the long hours of light - we were having a bad thunderstorm that brought torrential rainfalls with it.

    Yes, I have already seen some videos by Bob Ross, it's fascinating to watch him painting from the first stroke of the brush to the finished painting. Quite amazing.

  16. Lovely charity knitting Julie,your needles must have been smoking!
    Fresh cucumbers delicious,im always going into the fridge and chopping a piece off,so refreshing.
    Lovely stitching,looking forward to seeing it made up
    Hugs xx

  17. Wow! Your needles are smoking fast! :-) I remember watching Bob Ross with my grandma. :-)

    I hope that you find inspiration for your finish.


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