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Thursday, 31 July 2014

July ....

Dear July, you came and went in a blur of fun happy times spent with friends and family. 

What a busy month its been since I last posted, computer time has just not happened this month.  It's my birthday month and there have been lots of other things happening too.

A month of beautiful sunshine for the most part. The local station looked so lovely as i waited for a train to meet a friend for an early birthday lunch last week.....

with the odd stormy weather thrown in to surprise us, some getting more than others here in the UK.

A visit to the theatre with the Book Borrowers to see A Midsummer Nights Dream, a wonderful performance, loved by all.  Meetings with the powers that be about the new library service that will definitely be coming and should be all up and running in October, changes afoot for all.
For the World War I centenary, the Craftshare group have made a wall hanging for the Community Centre.  Everyone took part.....

I was asked to chart and stitch the 4 famous lines from the poem The Fallen by Laurence Binyon
We tried our hand at glass painting too, the poppy seemed a good idea .....
very effective when the candle is lit ....

A long weekend at the seaside spent with family...

It was the weekend of the supermoon.  11pm and the moon was so bright, it looked so close as if you could reach out and touch it....

Family gatherings at home, they arrived bearing flowers ....
and I baked some cakes.....
Workmen were here for 3 days, that caused some disruption but I now have a lovely new replacement conservatory to sit in ....
A gift arrived in the post from Jacqui.  She's such a happy lady, she's sent smiles to lots of us, thank you Jacqui its beautiful.  Pop over to Jacquis and see what other crafting she is having a go at, there's always something lovely to read and see.
A little blip, and I was in the hospital having xrays on an old ankle injury.  Much better now after some rest and taking care, but not back to normal - it never will be, but for a while it looked like it might be worse.... phew!  Monitor the situation they said.
Paper flower making at the Crafshare, something else new to try ...
and a bit of ribbon weaving, I used mine for the background of a fun card ....
Last week was an exciting whole day.  6 hours of learning patchwork and quilting at a beginners class.  Having recently got a new sewing machine, it was wonderful.  Look what I made in that time -
A disappearing 9 patch, cut once and made into a cushion, you could cut more times but the fabric that was in my pack would have not showed the fruits if I had.
and 2 patchwork squares.....

It's very addictive, do I need another hobby??
Just a little stitching since last blog post, a finish on Gingerbread Emporium ....
and I was asked to stitch a card by our local councillor for the family of a well respected member of the community centre who sadly lost his battle with the big 'c'.  She didn't want a sympathy card, but asked for these words to be stitched onto it.... "The joyfulness of knowing you" and she was to write some poetic words herself inside that she had penned for the family. 
Yesterday was my birthday, a lovely end to a lovely month.  A full day filled with happiness, love and laughter, spent with family and friends.  Lovely flowers from my DH, and wonderful gifts received too.

From Maggie, Barb and Clare...

From Sally, Angi, Kathy, Christine and Fi
Trish from the Craftshare hand crocheted me this wonderful set of coasters I just had to share with you.  I need to learn to do this!

In the evening DH and I enjoyed some quiet time in the countryside with a lovely picnic ....

Bosworth Water Park, a short drive away from home...

the swans were gracefully swimming ....
we watched Mrs Duck and her babies .....

We sat and read awhile, soaked up the evening sunshine, had a lovely walk around the lake, there were lots of families with the same idea on a lovely summers evening and lots of children playing in the play area and in the sand and water. Happy times in the sunshine for them all.
Soon the sun was going down and it was time to head home....
Thank you to all who sent cards, gifts and messages to help celebrate my birthday, I felt very spoiled indeed.
Tomorrow will see us head into August, I wonder what that will bring my way.  Whatever it does, i'll embrace and perhaps I might just get a bit more stitching and crafting done.  You know I really do have to set too with the best in show sampler, there's only the first 4 letters done so far and September will be here before I know it the rate this year is moving along. 
I hope July was a good month for you too and it held happy memories of long summer days spent enjoying yourselves, although I do know some that have had quite difficult times and send you love and {hugs} as you walk along that pathway.
Thanks for stopping by, see you next month!


  1. WOW WOW and WOW!!
    Gosh when you look back on the month like you have I think its brilliant :)
    A fun month by all accounts...oooh apart from when you were having x-rays.. hope all is well now though :)
    Smiles :)

  2. A lovely month full of good things Julie. The old fashioned train station takes me back in time. Your conservatory looks a lovely place to sit and craft. I hope August is as good a month for you.

