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Monday, 24 February 2014

What a blooming week ...

Two days of bright sunshine mixed with some duller moments and bits of colour are popping up in the garden again, beautiful!  I hope you had some of the sunshine where you are, it certainly lifts the spirits and puts a smile on your face.

The cyclamen outside our south facing front door have perked up and welcome our visitors.

Spring is springing, my first little crocus is blooming, with others in bud and a few daffodils showing signs of fat buds too.
We are blooming inside too ... but not at the time it usually does.  My Easter cactus is a little early this year, must be the warm weather, it's been lulled into thinking winter has come and gone.
Another dose of pink petals too.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate my wedding anniversary which hubby and I celebrated last Wednesday.
together with this little treat.  What I would like to know is.... How does the soft chocolate inner remain so cold and yummy when you suck one and the outer has melted? Have you tried them, if not perhaps you should, although I will take no responsibility if you become addicted to them!
A little knitting this weekend instead of Irish Garden stitching.  Not enough brain cells working to concentrate on the counting, especially as DH was watching a film with subtitles.  You just can't read them and count at the same time and I didn't want the frogs to be in residence or that would have put me off the project again. 
Just the two front bands to add now and Isabelle with have a new little cardigan to wear.
A new start on the next Santa Village cottage. This time it's number 8, Candy Cane Cottage.
Another new start for a friend who is the hugest Pooh Bear fan ever.  She has a big birthday coming up soon and as a quilter I thought she might like a personalised pin cushion with her name on using the Winnie the Pooh alphabet.  One letter down, 2 more to go, i'm not a fan of stitching cutesy, at least she has a short name! 
Progress with Gillie on our Tuesday SAL of Nature's Alphabet.
I finished off the H for Hare ...
and added I for Ivy.

The bunny is just placed on there for show.  I already have some of these in different colours in my stash.  It should be a brass hare charm like it shows on the design - see the pic from the chart in the pic below.
I need your opinion please.  What do you think to the bunny?  Should I source a brass hare charm (and risk other stash that i don't need falling into the basket or pay the extortionate postage just for a charm) or save my pennies and add the white rabbit?  Hubby thinks he fits in well in the gap left for the charm, but says he looks a little too stark with the other colours in the design.  It's always nice to get thoughts from other stitchers, you are always so helpful. What do you think?
Here's the whole design so far with the bunny still on ...
As it's coming to the end of the month, it's time for the reveal of the monthly ornament challenge.  Christine hasn't opened the gallery for us to see yet, so i'll share my finish with you next time. 
I hope you are finding time to enjoy your crafting hobbies and lots of {{get well hugs}} to those in need.  I've read a few blogs where ladies and their gentlemen partners are suffering with these lingering germs and such.
Take care, see you soon


  1. Beautiful flowers Julie - congratulations to you and DH

    Lovely knitting and Nature's Alphabet is growing really quickly. As for the rabbit I'd wait until you've stitched it all as the white rabbit might balance everything out when it's done.

  2. Lovely knitting design, this is going to be adorable!
    Great progress on the alphabet. I really like this design. Although the little rabbit that you have is pretty, I personally think it looks a bit too "bulky" to fit nicely with everything else. That's only my point of view though. Might do like Clare said & wait for it all to be finished, to see if it looks good. Have a lovely day with all these blooms :)

  3. Clare has an excellent idea. I have to say, thus far, it does stand out.
    Beautiful flowers.
    tee hee! Oh I have discovered the joy of Lindt. ;)

  4. I'm afraid I would vote for a brass charm. It is such a lovely dainty piece and the little bunny charm looks so at home there! But maybe you should wait until you need to order something else to kit up a project or for an exchange and add it to your order then. ; ) I must say, though, I love that piece more and more each time you show a snippet. I need to add it to my wish list!

    The Stamper's Stitches

  5. I am another voting to go with the brass charm ... the white rabbit [plastic or ceramic?] just doesn't seem to work with the muted colors and very traditional mood of the piece. He is just too starkly modern and a touch too large for the space.

  6. Well aren't they always right !!!! These husbands . Hmm I do love Natures alphabet ,I think the bunny is a bit stark but very cute.Brass charm like chart for me .Lovely flowers and chocolates oh dear me dont tempt me. Isabelles cardi will be a winner I am sure. Just been and updated my blog and oops posted a pic of the challenge piece. I am sure Christine will forgive me. Take care of you both
    Many hugs from the Countryfile watcher lol.

  7. Busy week for you, love your work. It does make everything better with the sun shine

  8. Beautiful flowers and post love your stitching and the little white rabbit.
    Congrats on your Anniversary big hugs.

  9. Wow! You've had a busy time.
    I actually like the contrast of the bunny, just wish it was a tiny bit less bright, but I think he is a little too large. Waiting and seeing seems the best idea there.
    I'm sort of falling in love with this one as you work it.

  10. When I stitched this design for my mother in law, I went with the charm shown on the chart but it doesn't stand out much. I prefer the brass charm as it seems more in keeping, I have to say that the one you've shown in your photo is too stark against the muted tones and the fabric colour.

  11. Beautiful flowers Julie!! We have more snow now so the crocuses are in shock :( Hopefully they will recover. Lovely sweater you are making. I'm like you when it comes to watching foreign films...need to put the stitching away and drag out the crochet!! Great progress on your alphabet. I like the mother of pearl bunny more or if you have a brass bunny charm. The white is a bit too bright and big I think. Hope that helps!

  12. Lovely entry on this post Julie, I love that Natures Alphabet, beautifully stitched.. and I can see what your DH meant about the rabbit, it is very white. I still paint buttons with nail vanish when they are just ornamental, but can't think of a colour for your rabbit!!
    Love and Blessings
    Chris xxx

  13. PS I forgot to say Congrats on your anniversary! Lovely flowers
    C x

  14. Happy Belated Anniversary, Julie. The flowers are gorgeous!!

    The cardigan is so precious and your stitching is beautiful!

  15. I love your animal sampler, but have to say I agree with your hubby about the rabbit. Beautiful sweater for Isabelle! Happy belated anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Julie! Love all the flowers! They look so cheerful. Your knitting and stitching looks great. I have to agree that the white bunny is a bit too bright and big for the allocated space. Maybe by the time you get to the end of the project, you'll need a couple more things to round out an order or find a sub.

  17. Lovely knitting and stitching Julie. The gallery is priority one for today (I've had a busy few days).
    I love Lindor chocolates, they look exactly like tiny little Death Stars

  18. Happy belated Anniversary to you and hubby.Your flowers are nice and cheery.We have had lovely spring like weather, put every night heavy down pours of rain.Love the cardy wish i could knit things apart from a scarf. ;)
    Love the sampler and would go with the brass bunny myself.

  19. Belated Happy Anniversary!
    Beautiful flowers all 'round!!
    Lovely progress on your stitching, will join the others about the charm, wait till the whole design are stitch.

  20. Happy belated anniversary! :-) Your stitching and knitting look lovely! Your flowers are gorgeous! More snow here, but dreaming of the day I can't plant some flowers outside.

  21. Well, as your SAL partner, lol, I think it looks a little white too, but wait and see. I haven't looked for one yet. It's 10 pm here in Wyoming so you'll be getting up soon, grin, I didn't do much as had to wait til all the littles were in bed but did some of the between bits!

  22. What a wonderful display of colourful flowers you show here. Particularly after the winter I can't get enough of flowers, inside and outside. They really warm my heart.
    You are knitting a great sweater for Isabelle. She will love wearing it.
    Great new stitchy projects and great progress on Nature's Alphabet.


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