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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Thank you June

It's midweek and another week that is whizzing along at superspeed.   A lot of blogs I've been reading have been saying the same recently. How can we be 3 weeks into April already? This year is going faster than the last did, is that possible?  

Springtime is always exciting for gardeners.  Buds developing and seeds to plant, seedlings to grow on.  Our greenhouse is bursting with activity of the plant variety and DH is spending a lot of his spare time in there with the lighter evenings and of course the sunshine we have been having recently has been nice too.  We've even sat outside and enjoyed our evening meal and then read for a while whilst watching the sun setting earlier this week.

My weeks are kept busy with lots of activities with friends and as each group meeting comes round it seems to arrive quickly and of course there are family times with children and my granddaughter that keep me busy.

With belonging to local crafting groups and having designated hours each week to sit and enjoy sewing and knitting I seem to be getting a lot more achieved.  Last weeks crafting consisted of the following :-

Stitching - Irish Garden had half the top right border filled in .....

Sugar Plums now has 2 little people snoozing in their beds.

Perhaps a finish of this tonight as its SAL night in the parlour with Barb and the ladies at Needlecraft Haven where we stitch on any LHN, CCN or Sampler Girl design of our choice.  This year I'm stitching the designs from previous JCS ornament magazines that I always promise myself I will and never get round to.

A birthday in the family this week and the free design from The Snowflower Diaries was the perfect choice for a special card for an elderly lady who loves to receive a handmade card each year.

Charity knitting - 2 little matinee jackets were finished and will be handed over at Fridays group meeting.   Brighter colours are being knitted as well as baby pastel colours in the hopes that the more vibrant colours in the cribs does not accentuate the pallor of the skin in the sick babies as the paler colours do.
Granddaughters birthday cardigan - the sleeves are completed ....
Now to the sewing up and picking up the stitches part around the neck and then down the fronts, the bit I am not fond of.  The knitting I love, but this bit, I seem to procrastinate for ages over and put it off.    
Perhaps if a write here that I will have done some on it by my next post to show you then I might just get on with it.  What do you think, sounds like a good plan? We'll see next time I post, maybe you wont see me for a few weeks here as I daren't say i've not done it lol.   Although as its her birthday towards the end of next month I do really have to crack on with it!
Sewing - The Craftshare group was busy as usual this week and all making different things.  I made a quilted mat for standing my sewing machine on when its in use.  A few of the ladies had them at the quilting day and I liked the idea.  This pink flamingo fabric caught my eye and made me smile so now I have a jazzy little quilted mat.
The Book Borrowers reading group that I run at the local self service library is doing the Popsugar 2015 reading challenge. Perhaps I should have said, 'trying' to do the challenge.  There are 50 categories to try and fit your book into.  We have one lady who is a stickler for making sure your book fits the category.  We had a fun meeting recently. 
We talk about the books we have read each week and discuss various authors and other reading related things.  We also have storytime each week (but we don't have to sit cross legged on the floor I hasten to add lol)  At present one lady is reading to us a chapter each week from Shakespeare's The Tempest. 
The book I had just finished was a lovely read.  It was a Debbie Macomber, I had been given it in the book exchange at the stitchers meet up last November.  Thank you Gill (no blog).
I thought about which category it would fit into and found the perfect one.  A book with a colour in the title and ticked that off my list.  "You can't have that said the stickler and non rule breaker lady, rose is not a colour."  We all had a long discussion about this and with great hilarity it was decided that a vote should be taken by all members - one young member looked in up in an online dictionary.  What would you have voted?  Is rose a colour? 
Would you have stuck up your hand as everyone else did apart from the one lady.  She's a really lovely lady and such fun, but boy what a tyrant she can be sometimes.  Perhaps being a stitcher with all my boxes of threads to look at I have a wider vocabulary of colours, or perhaps its just the little imp in me that likes to sometimes be naughty - there are plenty of books with colours in the title that would not have given us such fun that afternoon. 
June over at Butterfly Wings - a lovely blog, if you have not visited I highly recommend it, its always full of lovely crafting and she has the most wonderful garden to admire - was kind enough to give me an award for my blog, thank you very much June.  Quite sometime ago I had a bad experience when I took part in one of these and decided that i would make my own blog "award free" and i put up a widget at the top left to let bloggers know.  It was this one till I changed it to the current one.
I have stuck to it and its sad when I have to email ladies who enjoy passing these things on to explain that I will not be taking part.   So, if you have read June's blog and you have come along here to see why she likes reading my waffles and ramblings then I wish you a warm WELCOME.  It's always nice to have new people stop by for a visit, I hope you found something interesting to read and enjoy.  If you leave me a comment i'll pop along and visit you.
Wishing you all a happy, fun and craft filled week.
Blessings to you all


  1. Oh GD's sweater is coming close now.
    Irish Garden is looking so very lovely.
    I am sad you had a bad experience with the blog award Julie.

  2. Such an all around gal! Love the stitching, knitting and the sewing. Your blog is indeed lovely.

  3. Oh Julie when I used to knit garments all the time I was happy to sew the pieces together but if it involved picking up stitches then that was a different story. I often got it wrong and it would either end up too loose or all puckered. I have read a few books by that particular author but not for quite a while.

  4. Wow you have been busy again and wonderful progress on your projects. I too hate the making up of knitted garments and put it off for as long as possible!

    Rose is a colour to me - I have an ink pad called Rose Red so i'd have put my hand up in agreement with you.