  3. A lovely birthday month filled with some lovely new crafts - your patchwork looks great. I'm so pleased to see the conservatory all up looking lovely.

    Happy birthday x x

  4. Gorgeous post! Some lovely photographs there, sounds like you had a busy and fun month. I love your new conservatory! And that lovely cushion too. I usually read your blog from my phone but am on the computer tonight and have fallen in love with your Janie Mouse header!

  5. Belated birthday wishes - what a lovely way to spend your day.

    You have certainly had a busy month, your cakes look delicious and your stitching beautiful and neat.

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful August and no more problems with your ankle.

  6. So glad your birthday month was beautiful! I will gladly accept that love and those hugs at this time.♥

  7. Wow everything is just so cute..
    A month full of blessings and sweet stitches..
    Big hugs xx

  8. Busy month Julie! Your patchwork looks beautiful

  9. Wow what a lovely busy post.
    Love all your stitching and crafts .
    Love your gifts and photos.
    Late Birthday wishes to you hope you had a fab time.
    Looks like you have a new place to stitch.
    Wishing you a happy day.

  10. What a busy month you have had Julie, and so much fun too!

    Your patchwork cushion looks lovely. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do - I should really join a patchwork and quilting class one day!

  11. definitely a month to remember Julie. Love your photos and happy birthday,if a little late :)

  12. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday, Dear Julie ♫♪♫

    What a wonderful way to end a busy, busy month... Your picnic sounds perfect and so totally relaxing! And what wonderful gifts from your stitching friends.

    Looks like you'll be spending many happy hours in the new conservatory with your crafts--enjoy :)

  13. Belated birthday wishes Julie, what a super month you've had.. full of business and family and love.. Well done on the patch work. it looks beautiful.
    It is very addictive!
    Love and Blessings
    Chris xx

  14. Happy belated birthday..I'm so sorry I missed it. If it makes you feel better I even miss mine sometimes. I just don't have a head for dates. I am always amazed by what your community gets up to. the panel is gorgeous. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers. They remind me of home (Norfolk). I hope your ankle is healing well. And thank you. I have sat looking at my stitching and thanks to your lovely post I'm going to pick it up and actually do some!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! I really need to get organised with noting everyone's dates down somewhere. If FB doesn't tell me I don't remember LOL.

    Seems like you had a super busy month anyway. Lots of lovely crafting and very sociable too.

    ps isn't it funny how alike country railway stations look?

  16. What a lovely post!!! Full of gorgeousness for your birthday :)

  17. What a wonderful post this is, filled with lots and lots of wonderful things and activities - quilting and patchwork, stitching, greetings and gifts from friends and family, get-together with friends and a new conservatory which promises lots of hours of leisure time.

    Such a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Enjoy all the great gifts you received! And some happy belated birthday wishes from me, too.

  18. Happy birthday, Julie! :) Your posts are always a feast for the eyes. Some very lovely scenery to enjoy while picnicking! It sounds like you had a very lovely July ~ except for your ankle. Hope it is feeling better. Your new conservatory looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. :)

  19. Happy Birthday! :)

    Very nice little sit in you have there! I would adore something like that. Something a bit outdoors but not so much I'm hounded by bugs while doing it. Maybe one day. Love all the goodies and photos too. That fruit fabric is so adorable. What a great set of prints altogether.

    Today was a day of poppies for me, I guess, because I just saw pictures today of the ceramic poppy installation they are doing in London right now. Beautiful and sobering at the same time.

  20. What a very busy month you had Julie. Sorry to hear about your ankle injury rearing it's head, hopefully all settled down now. Patchwork is sooooo addictive, love the pieces you created. A birthday is always a great way to end a month! Love the pictures from your picnic.

  21. Wow you've been a busy lady. The cakes you baked look so yummy, and your conservatory looks like it will be wonderful to sit in, especially for reading, stitching, just relaxing. Your cards were lovely, and the one with the little bug so cute. Gingerbread turned out adorable too.

  22. Happy Belated Birthday! You received some lovely gifts :) Love all your pics!

  23. Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful places and things that you and your family shared in the month of July. Your beautiful photos tell a wonderful story.

    Most of all, wishing you a belated and very Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a very special one with your family.

    Blessings dear Julie!


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