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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Time for the challenge reveal

We're coming to the end of the month and that means the last Sunday has passed by and the finish of the free online challenge design Christine chose for us to stitch in January can be revealed.

This time the chart was Happy New Year, something a little different from Gazette 94.

I made a card with mine .....

Burns Night has also been celebrated by Scottish friends. I've seen some fun celebrations on blogs.  We are not Scottish but when doing the weekly shop last week DH picked us up a treat so we could sample some Scottish fare on the night...

A bag of Scottish crisps made using Scottish potatoes lol not quite the same, but enjoyable!

The usual SAL's have been worked on this week...

Irish Garden has the final border added

A new start for the LHN and CCN SAL on Wednesday with Barb and the ladies at NH.  This time I chose Winters Eve by CCN from the 2006 JCS ornament magazine.

It was a lovely day on Sunday.  The RSPB annual garden birdwatch done DH and I decided we would have a ride out to somewhere we have not been before.  Breedon Priory often advertises in the local newspaper.  The advert states antiques shops, tea room, golf, garden centre and crafts and more.

I met the lovely Tracy who runs the wool shop, it's called Knittiquip.  She also has a facebook page and there are classes that run each week for crocheters, knitters, Tunisian crocheters and spinners.

I took a couple of pics of the lovely little shop to show you, just in case you are ever in the area, a lovely place to browse and Tracy is so friendly.

I didn't buy any wool, nothing I needed right now, but I did get 6 perfect buttons to finish off Isabelle's cardigan.  I'm still procrastinating the neck and front bands - I don't enjoy the picking up the stitches bit, but hopefully this week will see it finished now I have the buttons - no excuse for not completing it now is there?  

I also found this lovely Peter Rabbit mug and plate - hubby thought I'd bought it for Isabelle (granddaughter) but you know how I love a bunny, so I might just keep it myself.

We also had a visit to the church.  St Mary and St Hardulph sits high on Breedon hill, the site of an iron age hill fort looking out over the three neighbouring counties.

It's a very interesting church, anglo saxon and originally a monastery founded in 676.  It has carved alabaster tombs which are magnificent in memory of the Shirley family. There is important Saxon relief sculpture, some of which may be amongst the earliest to survive in England   You can read all about the church here.

A very nice trip out and something we really need to do more this year.

Time to review last weeks book.  Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd.  Did you read her first novel Thursdays in the Park - about a grandmother of 60 who finds love in the playground when taking her granddaughter to the park?  That was very good and this one is just as good.

Annie Delancey has a wonderful life, a successful cake making business, an accountant husband who adores her and three grown up children.   She harbours a secret from the children though, her husband has been aware but they are not.  Out of the blue a letter arrives from Social Services to say that her son that she gave up for adoption when she was only 18 - some 35 years ago, would like to get in touch.  The story follows what happens when Annie meets Daniel and how she has to find the right words to tell her children of her past.  How and why it happened and also time to tell the biological father too, he never knew.  Hilary Boyd has the knack of getting to grips with emotions that are felt and you are carried away with this story finding yourself at times when not reading the book thinking about what impact it would have on a close knit family if someone told you a secret like that and how would you react, would it alter your view of your parent and rock the foundations of your family.  Its one of those thought provoking books. A good read.

Finally, at the craftshare last week I tried a new to me craft - decoupage.   A little birthday gift was made, a glass covered in decoupage paper and silk flowers inserted around the bowl of the glass.  We made the cardboard bottom that it all stands on too.  A thoroughly enjoyable and fun evening and the end result is something quite different.

Wishing you all a week full of fun and happy times.  Stay safe those of you who are overseas and in the throws of the winter storm that's coming your way.  For us, there was no snow last week,  just a sprinkling that lasted all of a couple of hours and was soon gone.

Blessings to you all


  1. Lovely challenge piece Julie, and your glass is beautiful. Breedon is a lovely place to visit :-)

  2. Your challenge cardinal card is so pretty, Julie! And such nice progress on Irish Garden. It's funny, but I just pulled that little Winter's Eve chart last night! I have stitched it before, but gave it away so time to do one for myself :)

    The old church is fascinating to me--can't imagine anything that old!! Looks like a fun trip for you and your husband--and a bonus that you found the perfect red buttons for Isabelle's cardigan. Of course, you must keep the bunny themed mug and dish :)

    Hope this coming week is equally fun!

  3. Lovely stitching Julie. Must pop over to Breedon as it's not that far away from us, always on the lookout for new craft shops to look round xx

  4. I had never heard of Burns Night before. Interesting.
    What a fantastic day out. :)
    Love your mug and plate.
    How very interesting and pretty your new craft project turned out!

