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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Welcome March

Good morning blog readers... the sunshine is beaming in through my window this morning.  The month of March has certainly brought some nice weather with it.

Sunday was also a lovely sunny morning so DH and I decided to take a ride out and spend some time in the fresh air.

A lovely first sight as you pull into the car park.  Clear blue skies set off the scene of the boats on the water and children having fun in the secure play area. 

As you start your walk into the woodlands you come across a wooden pillar telling you about "The Little Grey Men"

...... it asks you to "follow the path to join the last gnomes of England on their exciting adventure" (obviously aimed at families with children but we decided we would have some fun and follow the path)

Baldmoney was the first gnome we encountered showing us the way ...

and on to read a little more about the gnomes story.....

past the gnarled trees...

and on through the woods reading the information boards about the various animals that live in the woodland and following the story of the gnomes.

After a lovely walk we arrived back close to the car park at the childrens play area where the carved wooden golden eagle stood regal and majestic.

Back to the car, and just in time, as it started to rain...

We sat for a while supping hot chocolate and reading our books whilst the showers passed over.   A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Time out in the fresh air had been perfect after my busy Saturday indoors.  It was the 'Have a go at crafting' day at the local community centre. 

We had a lovely display on show of work that the craftshare ladies had made...

and goodby bags for sale so people could try crafting at home for themselves and put into practice what they had learnt.

Lots of people came along to try the different crafts on show.  Two young university students sat with the knitting lady for 5 hours! They had never knitted before and were desperate to learn.  It was wonderful to see them beavering away and only taking a short break for a quick drink and bite to eat.  They left so excited with what they had achieved and will be coming along to join the Friday morning knitting group to learn more as they don't have any lessons that day.   Exactly what the day was about

Many more people enjoyed the day, a huge success, perhaps the organisers will arrange more in the future. I had great fun.

My usual SAL projects were out last week....

Irish Garden (UFO) had some attention, oh look another Smyrna inner border added to the top right!

A new start for Wednesday with Barb and her parlour maids.  I chose LHN Snow Bunnies this time.  I decided to stitch this over 1 on 28ct to make it a little smaller for my ornament this time.  The fabric is a piece from a Polstitches grab bag that I was gifted quite some time ago.

A new stitching start and its finished - Lizzie Kate Inspirational Boxer that I completed earlier this year had a free chart in with it.  A little stitch project called 'Love' with very pretty threads.  Not sure how to finish this one, so its sitting on the table awaiting inspiration.

I've been learning this past week myself.  Isabelle's pink cardigan was giving me some problems.  The knitted cable pattern up the front had some abbreviations I hadn't come across before  - it was the splitting of the vines up the pattern before for the bobbles.

Good old youtube showed me a video of 'how to' and in fact it showed me a couple of different ways to do it so i could choose which suited me and very soon I got the hang of it.   One front completed and I have to say I am very pleased with how its turned out.  

Reading is still happening at the beginning and end of each day and my list of books read this year is growing. I read on the Good Reads website about a book challenge for 2015 a while ago and the regular people who come along to the Book Borrowers on Tuesday afternoons have taken this challenge to heart so we are trying to complete the 50 books read this year.  You might see some strange and weird books appear on my list as I try and complete my challenge this year. 

I've just finished reading Callanish by William Horwood, that's about the sacred stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis and the golden eagle that is captured and eventually returns there.  Callanish is a place I would like to visit someday, so I can tick off another of the challenge questions "A book set somewhere you have wanted to visit".

I hope you are enjoying some wonderful times.  It's staying lighter just that little bit longer each day as we approach the spring equinox later this month, and we also change the clocks the last weekend of the month and our days will certainly seem longer then.  It's time to wave goodbye slowly to the dark short winter days and welcome the spring and new growth into our lives.

Love and blessings


  1. Your stitching and knitting look great. Glad to hear you had a good day with 'Have a go crafting' nice to see our crafts are still alive and relevant to the younger folk. Your walk looked good fun, well done you for missing the rain.

  2. Looks like a great walk Julie, Sunday was an absolute wash-out here so you were lucky to find some sunshine.

    I love Isabelle's cardigan, well done you for conquering the vine, lol You Tube is wonderful for helping out isn't it?
    The craft share looks great fun and makes it all worth while if you can pass a new skill on to younger people.

    Have a good week xx

  3. Your stitching is looking so lovely...
    Looks like a lovely sweet walk
    Big hugs x

  4. It's one of my favourite books, The Little Grey Men. Sharon bought it for me as an RAK after I whinged about my mum chucking all my books out.

    Lovely post as always. The craft day sounds amazing.

    I love the Irish Garden, but looking at my own Irish Garden, I do see some differences. Where are your geese lol?

