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Monday, 19 January 2015

Snow - Have you got it? Have you been stitching it? or reading about it?

Brrrr its turning chilly....

Have you got snow?

I see some of you have snow in the UK, hope you stay safe and warm and don't have to venture out in it.  It's predicted to come my way mid week.  A stack of wood for my open fire and the cupboards have plenty of food and I have lots to keep me occupied if it does arrive. 

Have to admit, it will be nice to see some winter weather as its been so mild, lets hope the drop in temperature kills the bugs and germs that seem to be still lingering with many friends and family.  Get well wishes being sent to those who are feeling poorly.

Reading about snow?

This weeks reading gave me food for thought, especially as it talks about being snowed in when living the middle of nowhere.

A Croft in the Hills by Katharine Stewart, first published in 1960 and now in its seventh reprint.

The true memoirs of Katharine, husband Jim and their little daughter Helen, a family of three.   They love the outdoors and spend all their spare time in the countryside.  When Jim's work takes him from the confines of the city to a small town in north Scotland they decide its time to 'go for it' and try and make a life of crofting.   They buy a small hill croft with land at Abriachan, high up and close to Loch Ness.  Katharine writes about their lives as they make new friends, fit into the community and how everyone respects and supports each other and how they learn about Highland lore.  Neighbours are few, but their generosity and the support for each other sees them through some very tough times and Jim does have to go and seek work elsewhere to help support them.  A tale of life in the wilderness and how you can live life to the full and enjoy all that nature has to offer when its on your doorstep, it just depends what happiness means to you and how you go about finding it for yourself.

A lovely book, something a little different and I'm glad that I was given it to read.

Saturday was a new experience, a new craft to try.  I went to a mosaic workshop for the day.  A flower bed has recently been upgraded at the community centre and there was space left for 4 paving slabs to be laid with a mosaic to be added to them.  Saturday was the day the tutor came along to give instruction and help us complete it.  A design was chosen, and we set about fitting the chipped tiles into place.  A bit like a jigsaw puzzle and very enjoyable.  The finish looks good but until its laid and revealed, unfortunately I cant show you the finish.  A fun day and something I would like to try again sometime perhaps.

I can show you what other stuff I've been crafting this week ...

Isabelle's cardigan now has 2 sleeves and almost a front -

Stitching snow?

LHN Winter Sampler, the stitchings finished -

The Happy New Year wall hanging at the community centre will be taken down soon and a winter themed one will take its place.  I've stitched a couple of children having a snowball fight as my contribution to it this time.  (see still on the snow theme lol)

My UFO/WIP Irish Garden got another border added at the weekend -

I've also finished the bookmark from the meet up exchange in November.  Posting for that is very soon. Once its been received I can share that with you.

Of course there is also the monthly challenge I've stitched, reveal for that is next Sunday...... which means we are going to be coming to the end of the month, and I've been stitching snowflakes on this too...... mines stitched, it just needs making up. Bet you can guess what i'll be doing this week.

I hope you have enjoyed a good week and that this coming week brings peace and tranquillity your way and maybe snow if you want it.

I came across this saying last week, it made me smile.   

Love and blessings to you all


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Yes, we have snow Julie, it's been lying since the weekend and today was so very cold. I love the red cardigan - so warm and cheery.

Kerryp77 said...

No snow here but very chilly. I've been stitching Olaf from frozen so snow for me too. You've made great progress on Irish Garden and I love the little LHN sampler. Have a good week.

Carol said...

I enjoyed your snowy post, Julie :) We've had very little snow here this entire winter, but the snow has remained on the ground for the past few weeks due to our extreme cold.

Lover seeing the cardigan grow--I'll bet Isabelle will look darling in it for Valentine's Day!

WendyCarole said...

Our snow is melting. The road was like an ice rink this morning and looks like it woll be tomorrow too.
Love your x stitch and the red card.

WendyCarole said...

I meant cardi lol the spell check changed it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

No snow, just a handful of sleet! Just as I wanted to go out to the Post Office too.
Can't wait to see your mosaic piece and the NH challenge.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Love everything you're working on Julie and looking forward to seeing your mosaic.

cucki said...

I love everything you are working on..
Big hugs x

Lesley said...

