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Monday, 8 September 2014

Just a stitch or two

Hello blog readers ....

Still not a lot of craft happening here. There are so many others things taking my attention at the moment.  This coming weekend its the Horticultural Show and then i'll be away for a little holiday.  

Also, the new library service is coming to the community centre mid October so that's been taking up a lot of time with preparation and organising of that. The Book Borrowers will still run as normal, but slightly different to how its been since I started it over 2 years ago...time for change, I hope it works well after all the hard work that's gone into it.

The reveal for the August  challenge was the last Sunday in August, mine was a little late. A quick stitch free design chosen by Christine from Woollen Sails.  I cheated and used a white fabric so i didn't have to stitch the snowman, just his outline and then did a quick simple finish too! 
A little progress on Silent Night, the church is now all stitched since I took this pic - I had planned to blog last week, but time escaped me and I've not got round to taking another update pic.  I'm using aida to stitch this as I had the perfect grey in my stash and didn't want to order fabric when it wasn't needed plus I have an idea for finishing it that might need the added stiffness of the fabric.

Half a little flower border added to Irish Garden.  Of course, last night saw the launch show of this years Strictly Come Dancing, so Strictly UFO stitching will be happening again in 3 weeks time when the show starts and continue each week up till Christmas.  Lots of ladies will be joining in with this to make progress on their forgotten projects whilst watching the glitz and glamour of the show each weekend.  Stitching something you don't enjoy so much doesn't seem half so bad when watching and humming along to this lively show.  Perhaps you would like to give it a go too? 
A little lavender stuffed owl was the Craftshare project.  A fun evening, mine turned into a little girlie owl ...... she's going to be a little extra gift for a friend who has a birthday later this month.

September and the start of the new school year.  My granddaughter Isabelle will start in the pre-school nursery now she is three and a half.  It certainly brought a tear to my eye when she came to show me her new school uniform.   How time flies ......
A couple of things to look forward to as the autumn moves in.  The Craftshare group are off on a bus trip, we're going to the Hobbycraft Show in November and there's a stitchers meet up being organised too. 
Thanks to those who still come to visit even though I've not had a lot to show you over the summer months.  I do appreciate your visits.
Time for me to have a blog read catch up session and see what you've all being doing this past week or so.
Till the next time ....


  1. I like the crispness of Silent Night on the aida. Which count did you use? I have that in my stash to start as well. : )


  2. They grow up far to fast, but they all love their new school uniform.

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  4. I love your snowman ornament, it's very cute! Your other stitching is looking very nice too!

    Your little granddaughter is so adorable! :-)
    They do grow up way too quickly!

    I hope that your book club changes go smoothly! :-)

  5. Isabelle is positively darling. :)

  6. Little ones grow up so quickly - Isabelle looks so neat in her uniform. I enjoy your blog posts no matter what you've been working on Julie. I couldn't possible stitch or knit with Strictly on - I am glued to the screen so that I don't miss a moment of dance or costume - I love it all.

  7. Lovely Monthly Challenge Julie - and doesn't Isabelle look gorgeous (and so grown up)

  8. Nice to read your post today. Nice stitching and what a cute owl.

  9. Wow I can't believe how big your granddaughter has gotten!!! I swear you were just knitting wee things for her yesterday!

    Cute little ornament! Hope you find crafty time soon!

  10. The CCN piece is lovely, their designs are so appealing.

    Your cheating snowman looks good too. I'm not a fan of stitching snowmen because of all the white! Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book.

    And look at your baby girl, she's too young for school LOL

  11. Aww she looks so pretty and grown up, they grow up so quickly nowadays. My youngest grandson is 13 this December it's gone so quickly. The eldest grandson is making up great grandparents in January, cant wait it's so long since I had a baby in my arms.
    Your stitching is beautiful as always.

    Peg x

  12. Your Granddaughter looks so lovely!
    A lovely finish and great wips too (:

  13. Lovely Sweet stitching my dear..
    and Isabelle look gorgeous and so sweet xx

  14. Gorgeous post; I thought there was plenty to see! I love the snowman. It isnt cheating: it's being creative! Rosy Hope has her ribbon back on and she has been told off. Good luck with the library and wow, your grandaughter looks beautiful. They do indeed grow up far too quickly

  15. A very cute snowman ornament and WIPś are looking beautiful.
    Lovely picture of your granddaughter.

  16. Your stitching is coming along nicely.

    I love Strictly too - loved the show on Sunday and am really looking forward to the new series starting.

    Your grand daughter looks so sweet in her uniform. Logan starts pre-school this week too.

  17. Lovely challenge finish Julie.
    Miss Isabelle looks very grown up in her uniform.
    Hope the show goes well

  18. Lovely challenge finish Julie.
    Miss Isabelle looks very grown up in her uniform.
    Hope the show goes well

  19. Beautiful stitching and what a darling purple owl you made!

  20. Your snowman ornament is adorable Julie. Love your progress on Silent Night and Irish Garden.

    Isabelle looks so grown up in her uniform. Can't believe she's starting pre school.

  21. Oh my goodness, look at Isabelle in her uniform! I can't believe she is 3 1/2, where did that time go? I'm not surprised you cried, she looks so lovely, and grown up!

    I love 'Silent Night', when I (eventually), get back into stitching I will definitely be doing this one!

    Love the little owl too, cute :-)

    Have a good holiday

  22. How darling Isabelle looks, Julie--they do grow up too quickly! I still remember reading about her birth on your blog--hard to believe she is now 3 1/2!!

    Your newest ornament is so cute--good idea with the outlining and the owl will make a great gift.

    I have stitched very little this summer, too--just too much going on. I hope we both get more creative time this winter!

  23. He is a cute little snowman. Can't tell you 'cheated' at all.

    Isabella is sooooo big! She looks darling.

    Have fun on your holiday! :)

  24. So nice to see this little snowman ornament. Oh how clever to use the white fabric :) And you made some lovely progress on your WIPs.

    I'm already very curious to learn ore about the changes that you will make to your book borrowers club. I wish I had a book club here.

    Beautiful picture of Isabelle. You can see how proud she is to wear her uniform.

  25. Love the Snowman and the Owl too! Hope you find more time for crafting soon :)

  26. OMW how cute is Isabelle in her uniform - no wonder she induced tears!
    Lovely update Julie, hope the horticultural show went well. Enjoy your holiday.

  27. three and a half already Where has the time gone??


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