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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The first blog post in August...

Oh dear, what's happened? How can we be so far into August and I haven't blogged anything?  Time has ran away with me this month.

No excuses, there aren't any, just life in general, family times, work and sleeping!

I have done a little crafting, not a lot though and I've been reading too.

Finally stitched up the July challenge free chart that Christine chooses for us.  Only 3 weeks too late for the reveal date :-(

I had a new frame but when I unwrapped it for another project the glass was cracked inside.  I thought this design would make a perfect little Christmas stocking filler gift and padded the background to make it stand out in the frame.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and have used up an otherwise redundant frame.

The sampler I stitch for winner of the Best in Show entry into our local Horticultural and Craft Show is now completed.  Just need to find a nice frame ready for our show on September 13th. 
Thanks Jo for the heads up on this chart, it has turned out really pretty.   
Tricia, one of my Book Borrowers celebrates her birthday today.  This little pincushion pillow was stitched and made up, an old Lizzie Kate free design.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tricia, have a lovely day   *she does pop along and read my blog, and visit some of you too*
The Craftshare group is as busy as ever with lots of new skills being learned each week. 
I needed a new crochet hook holder, the plastic one that they arrived in when new was just not up to the job.  I created this new one from some vintage fabric....

and it rolls up lovely to fit into my workbox or crafting bag....

A few ladies had a try at learning other skills too last week.  We were given a pack with all supplies inside ready to make a book cover.  Applique, embroidery and more sewing machine practice - mine could have done with being a little bit more snug on the book, but not a bad attempt and we had fun putting them together, they were all so different.
The whole group has made another wall hanging to celebrate Summer, this now hangs in the lounge of the community centre as the poppies we made for the WWI celebrations have a new home.
The organisers of the group planned what individual things they thought would depict a nice summer scene and bring a touch of colour to the room.  Small pieces of paper were folded into a little bag and each member drew one out with an item written on it that you had to make and attach to make up a seaside picture.
I drew out the word 'deckchair' and decided on plastic canvas to stitch mine onto to give it a bit more rigidity.  A quick easy stitch lol.
The final hanging looks like this .....  the plane is pulling the banner "Here Comes Summer"
Can you find my deckchair?
There are lots of blogs I read that have been quieter over the summer months, I hope you have all been enjoying yourselves in the garden, having outings or away on your summer holidays.  The weather seems to be turning a little cooler recently so I expect you'll all be back to crafting as the autumnal days draw closer.
My brother recently had a day out and went off to visit Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey.  He brought me a little gift......
He sent me a surprise text on my phone with a picture saying he was having tea on the lawn with Lady Ann (his wife lol), unfortunately not served by Carson!  I didn't know he had plans to visit there.  He said it was an amazing place to visit and now as they watch the new series when its aired will have more idea of the wonderful surroundings.
I've still got a little holiday to have next month, i'm looking forward to that.
Happy crafting!
*****Edited *****Thank you Carm for your comment.  You asked for the link to the cardinal free chart, unfortunately you have left no way to contact you direct so I am adding it here for you. 


  1. Gorgeous post, really enjoyed it. I am so envious of your wonderful community: you all seem to do so many different things xx

  2. There you are! Very, very nice. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. :)

  3. You have been busy. Nice stitching.

  4. Just drove past Highclere on A34 on way home with daughter, we both agreed we must visit, if only for the photo of us out side the house. Love your stitching. August is rushing by, soon be Christmas again.

  5. Beautiful stitching..
    Sweet hugs x

  6. One post, but a lot of work! Everything is so beautiful!

  7. You're always so busy being creative and productive Julie, well done. I've been in the doldrums with blogging for a while now - I often feel that if I don't have anything finished or almost finished then I am reluctant to post.

  8. All your stitching finishes are so lovely! Love your little crochet hook holder--very practical and pretty, too. I would love to visit Highclere Castle one day. Here in the US, we will be waiting impatiently until January to see the next season of Downton.

  9. Great post Julie! Looks like you have been keeping busy! I love your crochet hook roll. Great idea!

  10. Wow Julie you have been busy I love how you framed your Christmas stitching , I will have to try that one.
    Hope you are having a nice summer .
    Wishing you a great day.

  11. You've been busy Julie. I love the challenge finish.
    Great sampler for the best in show too

  12. Would love to have the July free chart I love cardinals. You did a great job on it!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't posted this month! I love your little framed finish so creative! Lots of great stitching!!!

    Hope you had a great summer!

  14. I love everything! You've been very busy :)

  15. WOW!!
    You have been so busy!
    I really love everything you have done, yes everything!!
    Smiles :)

  16. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is beautiful, such lovely finishes.
    Have a good weekend (:

  17. You have made some lovely pieces and made good use of the frame.
    Enjoy you hols next month.

  18. Beautiful Christmas finish Julie! I like how you used fabric for the background. Lovely finishes all around and how great to learn new skills from the Craftshare group. That crochet hook holder looks very handy! Oooh is that a cross stitched Downton? So neat!!

  19. I'm the same as you, Julie--here is is the last week in August and I STILL have not posted even once! Just too much going on...

    I love your little heart finish--what a great way to finish it off in the frame with the padding. The Best of Show piece will be such a treasure to the future winner--you are so sweet to stitch one each year :)

    The beach scene is so cute--we just returned from our annual beach vacation and that looks very familiar!

    Enjoy the rest of August, Julie--it sure is speeding by!

  20. You seem to be member of a wonderful and active group. This wallhanging dedicated to summer is a beautiful piece with so many different contributions.

    Such a creative idea for the frame. The little heart looks like made for it. And your Best in Show stitching is gorgeous as every year. A really great idea.

    Have a nice rest of August.

  21. You have been busy Julie. Lots of lovely creations. The challenge finish is so pretty.

    Love the wallhanging!

  22. You've done a great job of finishing the Haven challenge piece. What did you use for padding?

    The Summer wallhanging looks great too. It would be a nice idea for a RR type project keeping postage costs down!

    The Best in Show looks fantastic, whoever wins will be very pleased with that prize.

  23. You have been so busy again Julie, and everything looks wonderful :-)
    I see you are getting lots of practice on your machine with great results :-)

    Have a great September!

  24. I am happy to hear you are busy as usual, I have attempted to blog occasionally, but life gets in the way lol


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