  5. Such a pretty card.We live 5 mins from a Monastery and it is no where near has pretty more like a prison though the church inside is nice.The Craftshare seems a nice place to learn so many different new crafts.

  6. A good idea to finish the challenge piece as a card and good progress on your other stitching and crafting. Wish I had had been with you on your day out - it looked like my kind of day.

  7. A lovely post with a sweet finished card, great stitching, cool trip and Scottish crisps :)

  8. Fantastic stitching as always. I have a soft spot for Peter Rabbit too...timeless and wonderful. I seem to have missed so much. Sorry. I kept meaning to ask you if you watched Agatha Raisin over Christmas and what you thought of it. I thought it was very good...better than I expected it would be and I admit it, I watched it twice! lol. Keep well and now I'm sorting out my work hours hopefully I will be around a bit more

  9. Love your stitched card , I must have a look and get this pattern I really like it.
    I love peter rabbit too and have a few items .
    I am a bunny fan too .
    What a great shop , lovely post Julie keep warm hugs.

  10. Your challenge card is beautiful and all your stitching projects are coming on really well.

    The wool shop looks lovely - well done on resisting buying anymore wool. Hopefully you will have those stitches picked up soon and the garment finished in no time.

  11. Lovely Challenge piece. I stitched that back in 2012, I'm sure it was a challenge piece then too?
    Looks like you had a lovely day out and some nice treats too.

  12. Cute stitches! I saw some Haggis flavoured crisps here the other day...not sure I want to try those!

  13. Lovely stitching, the challenge piece came out great.
    You must have great willpower to have resisted buying anything in that wool shop, lol it's looks like they have some great things.

    I read Thursday's in The Park and really enjoyed it, i shall look out for this one at the Library, thanks for the recommendation.

    Take care xx

  14. Lovely stitching--I love the card your made from the challenge piece!!

    It sounds like you and your DH had a lovely day out!

  15. Everything looks wonderful! I am going to add that book to my every growing TBR pile!

  16. What a pretty challenge design,it makes a perfect card.
    I like Peter Rabbit too. Youngerson ws given a Peter Rabbit dinner plate as gift years ago from an Aunt..he's 28 now and I have saved it for him in case he has child of his own:-)
    The book sounds like a good read and your trip out a good day.
    I do like your glass.

  17. Great challenge piece Julie and it looks like you had a lovely day out too

  18. You've been busy Julie! Lovely challenge finish (with berries!)
    I did the bird watch on Sunday. I stood there for an hour and didn't get a single bird in the garden. Not one. I think they were hiding in the hedge laughing at me

  19. Hello there Miss Julie, lovely post as per usual. The church you visited sounded very interesting. Love your challenge card , hanging my head in shame here as I didnt get mine done ,not even a stitch. The tablecloth really sets your pictures off. Great new start and the decoupage turned out well. Irish Garden is really moving along and looking fab-u-lous. Be in touch soon ,hugs and love.

  20. Lovely stitching finish, the knitting shop looks fabulous and so does your decoupage!

  21. Lovely finish Julie - oh my I would be in heaven in that shop its adorable xx

  22. Good to see your book reviews, I always check out books that other stitchers mention. How could you Julie - no haggis for Burns night:-)
    I sometimes enjoy days out more than I do a holiday away from home.

  23. Oo I might have to have a day out also! he he
    Lovely stitching Julie xx

  24. Beautiful challenge piece, I like the little berry sequins! I think that yarn shop looks wonderful to poke around in but I love that old church the best! I love old places. :)

  25. Love seeing your Irish Garden updates, Julie! One day I'll pull that kit out of my stash and give it a go. :D

  26. Great job on the card, I'm still enjoying watching your card develop.

  27. Lovely update Julie. Super challenge finish and I love your craftshare make.

  28. Nice card. Your trip sounds lovely, nothing quite as interesting here to visit.

  29. Oh what lovely stitching! And look at all of that yarn!!!

  30. Julie, your New Year's card turned out so beautiful. It's a wonderful pattern by Gazette and I have to go to her blog and look for it. I love designs with cardinals and haven't seen this one before. Nice progress on the Irish Garden and also a nice new start.

    You seem to have spent a great day out. Great pictures of the knitting shop and although I don't knit I would have visited it as well. Craft shops just attract me like magnets, not matter what craft it is. And you never know, maybe one day you will be introduced to something completely new and you like it. Just like you were doing that lovely glas.

    I love your Peter Rabbit set, it reminds me of the Beatrix Potter movie that I haven't watched for quite a while. Maybe I'll watch it today while stitching.

  31. Very nice challenge piece!
    The bunny pieces would be hard for me to give as well. They are awesome. :)


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