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Monday, 16 March 2015

Mothers Day wishes

Here in the UK we celebrated Mothering Sunday yesterday, I hope all the UK mums had a wonderful day celebrating with those you hold dear. My thoughts were with those of you with angel mums and like me, angel children.

I had 2 beautiful cards...

and charms for my Pandora bracelet.   The outer covering on these chocolates made me smile :-)

The usual SAL's got some attention last week...

Irish Garden now has all the outer borders filled in with symrna stitches. Back to the concentration of the filling in and all the quarter and half stitches next time.

Parlour stitching is still LHN Snow Bunnies, the border added this week so just the little bunnies to arrived to complete it.

A knitting finish - Isabelle's cardigan is made up. A trip into town to source some buttons the correct colour is needed.

More prem baby hats for the charity knitting. Pink ones this time and these make my total 18 so far.

This week will see the equinox and spring will be upon us. The Craftshare will be changing the winter hanging at the community centre for a bright and colourful spring one. I've knitted up a couple of little sheep to add to it.

I have also finished off the Spring stitching SAL over at Needlecraft Haven, but no showing of that till the end of the month.

A quiet moment was spent last week inside the cathedral in our city. I felt the need for some quiet contemplation time.

In the past I have often sat inside the cathedral and been the only person there. Not so recently, there are people from all over the world interested in it.

The statue of Richard III has been re-sited just outside ....

and the visitors centre is often bustling with visitors...

I'm sure you all know the reason why as next Sunday, March 22nd (also my sons 30th birthday) will see the bones of Richard III arrive back into the City ready for his re-interment.   On Thursday 26th March a service will be held and the new tomb inside the cathedral will be revealed and the eyes of the world and the worlds media will be on our little St Martins church that has stood for so many years. DH's mum used to worship there as a child before it got cathedral status. I wonder if the atmosphere inside will be changed after Richard is placed there?

The book I've been reading this past couple of weeks was about a changed place.  Granada in Spain and during 1936 how the army coup led by General Franco shatters the countrys peaceful world with the Spanish Civil war and the devastation to familes at that time and for many years later.  A girl who lives through her dancing and what becomes of her.  Another good read by Victoria Hislop.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead with plenty of crafting time.

Love and blessings to you all


  1. Sounds as if you had a lovely Mother's Day.

    Your sheep are so cute.

    Quiet time is always nice - I enjoyed some myself today while out walking the dog.

  2. Happy Mother's day to you!! That's a great saying on the chocolates :D Beautiful progress on your stitching and that sweater is just so beautiful! I could see little Jemima Puddle Duck buttons on that sweater. Hmm, didn't know that Richard 3's bones weren't interned there. That should be quite the event. That book also looks like a great read. Hugs!

  3. Julie a lovely post as per usual. The stitching is lovely ,the knitting WOW, and sheep !!! too. Oh liked the chocolate wrapper made me smile. Yes it is a day for memories for me ,I no longer have my mum to visit but I feel she is near and must admit to a few tears being shed yesterday. Had a good day though and thanks for the info about Richard 111 ,how wonderful to live so close to that event, lots of people going I expect. Will be in touch soon sweetie, Take care ,hugs

  4. Lovely finish with the cardigan, sometimes matching buttons to a specific colour can be quite difficult - I hope you find a good match.
    Neat little hats, good for you.

  5. Aww happy Mother's Day dear..
    Sweet stitching..
    Big hugs x

  6. Happy Mother's Day Julie. Your stitching and knitting is wonderful as always.

  7. Happy Mother's Day Julie. Your stitching and knitting is wonderful as always.

  8. You had a wonderful Mother's Day. Good for you. The sweater is so adorable, good job.

  9. What beautiful cards... great excitement for the your city and Richard will be laid to rest at last. My degree was History (and Music) and I learnt that he was not the rotter he was made out to be, and that the princes in the tower were murdered by Henry V11!
    Your stitching is lovely and love those little sheep!
    Take care Julie
    Chris x

  10. Lovely post thanks for sharing your photos xx

  11. Lovely stitching and knitting Julie. The little sheep are adorable

  12. Isabelle's cardigan is lovely Julie, as is your stitching :-)

    I would have loved to witness Richard III re-burial but we already have plans the next 2 weekends, i will be watching on TV though. I've already told Mark that we need to visit Leicester so i can go to the cathedral, I'm a Richard III supporter, I don't believe all his bad press, :-)

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Lovely stitching and knitting--I love the color of Isabelle's new cardigan!

  14. Those little sheep are just so previous!! Lovely stitching and knitting & yummy looking chocolates :)

  15. Love your cards, I still get a hand made one from the Small Boy which is nice.
    Irish Garden is looking so good, I hope you stitched on it on the 17th?
    The Richard III story is fascinating, I'm glad it's brought some more tourists (and their money) to your cathedral.

  16. That is high praise indeed being told you are loved more than chocolate, Julie :) I'm glad you had a lovely Mothering Sunday, but I was sad to read about your angel child. I hadn't known that about you...

    Your pink preemie hats are so sweet and will be much appreciated. And the sweater for Isabelle is fabulous--I hope you can find that perfect button :)

    I hope "spring has sprung" in your area, Julie :) Enjoy your day!


  17. Lovely post Julie , so happy you had a good mothers day, for me bitter sweet too with my angel mom and daughter , but I did have a good day .
    A lovely gift from my oldest daughter and flowers from from DH.

    Love the Irish garden , and those lovely baby hats are so cute , I know you have a such a kind heart.

    Love the little cardigan pretty pink.
    Have a wonderful week hugs .

  18. Such nice cards and chocolates that you received for Mother's Day.

    Very nice progress that you show here on your stitchy projects. And wow, Isabelle's cardigan is finished and it is so beautiful.

    Now after seeing these lovely little sheep of yours I am curious to see the new spring wall hanging at your community center.

  19. Plenty of lovely stitching and knitting. Based on your recent read, if you haven't read it already, I think you might enjoy Guernica by Dave Boling.

  20. I love watching your garden develop!

  21. HiJulie so glad to have found your blog again, I used to blog years ago and have just started again. Beautiful stitching and knitting, the cardigan is gorgeous, and those sheep are adorable

  22. Lovely Mother's Day gifts Julie and lots of lovely stitching and knitting.

  23. Happy - late - Mother's Day! :)

  24. Julie-- such wonderful gifts for your special day-- it's so nice to be appreciated...

    The little cardigan is just gorgeous-- you've done a wonderful job on the knitting!! And that yarn is such a beautiful color!

    What an interesting story about King Richard-- how great that you've had a "front row" seat to all the happenings!!

    I've read that book too-- in fact I read the whole 3 part series-- loved them all:)


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