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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Monthly challenge revealed

Coming to the end of the month, the last Sunday of the month has gone so it's was time to reveal my effort for this months challenge project over at Needlecraft Haven.

Christine chooses us a free online design each month and we can stitch and make it up any way we choose.  This month the chart came from Balades et Broderies.  A lovely little snowman.

I made a flat ornament this time - used up some 18ct grey aida from my stash and anchor threads.  4 little star buttons added to the corners to finish it off and a hanger made with the same fabric.  I changed the little red cardinal and added some brown to make him into a little robin.

Parlour stitching this week wasn't much,  just couldn't settle Wednesday evening so only the wording and a little flower/leaf border added.  Just the outer border to add now.  Must remember to give them some eyes too (even though they are closed as they are sleeping)
No UFO stitching on Irish Garden this week.  Concentration levels severely lacking at the weekend!
I've been really good though ..... the cardigan got sewed up. The stitches along the neck picked up and the neckband knitted.   Just the front bands to do.

I've also been knitting with 4 ply wool and made 9 little triangles for the charity knitting.  The neo natal unit used over 3000 of these last year. Each mother is given 3 when her baby arrives in the unit.  One she wears, one goes into the incubator and a third one in the wash.  She then rotates them so that hers go to the baby so it gets her scent and improves the bonding.  The babies one comes out of the incubator and then is put inside the mothers clothing close to the breast to try and improve milk flow by the smell of the baby. Afterwards that one is then washed and the process starts again.

I'm all caught up on blog reading, what wonderful things you have all been doing.  Some ladies starting new things, others re-finding old projects they thought they would never pick up again.  It's been lovely to visit you and see what you have been doing.
Wishing you all a wonderful week spent doing things with those you hold dear.
Love and blessings to you all and {{hugs}} to those in need


  1. Lovely stitching & finishing. Your flat ornament looks really pretty :)

  2. Inspiring as always Julie, it's lovely what you do for the babies. I'm glad to see you made progress on the cardi, it's looking great. Have a good week.

  3. I am sooo jealous of your GD's cardigan. :)
    I had no idea about little,knit triangles for the tiny babes. How awesome of you Julie.

  4. Your challenge ornament is so adorable!

    I've had a few days/evenings where I just couldn't settle to stitch properly. I get frustrated when that happens I know I should be stitching but I seem to have ADD... Squirrel!

  5. Lovely stitching, Julie. How nice of you to knit for those sweet little babies and their mommas!! And, your ornament for this month is adorable!

  6. A lovely finish Julie,love the fabric you chose.
    You knitted cardigan for your granddaughter is awesome.

  7. Love your knitting, I have not knitted cable in years.

  8. Beautiful stitched ornament and some progress is better than none on your parlour stitching.

    A pretty cabled cardigan too. Those knitted triangles are such a wonderful idea.

  9. Love your snowman flat fold .
    Great stitching too hugs.

  10. Love the challenge ornament and the cardigan!

  11. Love the Haven Challenge again this month.

    The knitted triangles are an inspiration! Pumping is not always easy especially when baby is not with the mother but this is such a great idea. Well done on stitching so many.

  12. Well done on the sewing up! Love the triangles, what a terrific idea!

  13. What a cute snowman finish! Your almost-finished sweater is very pretty. The knitted triangles sound like a very clever idea, and they probably don't take all that much time to knit, either.

  14. Fabulous challenge finish Julie, and the birthday cardigan is beautiful

  15. I love your flat ornament - so pretty! What a good cause to knit for and a great idea too.

  16. A lovely ornament, Julie. It seems odd to read that you couldn't settle to stitching one evening as you always make so much progress.

  17. Your challenge ornament is so sweet Julie.

    The cardigan is beautiful.

    What a wonderful cause to knit for.

    See you in the parlour tonight.

  18. Those little knitted triangles are an interesting idea. How wonderful of you~

    The flat ornament finish is great too. For some reason, I thought it was a luggage tag from the image preview (wouldn't that be cute though?!). Love the little star buttons.

  19. I am impressed with your volunteer knitting project for the local NICU! What an innovative idea to help the babies get an improved start. :)

  20. That is such an interesting concept for the tiny baby/mother bonding, Julie--I had never heard of that before. The things you can learn from a stitching blog, eh?!

    Love the cardigan--your knitting is fabulous and it is fun to see each one get a little larger as Isabelle grows :) Your ornament with the robin is darling, too!

    Enjoy your last day of April, Julie--and happy May to you!

  21. Love your knitting and well done knitting for a charity project - what a nice thing to do xx

  22. That's interesting about the triangles and that's so nice of you for knitting the pieces.

    Love how you finished off the ornament, beautiful!

  23. A true kind heart you have Julie, love your challenge piece and Isabelles'cardi. The mums will be touched by the kindness that lays behind these special gifts for the tiny babies I am sure.
    I will be in touch soon ,promise,
    HUGS to you

  24. Love your monthly challenge piece finish and Isabelles cardigan is wonderful :-)

    Have a good weekend xx

  25. What a neat idea with the little knitted triangles. And wow, the cardigan for Isabelle is nearing the finishing line. Great progress.

    What a lovely ornament you made. I particularly love the green fabric you used for the edges and the hanger, it complements the design colours so beautifully.

  26. Great job on your ornament and cardigan. That cardigan is way out of my league. Love your knitting for the babies and moms also.


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