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Monday, 12 January 2015

How is your January shaping up?

Are you beavering away enthusiastically on all your projects?

There have been lots of blog posts with all the new things happening. The challenge in memory of Debbie, starting a new project each day, a lovely way to remember a much missed friend/blogger.  Jo's gifted gorgeousness year long SAL has been mentioned on a lot of blogs, ORTs are being saved to report that each month too. Some bloggers have returned to writing again after time away and it's been lovely to see all the new things that you are all working on. Some quick finishes and some older projects have come out to play too. 

This past week I've had a couple of new starts, a finish and something of a challenge too.

The finish ..... Lizzie Kate Inspirational Boxer.  I just need to make a final decision on the finish finish now the stitching is completed. 

A new start with knitting needles and wool. An aran cardigan for my granddaughter Isabelle. She specifically asked for a red cardigan this time.

The back is completed, aran does knit up so quickly!

A new start for the parlour stitching with Barb and the ladies at Needlecraft Haven on Wednesday evenings. You can choose a design by The Sampler Girl, Little House Needleworks or Country Cottage Needleworks.

I've had the winter ornaments from previous years JCS ornament magazines on my list for a long time so this year I've decided to do them.

This one is Winter Sampler by LHN from the 2009 edition.

UFO/WIP - this week saw another outer border added to Irish Garden.

The challenge was given out at the Craftshare Christmas party. We were all given a little handwrapped gift. Inside was a cotton bandana measuring approximately 22"(55cm)square. They were all different colours.   Mine was this beautiful blue and white.

You had to use the fabric to make something over the Christmas holidays.  You could do anything you wanted with it.

Last week was the first week back and there were some great ideas. One lady had cut hers into rectangles and added a border to serviettes. A small bag was made and a tissue box cover. A few ladies were absent due to this awful cough/cold germ thats doing the rounds so we will see theirs when they return.

I made mine into a drawstring bag. A simple finish, different on both sides.

Reading finish -  I was recommended the book The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke. I finished it this morning.

It's about 2 sisters who were born and brought up on the beaches of Cornwall. After their mother passes away they move to London but one is not happy and sets off on her travels across the globe with a life long friend. The other sister then receives a visit from the police to say Mia has taken her life and jumped off a cliff in Bali. The story follows Katie as she reads Mia's travel journal and retraces the last few months day by day through the journal and walks the exact same pathway, experiencing everything her sister did as she tries to come to terms with her sisters death. A good read, I enjoyed it.

Wishing you a week filled with lovely moments to treasure.

Blessings to you you all


  1. There are so many things to drool over out there in blogland aren't there Miss Julie and your blog is one. Love the red of the little Miss's cardigan, she will love that I am sure. Nice start on the parlour stitch and wow soon a finish for the new year ,that is lovely one I shall maybe have to think about . Have not read Sea Sisters ,let me know if you want Daughter. We will be in touch soon for sure. Hugs and love.

  2. That is a FANTASTIC LK finish. What a great pattern.
    Isabelle's sweater will be adorable.

  3. What a lovely finish Julie!!! I like what you did with the bandana so creative!

  4. Congrats on a lovely LK finish!

  5. Wonderful finish! The bandana bag is a so cute!
    Sounds like a pretty good book too.

  6. Lovely finish Julie and great new start on the sweater! I just learned to knit so every time I see someone knit something, I'm fascinated! Great little drawstring purse you made too...very creative use of the bandana!! I too see a lot of great posts out there...makes me feel like I need to get my act in gear this year!

  7. Love your L*K finish Julie.
    Nice start to Miss Isabelle''s cardigan and how creative are you with your bandana challenge - just fabulous!

  8. Lovely stitching, Lizzie Kate is always a favourite of mine to stitch. I read The Sea Sisters just last week too and really enjoyed it. I have also finished this week The Butterfly House by Marcia Preston which is equally good. x

  9. WOW! Love how you finished the bandana and such a lovely colour too. Congrats on the LK finish, it's beautiful. The book sounds good, will note the author's name for the future...

  10. Well done on your finish.

    The cardigan is going to look fabulous in the red.

    You've been very busy with your stitching - well done on getting another outer border stitched.

    Lovely drawstring bag too.

    Have a great week x

  11. Your stitching looks wonderful! Love the sack you made. Your book sounds great, I may have to check it out.

  12. Your year has started creatively. I love the red knitting and love the sweet bandana bag
    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. Lovely finiush on the LK Julie, and Isabelle's new cardi is looking lovely.
    What a fun idea with the bandanas

  14. A sweet LK stitching finish & great new start on the beautiful red knitting :)
    Love what you done with the bandana! What a difficult task :)

  15. Wonderful finishes--I love the drawstring bag!! And lovely progress on the cardigan, winter ornaments, and Irish Garden!

  16. Looks like your new year is off to a wonderful start, Julie, with all these pretty new projects. I love the LK finish--wonderful message and such pretty colors. And how sweet that little Isabelle picked red--perhaps you'll have it finished for Valentine's Day... I bet she'll look darling in her new sweater.

    Making the drawstring bag out of the bandanna was a great idea--both pretty and useful!

    Hope the rest of your year is as great as the first couple of weeks has been :)

  17. I like what you made from the fabric, I would have been at a loss. The LK finish looks good, it's a neat design. A red cardi will never go wrong, good choice, it goes with almost everything. Have a good week Julie.

  18. The LK is a very pretty stitch, I usually think of bright colors for those designs so it's nice to see a more peaceful sort of stitch. :D

    Love the color of your new little bag; that seems like a fun way to explore creativity.

  19. Love your Lizzie Kate piece Julie. Very pretty and a lovely saying.

    I am looking forward to seeing the ornaments in the parlour. I was very naughty and forgot last week. Slapped hand for me!

    Isabelle's cardigan is looking lovely. Aran does knit up very quickly doesn't it?

    Your drawstring bag is very pretty.

  20. Beautiful LK Stitching , Love what you made with the blue material .
    Have a fun week.

  21. I'm in love with the Lizzie Kate, it's beautiful. Great progress on Irish garden too.

  22. Congrats on your finish. I may have to put that LK on my wish list. Your bandana bag is very cute. Lovely start on your GD sweater.

  23. A lovely selection of starts and finishes.

  24. A really lovely finish and the book sounds just up my street:-)

  25. What a great January you are having with lots of stitching and knitting. That sweater will be gorgeous, and a great new stitchy start. LHN is always a lot of fun to stitch, no matter which design you choose. Good that you are working more on your Irish Garden. And you already have a finish to show.
    It must have been great to see all the creative things that the ladies were doing with their bandana. I love your little drawstring bag.

  26. Wow the LK design is so pretty. I love the gorgeous Irisg Garden. Thanks for the book recommendation too

  27. The LK design is one I need to stitch! So cute!

  28. Great post. I do love the enthusiasm everyone displays at the beginning of each year. Hopefully the SALs will encourage people to keep it up throughout the year!

    Lovely L*K finish and great progress on my current favourite Irsh Garden.


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