    Have another wonderful weekend of crafting and fingers crossed for more fine weather. x

  5. From the Cambridge dictionary -
    rose noun (COLOUR)

    › [U] a pink colour:
    The houses were painted various shades of rose.

  6. I"ve been reading your blog for quite a few years now and always look forward to your posts, so i agree the award is well deserved :-)
    I'd have voted for rose being a colour, theres always one though eh,lol
    Another great crafting week for you, love the colour of isabelles cardy, i hate the picking up and sewing together too but theres no way out of it :-)
    Have a great rest of the week. Xx

  7. I"ve been reading your blog for quite a few years now and always look forward to your posts, so i agree the award is well deserved :-)
    I'd have voted for rose being a colour, theres always one though eh,lol
    Another great crafting week for you, love the colour of isabelles cardy, i hate the picking up and sewing together too but theres no way out of it :-)
    Have a great rest of the week. Xx

  8. It's so nice that your husband enjoys doing some of the gardening with you, Julie! My DH enjoys my labors, but has no interest in doing any of the chores, unless I specifically ask for some help. Not complaining at all, not since I accepted that's just not who he is. :D Thankfully, we have a small yard/garden so it's just right for me.
    I continue to love seeing your Irish Garden grow.

  9. What a great post Julie, so full of lovely things.
    I agree with you, sewing up is definitely the worst part of knitting, the birthday cardigan is looking lovely though.
    I love that flamingo fabric, it's such fun!
    Rose is definitely a colour. It's French for pink

  10. What was the award for? Most things to comment on in one post? LOL
    As I'm reading though your posts I'm thinking "I'll comment in Irish Garden because I love the close up, and those great little cardis for the premmie babies, and the lovely lavender card (I do like Snowflower Diairies) and OF COURSE Rose is a colour". NB it's also a flavour as in rose and lemon Turkish delight, just in case you feel like a little debate on that one LOL
    I'm sure there is something I've forgotten to comment on but it's all lovely!

  11. Lovely post Julie lots of wonderful stitching and knitting .
    I love reading Debbie's books I think I have read almost every one a light happy read. I also like the way she brings people she last wrote about back into her books again.
    Have a happy week hugs June.

  12. You've been such a busy lady, Julie, as always. We also work in the garden together, particularly when it has to be prepared for a new season. Other works he likes to do aloe. And I do some decluttering in the house. So, we are both busy.

    Love to see your knitting and stitching progress. Irish Gareden is such a great design and the filling in on the borders is looking so delicate. What a lovely card you created with that Snowflower Diaries design. And now I'm really curious if you manage to finish Isabelle's cardigan until yout next post. I'd say: yes.

    Debbie Macomber's books are so nice to read. I'm in her Cedar Cove series but have only read the first seven books. BUt it's such a great series.

  13. Similar issues happened to me with the "Award" thing in the past. I have to email June & explained to her I will not play the game. It is sad really but I totally understand your decision. And I still admire June's lovely blog :)

  14. Lovely blog update Julie - great knitting and crafting. I agree about awards, such a lovely gesture from June though

  15. So nice to see your garden keeps filling in!

  16. A lovely post Julie. Card is so cute and the two little matinee jackets.
    Thanks for sharing the book, will add it on my list.

  17. Great update, you've accomplished so much Julie. And what a post, you had so much to share!

  18. A very enjoyable post Julie. Lovely stitching and knitting.
    I like reading Debbie Macomber books,a pleasant read.

  19. That is a beautiful photo of the sunset, Julie. I like the idea of the quilted mat for under your sewing machine. Don't be surprised if you find I make one before the end of the year :)
    A lovely selection of knitting and stitching.

  20. Your new mat is just splendid and will make your sewing machine happy to be on it, haha. :)

    It's a shame about the blog award since yours is indeed lovely but I don't see how a bad experience can be had. Unless you got the Internet Trolls popping up from the links, they are indeed annoying.

    As a rose, it most certainly is a color! Harrumph! I'm glad you chose that title, even if it was in the spirit of ornery lol! :)

  21. How wonderful that your weather is so nice for gardening, Julie--it really does the soul good to spend time digging in the earth. We really can't plant anything anymore (unless it is fenced in) due to our invasive deer population. So, I look forward to seeing your garden grow this summer!

    Nice progress on your stitching and I love the lavender girl card you made. The tiny matinee jackets are so sweet :)

    The book challenge sounds like fun! We do a similar challenge at the library in the summer. Unfortunately, I'm such a slow reader, I never do very well :)

    Hope your week is a good one, Julie!

  22. Incredible---- your cross stitch is all coming along so beautifully!! And the baby jackets are precious-- wonderful charity projects:)

    I think I'd love that book also-- will add it to my list. You are one busy lady-- and so kind and generous as well:)

  23. Just popped by to say hello and thankyou for another lovely post, you deserve all the comments you receive my friend , I agree with them all. Your weeks are certainly well filled and you can tell you are very contented with your lot.
    Hugs from me to you.

  24. Your blog has grown so much since I last popped in years ago as "Certifiable Hobbyist". You have expanded your hobbies as well it seems, LOL.
    Now I'm mostly knitting, but sticking to small projects. Your Grand daughter's sweater is coming along well. You must be looking forward to it's completion.
    I still have some cross stitch UFO's, but work keeps me from picking away at it.(at least that's what I tell myself).
    Have a good one!


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