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Monday, 18 May 2015

Friends and family

A big birthday in the family.

My sister-in-law was 50 at the end of April.

A little bunny helped to celebrate the day...

and I made a quilted envelope to hold her gift...

The stitched design is from Just Nans 'Heartfelt' chart

My brother organised a surprise birthday party at their caravan at the seaside.  We went along for the weekend and had great fun.  She was totally surprised by her party and all the family that dropped in for the BBQ.

DH and I decided to spend an additional few days at the coast just by ourselves after everyone went home.

New babies that came to say hello each morning, even in the rain ...

New places to wander, a beach filled with pebbles that stretched for miles .....

and another shared with others having fun ....

 Visiting some interesting places ....

A wander along the shops where you can see the sea at the end of the street ...

a bookshop that you could hardly get into, it was crammed full of such lovely titles...

 and shops that sell vintage makes and patterns etc ....

Walks in woodlands .....


Feathered friends playing hide and seek with us in the undergrowth ....
and a very familiar walk seeing all the beach huts newly painted ready for the coming summer months ....
Fish and chips on the green, with hungry ducks hoping to share with you ...
and at the end of the day enjoying a coffee as you watch the sun setting over the sea just a five minute walk away.

We had a lovely time away, a very last minute decision, sometimes they are the best times to be had.
A little crafting has happened since I last posted.
Isabelle's cardigan is finished and wrapped up for her 4th birthday next week
10 little pink triangles handed over for the charity knitting

Irish Garden has 2 more little borders filled in

and Sugar Plums, my choice in the Wednesday SAL is now finished to add to my growing pile of small ornaments

A new start last week for this SAL.  This time LHN Woodland Snowfall from the JCS Ornament Edition 2004.  Stitched over 1 on 22ct (still using up old fabrics from my stash).

Being away you get so behind with computer things so I've enjoyed catching up with all your blogs this weekend.  You have all been so busy stitching, knitting and crocheting some wonderful things.  I've seen amazing quilting happening and lots of nice times being had.  Some people are experiencing sad times and health issues and my thoughts are with you.

Last week i spent a lovely morning with Clare and her friends raising funds for the MS cake bake. Well done Clare, you raised a lot of money. You can read all about it on Clare's blog. 

At the end of this month another exciting get together. It's time for the spring stitchers meet up.  Not so many ladies coming along this time, we are meeting quite late compared to previous years but I am still looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and getting to see their lovely work close up.  There will be the usual book and goody bag exchange together with a raffle and plenty of fun and laughter on the day.  Must remember to pack the camera!

Wishing you all lots of crafting time, or maybe you are not finding so much time recently with the spring growth in the garden and the extra time needed to tend to flowers and plants and you are spending what spare time you have outside with the birds and wildlife.


Thanks for dropping by, I see some new people have been visiting, welcome to you all.
Love and  Blessings

*** Edited ......  Our few days away were in North Norfolk.  The ruined arch is Walsingham Abbey and the woodlands are its grounds.  The shops Wells Next the Sea.  The beaches are Weybourne and Old Hunstanton.


  1. Your break looked lovely, where did you stay, and so much crafting.

  2. A gorgeous post..loved it. My kind of break, walking on beaches and woods...brings out my inner Norfolker lol xxx

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  4. What a lovely place to have an impromptu holiday.
    Your granddaughter's cardigan is lovely..I am full of admiration.

  5. You made some lovely presents for your sister, nice use of the Just Nan chart.
    Your short break looks lovely too, you had beautiful weather.
    Enjoy the meet up!

  6. What a wonderful post, lots of lovely photos to look at and a very pleasant time by all it would seem.

    Your crafting has also been very busy with lots of finishes.

  7. Lovely gift for your sister in law and it looks like you and DH had a lovely break away. Thank you so much for coming over for coffee & cake, see you at the Meet Up x x

  8. Lovely gifts you made for your sister-in-law.
    Beautiful pictures taken during your break and congrats on finishing the cardigan, looks gorgeous!

  9. A lovely post as always Julie, those little rabbits you knit are just perfect for adding a personal touch to gift giving and the quilted envelope is so pretty. The break you had looks to have been relaxing and fun - being beside the sea is such a pleasure.
    Great feathered friends in this post and lovely photos of your trip. Have a good week.

  10. Oh, another adorable bunny, Julie! I'm sure your sister-in-law was just tickled with both the bunny and the pretty gift holder. How nice that she was totally surprised... And even nicer that you and your husband could enjoy a little holiday by yourselves. You're right, sometimes the least planned things turn out to be the best :)

    Loved seeing your updates on your crafts--the cardigan is splendid and will keep Isabelle nice and toasty... I hope you enjoy your stitchers get-together--looking forward to seeing the photos :)

    Hope you enjoy your week, Julie!

  11. It looks as though you had a lovely break Julie. I love the picture of Mummy Duck with her babies.
    Lots of fab stitching and knitting going on too

  12. What a lovely post Julie , lovely rabbit for your sister and love the pretty bag envelope.
    Beautiful knitted cardigan.
    Wonderful stitching .
    And what a lovely spot to spend a few days looks a fab place and those shops look worth a visit .
    Wishing you a great week.

  13. What a splendid time away you two had. What is the large arch/remains in the picture?

  14. Love the gifts for your sister in law. The stitiching is lovely and the cardigan.

    And the scenery where is it?

  15. Such a lovely gift for your SIL's birthday. I'm sure she was highky pleased with it as well as with the surprise party.
    Julie, I was savouring all the pictures from your little vacation wishing I could spend a couple of days there, too. Walks along a nearly empty beach or in the woods taking in nature, and then having some nice coffe and meals - could there be anything better? Thanks for sharing.

  16. You made some beautiful gifts for your sister!

  17. What a lovely post - I love the envelope you made. Sounds like she had a lovely day xx bless you xx

  18. I love the Cardigan finish and your project envelope too. Lovely photos :)

  19. Wonderful pictures. Love the cardigan, intrigued by the triangles.... The town looks interesting where is it?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  20. That's a lovely idea for the triangles
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  21. Hello there Miss Julie, I am sure Isabelle will be thrilled with her cosy new cardigan, and I am not surprised your sil was delighted with her gifts. Your few days away look lovely, it looks a really pretty place. We have a blackbird that comes for breakfast as he is there waiting every morning. Have a really happy day at the meeet up and photos please .
    Take care
    Love Barbxx

  22. You have been busy! Your holiday looks wonderful and relaxing. Your needles must have been smoking!

  23. Looks like you had a wonderful break Julie. It looks a lovely area. Love the little bunny!

    You have been very busy crafting. Lovely stitching and love your ornament finish.

    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

  24. Lovely pictures from your holiday. Your wips are coming along beautifully.

  25. What a generous and creative gift-giver you are, Julie. Thank you
    for sharing the wanderings through meadows and by the sea....what a
    beautiful area in which to spend your holiday.

  26. Lovely post! Beautiful gifts


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