We had a bit of sleet at the weekend,no snow so far.Lovely knitting and you have a great variety of stitching on the go.

Vickie said...

Oh the cardigan is looking wonderful.
Ha! Love your snow contribution.
Keep warm now.

Angela P said...

The book sounds really interesting and I love the cardigan you are knitting too! Not much snow here just a few cm's covering the grass.

Linda said...

You have certainly been busy again with all your crafting. Great progress on the knitting. Well done on getting another border done.

It's always nice to try new crafts.

The book sounds really interesting. I'm reading a Kinsey Millhone mystery at the moment - still working my way through the alphabet.

No snow here - keep warm. x

Clare - Aimetu said...

Such a snowy post but thankfully not the real stuff yet. Your mosaic at the centre sounds great, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

Vickie said...

I wish we had some snow...I live in Arkansas and it was 70 degrees here today.

rosey175 said...

No snow here either. We had a bit of a dusting last week but it was gone before noon. There has been nothing to make ice cream from this season!

The cardigan is progressing nicely and I love the little snowball throwers, hah. They're adorable.

Christine said...

No snow here Julie, unless you count the snowflakes on the Jan challenge.
The cardi is coming on a treat and I look forward to seeing pics of the finished mosaic

Mii Stitch said...

Loved your snow themed post :)
Like you, it's planned to arrive mid-week for me. Not looking forward to it really, especially during a working week. I wouldn't mind during the weekend :)
Beautiful stitching and that book sounds like a great read!

butterfly said...

We don't have any snow here, but we are the last ones to get any .
We just have good old rain today .
Love your stitching and knitting , and thaks for telling us a little about the books you read I am starting to build a list up now ha.

butterfly said...

We don't have any snow here, but we are the last ones to get any .
We just have good old rain today .
Love your stitching and knitting , and thaks for telling us a little about the books you read I am starting to build a list up now ha.

Mary Ann said...

No snow where I live, and I am okay with that. : ) I did enjoy your "snowy" post! Lovely stitching and Isabelle's cardigan is coming along nicely!!

Kate said...

We have snow and anyone that wants it is more than welcome to it!
Your book sounds like an interesting read. Love the updates on all your projects.

Brigitte said...

There is twice a Yes to your questions - yes, there is snow up here where I live, sometimes a bit more up to 16" sometimes a bit less like today, up to 3" only. But what I like best is 0", lol. And yes, I have been stitching snow, lots of snow and lots of snowmen since the beginning of this year. I don't like snow but I like stitching snowy designs. And there is a No to the third question, in my book it's rainy but not snowy, lol.

Very nice progress on Isabelle's cardigan. And nice stitching on your project and on the snowy designs. Will you take a picture once all your children with snowballs will be featuring on that wall hanging?

Dani - tkdchick said...

I've got snow if you want it!!! Great snow finish!

Hazel said...

Yes we have had snow and in fact it is snowing right now as I look out of my window. I wonder if it will settle in the night or just go away. Love your projects and that book looks as if it is right up my street. Totally my kind of book. That is what I go to sleep dreaming of. x

Catherine said...

That book looks interesting, I'll have to check it out. Sweet stitches!

Maggie said...

Our snow disappeared as quickly as it came down last week, a few frosty mornings would be great, i'm fed-up of damp weather!

You will soon have Isabelle's cardigan finished, I love the colour, and those children having a snowball fight are just so cute!

Err you reminded me of the bookmark, I haven't even started mine, but it won't be stitched, (shhhh don't tell) I have another idea as i don't like stitching bookmarks :-O

Take care xx

Michelle said...

We had snow here in the Midlands but it went as soon as it arrived - love your projects xx

Mylene said...

No snow here on the island though other parts of Holland had some a few days ago.
Cardigan is looking lovely as all your stitching.

Parsley said...

Yep, we had snow. Then, it melted the same day. Very odd weather for us.

Sally said...

No snow here Julie although it is forecast for Thursday. That will probably change though as they can't forecast a day ahead and get it right!

I have been stitching snow though!

All your stitching and knitting looks lovely.

stitcherw said...

Your Irish Garden is so pretty, and the cardigan is coming along great. She's going to love it with it's bright fun coloring when it's finished. Yup, we have snow here, although not to much, so far we've been really lucky with the winter weather this year.