  5. That's what Sundays are for, it looks like you and DH had a lovely time. Beautiful stitching and knitting :-)

  6. Oh what a pretty and relaxing Sunday. It is snowing presently.
    LK Love is so pretty.
    Your GD's sweater is fab!

  7. Lots of lovely stitching and knitting Julie. You Tube does come in very handy doesn't it!

    Lovely photos from your morning out.

  8. What a lovely day you had, I would have followed the path as well.
    The Craft sounds like it was a huge success.
    Well done on mastering the cardigans abbreviations.

  9. I am so impressed with the new pink cardigan for Isabella, Julie! She is such a lucky little girl to have a grandmother who knits so beautifully. And I love your new LK finish, too.

    The little gnome walk looks like fun and how nice that you're having more spring-like weather. We had six inches of snow on March 1st and are expecting six more tomorrow night... sigh!

  10. Getting out in the fresh air is so good, sitting in the car with hot chocolate sounds like a perfect finish to your morning. I think it's wonderful that your craft day inspired people. I feel as though being creative is getting more "press" these days as people realise the benefits. I find the internet an invaluable resource for knitting and crochet techniques. The cardigan's looking good - it takes me back to my childhood when I never wore a shop bought cardigan - my mum knitted every single one.

  11. Hi there Julie, what a lovely post, the walk with you made me giggle and I would love to do it for real ,right up my street. Well done on the Have a go day , it is great to pass on skills and it seems as if it was a great success. The Lizzie Kate finish is so pretty ,I love those colours. The favourite has to be Isabelles wonderful new cardi how lovely is that, she will pay you with hugs and kisses I am sure. Have a good week ,much love as per.

  12. It is nice to hear that the "have a go at crafting" day was a success! And, lovely photos of your walk on Sunday.

    And, as always, beautiful stitching and knitting!!

  13. Great stitching and knitting Julie, and how nice to have some young recruits for your group. My girls are happy to wear what I knit (so long as they've pre-approved the wool and pattern of course!) but I can't get either of them interested in learning to do it themselves

  14. Gorgeous knitting, and stitching. That walk looks wonderful, it nice to blow away the cobwebs
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  15. Lovely walk and beautiful stitching. Xx

  16. A lovely way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy nature. And thanks for taking us with you on the gnome path.
    THis cardigan for Isabella is getting more and more beautiful. That must be a very complicated pattern you are using on it - or at least it looks that way.

  17. What a great idea for a country walk, children always walk further without moaning if there is something to keep them occupied!
    The crafty sharing sounds like a great idea for getting people more involved. With the Internet there is no excuse for not learning new skills, as your cardigan demonstrated. It looks incredibly complicated to me but very pretty.

  18. Your cardigan is really pretty.I do admire anyone who can knit,have a garment at the end that fits ( my tension isall over the place) and does beautiful stitches too.

    A lovely walk and a great idea for a walking trail.
    A lovely crafting Fayre,sucha great way to introduce new comers to different crafts .

  19. Your stitching and knitting look great as always, Julie. I enjoyed reading about your Sunday walk.

  20. Sounds like a lovely place to take a walk...beautiful stitching and knitting.

  21. What beautiful pictures of your day out and all that green! We just got more snow overnight, winter is not going to end here!

    Congrats on the lovley LK finish and your Irish Garden... Wow!

    Great work Julie!


  22. What a great walk with the little grey men looked lovely.
    You have been so busy with all your stitching and knitting, Love all your work .

  23. Your walk sounded wonderful - we are hoping to get out for a decent walk on Saturday with Max.

    Fabulous stitching and a great day at your craft event - it's always great to see new people join in the fun.

    The cardigan is looking very pretty too.

  24. What a beautiful walk! It is impressive that it went from such a clear blue to raining just as you finished.

    I am glad your craft fair went well too. It's great you inspired two new knitters! And your knitting is fabulous too, thank goodness for the Internet to teach us some things!

  25. Isn't it wonderful to see the days getting longer again?! Soon we'll have some really warm days and I'm going to have to get out into the garden for some clean up!

  26. Lovely photos thanks for sharing them - I feel Spring is on its way xx

  27. It's always wonderful to take a walk and explore local areas. Your Irish Garden is coming along splendidly! Pretty little LK finish and your cable sweater is so darling!

  28. What a fun walk, I would have enjoyed the bit with the gnomes as well. Craft show sounds like it was well worth it, so glad to hear it converted a couple new knitters, we really need the younger generation to learn knitting, stitching, etc... to keep the crafts alive, for both us and them. Love your start of snow bunnies, it's going to look fantastic on that fabric, I'll enjoying seeing your next update.

  29. That hot choc!!!!!!! I have to admit that I was imagining drinking it while reading your post. Lol!!! Stitching looks great. Who's the designer of Irish Garden? The cardigan is gorgeous!! Great job on the bobbles!!! :D xox


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