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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Farewell March

Here we are the final day of March, a quarter of the year has gone and we are now into spring.

March 20th the beginning of spring - which side are you on, does Spring start March 1st or are you in favour of the equinox as being the start of Spring?  This year we had another celebration March 20th as we had a partial eclipse to celebrate too.

DH was at home and we were out in the garden with our eyes covered.  We had glorious sunshine unlike many who had cloud cover.  DH took some nice shots with his various lens, but I like this one, very dramatic, you could be forgiven for thinking it was just a moon shot on a dark night!

DS celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday 22nd March.  We had family celebrations at home in the morning with cake and candles - you are never to big to be sung 'Happy Birthday' to.  He then went off to do stuff with his friends.  He's a keen pool/snooker player so i made him a snooker playing 30th birthday bunny.

As if we hadn't had enough excitement this weekend, we decided to head off into the city and try and see the Richard III procession.  We were extremely lucky and found a parking space just a couple of streets away - serendipity maybe?   We walked around the corner, stood for just half an hour and then the procession passed by right in front of us.


As it continued along the streets to the cathedral, we walked through the town to just behind the cathedral.  The bells were ringing and Richards coffin was being carried in.  The compline service was being shown on a big screen for all to see and we were handed a service sheet as a memento of the occasion. 

It was lovely to see and know that it was all being held just 100 yards behind you, a wonderful atmosphere and so many foreign visitors with all different languages being spoken as you stood there.

As people dispersed we walked back to the car past the front of the cathedral and DH took a pic of me.

We were saying that perhaps my granddaughter will study Richard a bit more at school as she grows and we will be able to tell her that we were there as part of the occasion, a little bit of history and show her the pics.

Monday 23rd was a day we had been looking forward to.  All the weekend excitement and now we were heading off for a few days along the Essex coast, somewhere we had never been for some much needed rest and relaxation time.

Miles of sandy beaches to walk along, hundreds of beach huts awaiting visitors in the warmer months ...

A little tai chi on the beach anyone ....

Plenty of spring colour in the flower gardens along the promenade....

Enjoying a cuppa and cake whilst looking out to see...

Thursday we woke to heavy rain so we stayed in during the morning and watched a bit more of the Richard III celebrations, the live re-burial service that was shown on the TV.

A little knitting whilst away and I made a pair of socks...
Arriving home after a lovely few days away, I filled a little glass jar with the sea glass we had collected on our beach walks, its a nice reminder of the lovely time we had and makes me smile when I look at it on my kitchen windowsill.

Snow Bunnies was finished before I was away so a new start for the LHN SAL this Wednesday with the parlour ladies.

The perfect buttons found for the pink cardigan, they cost nearly as much as the wool to knit it!

A little more charity knitting.  This months tally is 14 little hats, a little jacket and a 6" square.

So that's how my March has ended, busy, eventful and fun and finally the Spring wall hanging is up at the community centre to welcome the new season.

Wow that was a mammoth post full of pics, well done if you've got to the bottom it.   Many thanks for stopping by, I really do appreciate your visits here and the comments you leave.

Love and blessings to you all



  1. What a great post, Julie! I always love reading about the history of your area and seeing the lovely photos of beaches and such. The row of beach huts is so striking. I've never seen a beach hut in real life... It's funny that what locals take for granted others may be fascinated by :)

    I'm so in love with your newest bunny--I'm sure your son will treasure him, too. Happy 30th to him--his birthday is just the day after my oldest son's--a wonderful time of year to be born!

    Isabelle's sweater is so darling and I'm in awe at the amount of hats you have knitted for charity...

    Wishing you every happiness in April, Julie!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Such interesting photos--how great to be a part of the Richard III celebration. I love the socks--they are so colorful. That's a cute LHN finish. We are lucky if the weather warms up here in the Chicago area in April, so I am definitely on the Spring Doesn't Arrive Until the Equinox team!

  3. Oh my! You packed a lot in here Julie. I love the cardigan and sweet baby items. And the lovely spring color. So fantastic to take part in the burial.
    Never, ever too old for Happy Birthday. We get together at my mother's still for everyone's birthdays and sing and eat.;)
    Love your bunny! Ha!

  4. Well, now, you have been busy. Thank you for sharing your beach vacation with us.

  5. You have been busy! I love your Tai Chi on the beach. Did you get funny looks or did everyone pretend not to have noticed?!

  6. You have been busy love your craft work and the sea glass.

  7. A lovely blog with lots of news :-) your break away looks very relaxing with lots of crafty happenings too x

  8. Oooh we rarely see pictures of YOU! So lovely to see you on your blog!

    That snooker/pool bunny is just adorable!

    It looks like you had a lovely break.

  9. Lovely post Julie thanks for sharing your photos xx

  10. Gorgeous photos. I do love all your bunnies .
    It doesn't feel like Spring at the moment. Cold and windy with hail stones has been our order of the day . Hope you have a lovely Easter x

  11. Lovely blog post Julie,fab photo's.happy birthday DS and love his bunnie!

  12. I love the snooker bunny!
    How lucky to have been able to see Richard III's final journey in person

  13. So pleased your few days away gave you some more happy memories. We watched Richards burial on tv too and thought of you. I did not realise you were in the procession .
    ,I did send you an e mail just before it all happened,did you get it.Super knitting going on and the snooker bunny is just so perfect,all those teeny tiny knitteds just so sweet. Love the pic of you with the Cathedral.Hugs to you.

  14. You've been busy, Julie. Nice to read that you and DH had a relaxing break.

  15. What a great post , lots of wonderful Knitting and stitching. Hope you had a nice break big hugs .

  16. What a lovely busy time you have been having.

    The Birthday Bunny is so sweet, perfect for your son.
    It must have been very exciting to be a part of history, especially rewriting history to reflect what we now know about Richard III.
    Glad you enjoyed your break too, it looks lovely there.

  17. Ooh how neat. It seems to me as an over-the-puddler that seeing the Richard procession would be like out of a fairy tale. What a great memory.

    I love your sea glass bottle! I bet the pieces feel so nice too. And a great find on the perfect buttons. :D

    I'm in both camps of spring! Meteorological spring starts the first but I feel the most excited about the equinox. :)

  18. These pictures that you took during your days at the seaside are so beautiful. They make me want to leave and take a little trip myself, it's quite a while since I have been at a beach. But every beach is far from here, lol. A great region where you live.

    Oh my, what a lovely snooker playing bunny you made for your son's birthday. Gorgeous. Great socks and a wonderful cardigan for Isabelle. And yes, buttons can be so expensive. I'm always glad when I only need one or two for my stitchy finishes. A lovely spring wallhanging at your community center.

  19. What a lovely post! You have had a busy month too! Thank you for sharing the pictures of the procession!

  20. Happy belated birthday to your son. His little bunny is adorable. :)

    Man, those pink buttons are the PERFECT match! And bless you for doing all those bobbles. Bobbles are TRICKSY sometimes.

  21. Ops almost missed your post!

    You've had another busy and productive month, everything looks wonderful :-)

    Lucky you seeing Richard III re-burial
    i bet the town is still buzzing and of course it will help the tourist trade too. I've already told Mark that it's on our list of places to visit this summer!

    Have a great week xx


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