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Monday, 1 June 2015

Spring meeting

Saturday 30th May was the date arranged for the Spring meet up organised by Clare

A little later than normal and with it being the end of the bank holiday week and the children being off school there were quite a few of the normal attendees who couldn't come this time.

We were a small group of seven, but it didn't stop us having a great time.  We met in the Nuneaton Scout Headquarters.  A little hiccup for two of the ladies on their journey as the train was delayed due to a fatality on the line.   We stitched, chatted, drank tea and ate Clare's homemade carrot cake.

Lots of fabulous work on show for us to see close up on the table.
Working my way from left to right, we start with Clare's stitching, a beautiful assortment of designs.
Lindsay's stitching and amazing beading.  We've watched Toy Gatherer by Shepherds Bush grow each weekend in the UFO stitching.  It was amazing to see the detail close up.  The beading just blows me away each time I see it.
Angi joins us in the parlour each Wednesday as you can see by the LHN collection and also manages to get the monthly challenges done on time!
Gill's not long finished her first LHN design and is also a parlour stitcher.  Beautiful blackwork to see this time stitched in blue colours.
and then it's my stitching, quilting and charity knitting.  Eagled eyed readers will no doubt spot Irish Garden - yes, its finished, i'll show you close ups next post.
Other fun things during the day were the book exchange.  You give a book that you have enjoyed but wrap it up so no one can see what it is.  Each book is given a number and you pick one from the bowl.
I wrapped up this one, using the footballers wrapping paper and it was picked by Angi
You try hard not to pick your own book, and yes, I did just that and had to pick again.  Second attempt I chose Gill's book.   I have read this some years ago but was pleased to receive it as I gave my original copy away.
We each take along a raffle prize.  The money raised from the tickets for this is used to make the forum advert free.  This time we raised enough to keep it advert free for 5 months just about till the next time we meet.  Some nice goodies donated this time.

My ticket was pulled and I had the Polstitches Designs fabric.
The goody bag exchange is always fun.  When we have all arrived and placed the bags on the table Clare gives each one a raffle ticket number and its partner ticket is placed under one of her cupcakes. 
This time the cakes were rainbow themed and were red, yellow and blue inside then sprinkled with rainbow coloured topping.  Afternoon tea is always nice when you choose a cake and take the bag that corresponds to your ticket - again you need to make sure you don't get your own bag!
Rainbow was the theme to work from for the items in the bag.  Chose a colour and find goodies with that in mind.  We do have a minimum value for the items but you can go as mad as you like with what you put inside.  
I chose red as my colour.  Here's what I put into my gift bag and Gill was the recipient.
Angi chose yellow as her colour and I was the lucky winner of hers.
We also have a table where you can sell things you no longer want or need.  I bought some lovely sock wool from Lindsay. This will keep DH in cosy socks for a while and some nice pink so maybe I might get a pair as well.
I received a gift too.  Lindsay stitched this a while ago and it was admired at the last meet up.  She kindly gave me the chart and leftover threads so I can have a go at canvas work sometime soon.

As always the day goes by far too quickly and its soon time to head off home again.  Thank you ladies for a lovely day and the kindness you showed in the goodies you donated for the fun things and those that you gave away.  I'm already looking forward to the autumn when I look forward to seeing you all again.
I hope you've enjoyed reading about our meet up. Clare has pictures etc on her blog too. 
Love and blessings to you all


  1. Sounds a lovely day, lucky you no groups around here.

  2. It was another great day - thanks for joining us Julie, it wouldn't be quite right without you x x

  3. I read both your posts, and enjoyed them. You guys had a great meetup.

  4. What a lovely way to spend time with crafting friends,lovely post Julie. Looking forward to seeing Irish Garden:)

  5. It's great that you can meet with like minded crafters and enjoy time together. A lovely post as always Julie, it's a pleasure to stop by your blog and catch up with what you've been doing. I may just go back and read the Outlander books again now that you've reminded me.

  6. Such a lovely time you guys had! Your goodie bag wins are great (what on earth are foam bananas?!) and your new yarn is truly lovely; I love the two in the middle especially.

  7. It looks as though you had a wonderful day

  8. It's been lovely reading about your meeting - it sounds like great fun and you are all so very creative and generous.

  9. OH Julie, what a wonderful day you all must have had at this get-together. Seeing all the pictures of your amazing show-and-tell, of the Goody Bags and their contents and the book exchange makes me want to live in your area and be able to join you all.

  10. Sounds like a lovely meet up. I could spend all day just looking at the beautiful stitching! Can't wait to see the close ups of Irish Garden next, very exciting!

    Lovely prizes and exchange gifts too. I like the rainbow theme, clever idea.

  11. I am so gutted I could not attend, I wish I had now. Everything looks wonderful. xx

  12. Glad you all had a lovely time :)

  13. It looks like you had a lovely time. Love everyone's stitching :)

  14. Looks like another fab day and the venue looks nice and bright too. x

  15. What a lovely day! It looks like so much fun! Lots of lovely stitching! Congratulations on finishing Irish Garden!

  16. So glad you had a nice day xx

  17. Looks like you had a lovely day
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  18. Looks like you had a lovely day,lots of lovely bags exchanged and fab stitching xx

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your meeting. Everyone's stitching looks lovely.


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