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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Blooming lovely....

I bought a friend a rose bush for her birthday some years ago.  The label on it read 'friend' and it was a lovely yellow, it fitted in perfectly with the colours of her garden.  It was a spindly little thing but has grown well and provided lots of lovely flowers over the years.

Each year she gives me the first bloom from it as a mark of our friendship.  Today was that day.  We were discussing when it flowered last year - we think this year its a bit later and neither of us could remember.  I decided to take a pic this year of it with my perpetual calendar that sits on my kitchen window ledge so I can remember it.  This year it is more special as she is undergoing some not nice medical tests at present which we are hoping will turn out to be nothing at all.

Last weekend was a bank holiday weekend and that means an extra day to stitch on the UFO project.  I was really good and managed two borders on Irish Garden.  It's almost finished!
LHN SAL got a little attention and two grey squirrels came calling. Their paws are empty and they don't look very impressed, but I'm sure they'll be holding a little treat after this weeks stitching.

We've been asked to make larger clothes at the charity knitting group as well for babies and toddlers who are taken into care for any number of reasons and arrive with nothing.  A small cardigan and two hats flew off the needles this past week....

My "lucy bag" I crocheted quite some time ago has wanted lining, that was last Thursdays craftshare project for me.  Some lovely fabric now makes it more useable.  The pattern for this crochet bag is on the blog from Lucy at Attic 24.

Another birthday in the family this week too.  Isabelle turned 4 ..... I know.... where have four years gone to since I was so excited and honoured to be present at her birth. Just look at her now .... all growed up and ready to start school in September.

This weekend is the stitchers meet up so i'll be back real soon with some pics of the day.

Love and blessings to you all



  1. You have been busy lovely craft work, they do grow up far to fast.

  2. Many happy returns to Isabelle, a real little princess:-)
    The rose gift and first rose are such special ways of marking a friendship - long may it continue. Such great knitting for the babies, keep up the good work!

  3. Beautiful stitching and knitting Julie, lovely rose too. See you Saturday :-)

  4. What a fantastic idea the rose bush is! Beautiful.
    Isabelle is beautiful as well.

  5. Beautiful updates with your stitching and knitting.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely granddaughter.

  6. Lovely projects! I want to learn how to make a knitted cardigan someday. Need to figure out socks first.

    Your grand daughter is adorable in her Anna dress.

  7. Lovely knitted finishes :) Irish Garden is looking great too!

  8. What a lovely story about the rose , sending good wishes to your friend.
    Wow wonderful stitching and knitting , you work so fast and every thing is just beautiful.

  9. Lovely stitching and knitting Julie. The squirrels remind me of Oliver asking for more.
    Miss Isabelle is growing up so fast.

  10. The rose bush is a lovely idea. Beautiful bloom, knitting & stitching, as always :)

  11. I just love your rose tradition, what a lovely idea.

    Irish Garden is looking great, it will be a bittersweet day when you finish it!

    Lovely idea to knit larger items too.

    Happy Birthday to Isabelle.

  12. What a lovely gift that keeps on giving!
    You have been very busy knitting! What lovely little knitting!

    Happy birthday to Isabelle!

  13. Lovely post - lovely catching up with you x

  14. How cute is Isabelle! It looks like she's wearing Anna's dress from Frozen, too. :)))

    Lovely idea to make larger things too; everyone needs some love. I hope your friend's tests turn out okay.

  15. You made good use of the last long weekend stitching a day longer on your WIPs. And now I'm looking forward to seeing Irish Garden finished.

    Happy birthday to Isabelle. What a beautiful little girl she is.

    You and your friend have established a wonderful tradition sharing the first yellow roses each year. And I think you are right, last year everything was a bit earlier out in the garden as it had been such a mild winter.

    Enjoy your get-together today.

  16. What a great friendship and fantastic idea. Pretty knitted baby set. The irish piece is looking beautiful and the little lady sure is pretty

  17. Lovely stitching and knitting.Your crocheted bag is really lovely.
    Great photo of your grand daughter.

  18. Lovely stitching and finishes. Happy Birthday to Isabelle.


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