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Monday, 29 September 2014

September - you came and went ....

It's been a busy time here this past month.

The horticultural show went really well.  Over 300 entries this year and a good day had by all.

The Best in Show sampler was won by one of my cross stitching friends.  Lesley is a senior lady who stitches a lot of photostitch projects to give as gifts to family and friends - you know the thing, a chart is made of a photograph and then you stitch the picture onto the fabric using threads.  She has coveted the cup and sampler for a long time and finally was this years winner.  We were so busy we only managed a few pictures of the hall after the judging before the public were allowed in and for some reason there are no close up pics of the entries this year - someone forgot!  
The library is moving forward and the self service machine was due to be installed today at the Community Centre ready for the grand opening later in October.  The Book Borrowers have been having a photographic course with a college tutor for the past 3 meetings so the graphic panels that will adorn the new bookshelves will have our photographs attached of local points of interest.  Strange how you take so much of your local environment for granted till new eyes come along and point out things that they find interesting and you see it in a different perspective. 
A book that kept my interest this month was Barbara Erskine's latest, The Darkest Hour.  A lovely read.  My copy was a gift from Barb for my birthday earlier this year.  Thanks Barb, i really enjoyed reading about Evie and her family and their connection to the Battle of Britain.
I've still been going to my tai chi class twice a week.  Good for the mind and the body.  Although this past week i didn't get there as i was on holiday in Wales for the week. 
A caravan in the mountains ......
but this close to the beach as well ....wonderful!

The weather was very kind to us, warm and lovely most of the time, a little cool in the evenings.
 Hubby got his train fix not once but twice ....

and one day it rained but we still had another little train ride.....

There was a reason for all this train riding and not much walking on this holiday, I've not been so good in the couple of weeks before we went, i thought i was just tired as I'd been so busy.   Check ups with the doctor revealed that there might be a little problem with my heart.  This week I'm waiting for a phone call for some further investigations at the hospital to check it out more.  I was allowed to go away with some meds and very strict instructions to take it easy and rest and what better way than sitting on a train and taking in the scenery for a lot of the time.
Cardigan Bay looks out over the sea to the most beautiful sunset, each evening we sat admiring its beauty ......

before the short walk back to the caravan for a restful evening, hubby with his book and me stitching a little.
I took with me Santa Village number 11, Elves Workshop and its now completed.  That just leaves one more to go.
I'd finished CCN Silent Night just before i went away .....
Sally passed this chart on to me after she had received it from Barb.  I'm under instructions to pass it on to another blogger who would like to stitch it and then pass it on themselves.  So if you would like to receive Silent Night to stitch and pass on again, please leave a note in your comment and i'll draw a name next Sunday if more than one person wants it. 
Sunday was the reveal for the challenge at Needlecraft Haven.  Christine chose this lovely little design from The Little Shop Around the Corner for September.   My finish was a quick one, just a bit of evenweave band folded over at the back, sewn together and joined down the sides with a ribbon hanger, a quick finish but in time for the reveal even with a busy month.
A week of no internet and my blog reader is bursting with things you've all been up to and there's lot to catch up with at home as well, hospital visits and energy levels permitting.  There might be some of your posts that don't get a comment whilst i catch up a little, so please bear with me. 
Thanks for stopping by, see you all next month!


  1. Yip so true September came so fast and just disappears ...sweet stitching my dear..
    Lovely photos..
    Big hugs xx

  2. September flew by for me too! I'm so sorry to hear that you are having health issues. I will be praying for you and thinking about you !

    Your holiday looked lovely! Wales is definitely on my must visit list. :-)

    Your stitching is lovely! I would love a chance to stitch the silent night pattern! !

    I am glad that your flower show went well!

    Love, Heather

  3. The show looks great - you & Paul work so hard for it.

    Glad you enjoyed the caravan, scenery is always stunning whatever the weather.

  4. Looks like the show went really well Julie, and the holiday looked lovely and relaxing.
    Great stitching, I love the simple finish for the challenge, how odd that they were both Silent Night pieces

  5. Not just September, the whole year is just a blurr, lovely photo's we are off to Wales this weekend.
    Hope you are keeping good.

  6. A great show, and how sweet that one of your cross stitching friends won the Best of Show sampler that you stitched.

    Some lovely pictures from your vacation in Wales - and what would holidays in Wales be without some train rides.

    I love the ornament you stitched on that linen band. A very good idea idea indeed. I have to think of all my linen bands when I decide to stitch a small ornamnet again.

    I hope you will soon feel better and that the doctors at the hospital will find the perfect treatment for you.

  7. Fabulous stitching and YES you hit the nail on the head with the title of this post. Where is the time going?

    So interesting that you practicing Tai Chi--I would love to take classes on this but alas only tons of Yoga classes near me so that's what I practice most days.

  8. You did have a busy month, Julie! I loved seeing the photos of the show and your Wales' holiday photos. You had quite a few lovely finishes for such a busy month!! And, I hope the doctors get you to feeling better soon. ((hugs))

  9. I love going to Wales, the site you stayed on looks ideal. I'm sorry you've been under the weather Julie, I hope they get to the bottom of it soon and decide on the best way forward. Take care.

  10. Oh, dear... I'm so sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your heart, Julie. I hope they can figure out the best course of treatment/management so you'll regain your energy. How nice that you got to get away and relax in Wales.

    So glad the show went well and that one of your friends won Best in Show! Love your finishes, too--keep on stitching! That is surely a way to keep calm.

    Take care now and know we're all hoping for the best for you...

  11. Julie your show looked great much bigger than our one.
    Sorry to hear you are not to well .
    Hope you will feel better soon.
    Love all your stitching .
    Looked a great holiday .
    Sending you big hugs.

  12. I love reading about your community, the shows, the library and the book club. It must be amazing to be a part of such a wonderful place. The holiday photos look amazing..I hope you got some rest. I am sorry to hear you have to have medical checks but will keep my fingers crossed it is nothing serious and something easily fixed xx Sending you soft, squishy hugs friend xx

  13. I was wondering where you were as I stopped by your blog the other day, I hope you are okay and taking it easy xx

  14. So eager to post I didn't finish what I was going to say, I think one year I will have to see what these shows are all about. Lovely finish on the Silent Night.
    Congrats to your friend winning the fab prize xx
    Okay I think I am done this time xx

  15. Hi Julie,
    Your break away for a week looked lovely, glad you had nice weather, Wales can have sunshine some days! I hope your heart problem will be sorted for you, take it easy and rest. Best thing to do is stitch, it takes so little effort and yours is beautiful. Loved the Silent Night. And wow your Autumn Show looked impressive and great it was your friend who won the stitching.
    Have you tried any more quilting?
    Be well Julie,
    Love and Blessings
    Chris xxx

  16. Seems like you had a busy month. The show looks great, maybe you can get a belated photo of the winning piece? At least it wasn't you this year!

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, take it easy and stitch lots; it's very therapeutic!

    I will pass on the CCN, it's a sweet design but I would want to do the same as you and it might take some time to get to it LOL

  17. Congrats to your friend for winning your piece. I'm sure she will treasure it.
    Good thoughts for your tests and results. *hugs*


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