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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sunshiney evenings .... less crafting!

The weather has been lovely recently. 

We had an evening stroll in the park.  Just a short drive from us and somewhere I had not been before.  How is it that you drive past somewhere for years and then suddenly think you might like to go and see what's there? 

It was lovely ...

Flowers blooming in abundance .....

Spotted some outside gym equipment amongst the mature trees, put there by the local council to encourage exercise, might have to try that next time!

The cricket pitch all ready for some sporting action .....
A blue evening sky through the tall trees.  The gentle breeze rustling through them reminded me of grandmother willow in the Disney film Pocahontas (I love that film) ......
Someone has been busy with the chainsaw making an old tree into a seat - nice acorns
With the warmer evenings, not so much time for craftwork.  Time is being spent in the garden at the end of the day.  DH and I catching up on the days events and just generally enjoying the flowers and seeing what's new since the day before.

A cardigan for the charity group ....

and a pair of children's pink socks.....

My Summer piece for the SAL is complete and ready to go into the frame later this month and Spring will be put away.  Wee Summer by Heart in Hand.

LHN/CCN SAL stitching and I completed Woodland Snowfall 

Mum celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this month and I made her a quilted snappy bag.  She was very impressed with it, so that pleased me.


There are now 3 things on my table that need finishing off so perhaps the sewing machine needs to come out to play this weekend.

I've had a lovely blog reading session this afternoon and caught up on all your lovely work.  Lots of different designs being stitched at the moment. Some new ones and some oldies that I haven't seen for a while. Nice quilting being created by ladies and lots seem to be knitting and crocheting. 

Enjoy your crafting time whatever you are doing.  We have a painting demonstration this week at the craftshare.  Have I got time to take up another hobby??

Blessings to you all


  1. The acorns carving is very impressive, isn't it?!
    Enjoy craftshare!

  2. Love the carved seat Julie, very clever. Your crafting looks great as always, you do such a lovely mix of things. It's nice to enjoy the good weather when it's here. We've had temps of around twenty degrees yesterday and today - last week it was twelve!

  3. Lovely pictures from the park Julie. It's been beautifully sunny here but with a surprisingly cold wind when you actually get out in it.
    Great knitting and stitching, the bag you made is lovely

  4. Thank you for my lovely comments. Thank you for the virtual walk. Love those socks. I love knitting and crocheting with King Cole Splash.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. What a great park .
    I bet you are enjoying your garden , it is great to sit in at night . Looks like we may have some nice summer nights hugs.

  6. Very pretty park .
    And I love your garden so much..beautiful photos xx

  7. That park looks beautiful! I love the acorn seat. All of your crafty work looks great but I especially love the bag you made for your mum.

  8. What a lovely post! I must admit I have fallen in love with this precious pair of socks!!! Pink & cute, fabulous :)

  9. I love the socks!!! Great photos and the bag you made your mum is fantastic.

  10. What a lovely walk! I love the charity knitting! Your stitching is lovely! I hope that you are having a great week!

  11. The carved seat is lovely, I expect that if you don't have children or dogs you have no reason to go to the local park!

    Enjoy the painting demo, not sure if you really need another craft though!

  12. I have been trained to think the UK is overcast and grey all the time, this is lies! Your stroll through the park was really lovely.

    Adore those little socks even if they are all pink! The little speckles add a lot of fun :D

  13. The park does look lovely. The cardigan and socks are adorable and the quilted bag you made for your Mum is fabulous!

  14. Hi there Miss Julie, What a lovely post, although they always are. You have some lovely places near where you live, did you not take the cricket bat with you. Jack has gone playing cricket tonight. The sound of cricket matches just is summer.
    Oh love the cardi but those socks = can I put an order in lol.
    Lovely bag made for mum , clever girl.
    OOH painting, I cant draw let alone paint. Did a course once drawing for the terrified ,did not help lol.
    Have a good crafting week, I actually caught up today and did a post ,it has been a while. Drop by if you have time.
    Hugs from me to you.

  15. Forgot to say I Love!! Summer.

  16. Thank you for sharing your walk with us Julie. Isn't it nice to see some sun at last?!

    Lovely stitching and knitting too.Love the bag you made for your Mum.

  17. Loved looking at your photos - thanks for sharing xx

  18. You truely discovered a lovely place where it's fun to roam around.

    I love your summer stitching very much. I have the Wee Summer too, I once received it as a gift from a good friend. Enjoy your evenings out in the garden.

  19. I really like the pink cardigan and and the baby-socks -Bless Your good heart for making such beautiful things to the charity.
    The small smummer stithings very pretty and I liked the pictures from the park Too.

  20. Lovely pictures of the park and of your work, Julie.


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