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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A week into 2015 already?

The start of a new year and as we all do, I've been thinking about trying to be more organised.

To plan my time better and be more productive and also make time to sit and relax and enjoy the simple things much more and hopefully get out and about breathing the fresh air and taking notice of nature and all it has to offer.

I was having a quiet  moment re-reading some pages in a book I was kindly sent last year by Barb.  A beautifully illustrated handwritten diary by Susan Branch.

It charts her trip from the USA to England for her 25th wedding anniversary aboard the Queen Mary 2 and all that she saw and did in England during her visit.  A thoroughly fabulous book and one I often delve into, the pictures and wording are so beautiful. 

I often think that perhaps I should try and do a journal of my year with little snippets of information, pictures, tickets etc from adventures.  Perhaps I will ....

This time I opened the page and there was a list - new rules it was titled, very apt for the start of a new year.  A great list of new rules, i had better look at this page more often and take note .....

If you get the opportunity to see a copy of this book I highly recommend it.

I've beavered away on DH's socks which I told you about last time and they are my first finish of 2015.  The wool is from West Yorkshire Spinners and is from Blue faced Leicester sheep, spun and dyed here in the UK in Yorkshire.  Nice soft wool to knit with.  My wool was purchased at the NEC and was on offer.

A perfect fit apparently and really keep your toes nice and cosy warm.
January 1st I had a break from the socks for the 'must do' new year new stitching start.  I'd had a Lizzie Kate Inspirational Boxer for Christmas from Kathy - no blog, but she does read mine, so thank you again Kathy for your kindness.
I really wanted to stitch it straight away.    Here's a little progress pic...
The weekend is UFO stitching time at Needlecraft Haven.  The only stipulation is that you make a little progress on a UFO you have sometime over the weekend.  So, seeing as i run the activity, i have to play nicely and show willing don't I?   Therefore, Irish Garden has also had some attention last weekend.  **was that a sigh of shock I heard, i know its been ages since I added a stitch to it**
The top outer brown border was added this time.  This outer row is as big as it gets, so perhaps i'll add the other 3 borders and it will inspire me to get them filled in and get it finished. 
A little reading still happening at the start and end of each day and I've finished a book this week too.  Cecilia Aherne always makes me smile when I read her books, they have a sense of magic about them.  The Time of My Life was my latest read, all about Lucy Silchester meeting 'her life' after a series of lies and untruths and being forced to work out what she wanted for herself in her life - it was her choice.
I hope the first week of the new year has been kind to you and you have settled back into your routines of school, work and such.   Of course, you'll have had plenty of crafting time too (i hope!).
Blessings to you all


Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely post Julie - enjoying the simple things in life is so important :-) much love x x

Heather said...

Hi Julie! I can't believe the first week is over already! It's been a lovely week for us. We celebrated our anniversary on Monday. :-)

Your socks are wonderful! I really want some of that yarn. A British Podcaster I follow has been knitting with it in the Wood Pigeon colourway. Is yours the Bullfinch colourway ? I'm hoping to find that they ship to the US and then order some for my birthday next month. :-)
I am declaring this the year of the sock for my knitting. :-)

Your stitching looks lovely! Sorry to ramble on! :-)

Have a great week!

Heather said...

P.S. I love that book! I need to pull it out and re-read it! :-)

Marlene jones said...

Happy New year, I have spent time thinking on my goals for this year, we simplified our lives last year, it was fun and so rewarding. In the next few post I will be sharing the path I choose to follow.

Sue said...

Love that page from the Susan Branch book Julie, I think I could easily follow that to do list. Love the socks and the UFO is coming along nicely. x

Vickie said...

I love your first finish of the year. I am jealous of your husband's growing sock collection!!
What a fantastic first stitch.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I always like to hear what other stitchers are reading and I love books I can "dip into". I'm going to take a look at this one, I think I would enjoy it.

Kerryp77 said...

Such true words. Irish garden is looking beautiful and I love the Lizzie Kate chart, great progress on that.

Mary Ann said...

Those socks do look like they would keep the toes warm! Irish Garden is looking wonderful!!

Mylene said...

Happy New Year Julie!

A very good start on the Lizzie Kate and Irish Garden is looking gorgeous!
I do started reading too since haven't had done much of it last year.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Awesome socks and great new start! The book looks interesting--I'll have to look for it.

Kate said...

I've not heard of that Susan Branch book but it sounds quite interesting.
Those socks look so cosy! Great NYD start - I would have liked to start a one that I have but couldn't locate stash supplies.

KC'sCourt! said...

The book looks interesting.
Love those socks
Julie xxxxxx

butterfly said...

Lovely post Julie , I love the simple thingings in life .
I aways make time in the day to watch the birds in the garden , taking time to walk into the garden even in the winter there is always something new to see.
Love the book Barb sent to you .
What wonderful socks and your stitching always looks beautiful,Hugs.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely post Julie!
The socks just look really comfy and warm and sweet new LK start :)

Maggie said...

Oooooh Julie i do like those socks!
I must make it my mission this year to lean how to knit a pair of socks!

I always think it would be quite nice to keep a journal too, to write down the happenings and thoughts of the day, Marks granddad always wrote a diary every day, he kept one all through the war too, I must remember to ask if i can read some of them sometime.

Love your new years start, you will soon have that one done :-)


Christine said...

Great start on the LK Julie and Irish Garden is looking gorgeous. I remain in awe of your sock knitting skills

Carol said...

I just love everything about Susan Branch's books, too, Julie--the tiny drawings, the font she writes in, the simple things that she calls attention to. After seeing your post just now, I immediately went and put a reserve in for it at the library. Can't wait to read it in person :)

Your new LK piece is so pretty--I also have that in my stash and was thinking about stitching it for my sister's wedding in July.

Love your fun new socks!! I am allergic to any sort of wool, but I imagine they do keep your feet nice and toasty :)

I hope you're staying warm over there... it's just frigid here in the States!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely post, Julie. It's so easy to lose sight of the joy that simple things can bring.

Melanie said...

I take issue with #6 "Don't complain about the weather.". It's Arctic cold here and the wind cuts like a knife. Surely I can complain about my ears being frozen off my body? lol
It looks like a lovely book. :)
SUPER great fit on the socks! Very impressive as I know from experience they don't always turn out that way even when you do your best at it.

Vickie said...

Love those rules and your stitching!!!!

Brigitte said...

Find the simple things in life is one of my rules too, and I try to follow it every day. And it's so easy - watching the birds in the garden, taking a short walk into the woods and things like these. They just make me happy.

I also started a sort of journal two years ago where I keep all sorts of snippets and pictures. All sorts of things that I don't want to throw away. It's fun.

You started a great new stitching project, and the socks for your DH are so beautiful with all the colours of the yarn.

Barb said...

Oh Miss Julie, Love the page of the book will have to go and look at mine now. I have got addicted to Susan Branch and have since bought Autumn ,a 2015 calendar and diary too . Perhaps I will share the calendar quotes on my blog hee hee.Loveeee the socks and you will get more orders for those I am sure. Not showing my DH lol. Nice new start too and Irish Garden is growing a treat. All in all a lovely post to read.Many hugs.

rosey175 said...

I had to LOL at the "Kiss Lovely Grass". I think I will stick to running around barefoot in it, ahaha! :D

The socks look great (and so warm, jealous!) and so does your stitching. Irish Garden has lovely colors.

Michelle said...

What a lovely post and I love the book xx

Chris said...

Hi Julie, thank you for your continued comments on my blog, it is lovely to read all of them. I keep a journal each year and this year I looked back at the first few days of January last year and I had more or less written the same things this year too! That book looks lovely and one I must buy although I had promised myself not to buy anything else this month, as December's credit card bill was rather hefty! But the book would be inspirational so I think is a must buy!
take care and yes sit and enjoy each day, look at nature and it will make your heart sing!
Chris x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The resolutions page from your book is great! Much more achievable than "Don't eat too many biscuits" and more fun too.
I belong to a local photography group on FB and they all post the most wonderful sunrises and sunsets photos plus a lot of the local wildlife so I don't even need to leave my armchair to admire nature LOL.

Nice progress on Irish Garden. I agree, if you can bear to stitch all the boring border get it done now and then enjoy the filling in!

Linda said...

Those socks look warm and toasty - well done on getting them completed so quickly.

The stitching is looking fabulous and it won't be long before you finish the Lizzie Kate.

Have a great week x