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Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy Birthday Barb

 I sent a little parcel along to Barb to help celebrate her birthday on Saturday.  I stitched this little something to add to the parcel, a little noteblock.   I forgot to take a pic of the goodies I sent, some sheepie things to satisfy her love of them, but I'm sure Barb will blog her lovely parcels sometime soon.   I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Barb and were thoroughly spoilt by friends and family.

I love to send a little handmade gift to friends for their birthday.  A little 60th birthday bunny has been born ....

and they multiply so fast don't they .... we soon had two!  Two friends with 60th birthdays coming up soon.

Stitchy finish - Christmas Tree Farm had the final stitch added on Wednesday in the parlour SAL at NH. This makes 7 finished now, still another 5 more to go with Candy Cane Cottage being the next one, i'll start that on Wednesday.
Tuesday Gillie and I SAL with Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth Designs.  Last week my daughter stopped by with some flapjacks she'd made for us to enjoy.  Here you are Gillie, as promised, here's yours ..... (although I have to admit I did eat one for you on the day as well as my own!)
and here's my progress for you to see, the letter 'G' added this week.  Lots of smyrna's in those grapes, very effective they look.
I was a little naughty though.  I stitched the borders of the next box as I was enjoying it so much and there was a while before bedtime AND I was too lazy to get out of my comfy chair and get something else lol.
The UFO project Irish Garden came out at the weekend again. Lots of half and quarter stitches in the bottom left hand iris border.
It's growing well ...
I hope you are all ok after the high winds and stormy weather again this past weekend.  The fields are still flooded locally, but we did have some sunshine on Sunday which was very welcome.  I was able to go down the garden and survey the damage from Friday evenings high winds.... oh dear 2 fence panels fallen down .... the cats are loving it, they don't have to jump the high fence anymore!

Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by, its always nice to have new people come and visit.  Waving a hello and welcome to the new folks who have come along from the blog hop organised by Jo for Valentine's Day.


  1. Such sweet gifts Julie, I'm sure the lucky recipients will be so pleased! Flapjack always looks so yummy when I see it on the UK blogs, one of these days I'm gonna try it (I hear it's easy to make!)

  2. Two new bunnies -- the family!y is growing fast :-)

    Great progress on your stitching too

  3. New bunnies! So sweet!! And I love watching your garden grow. That is such a pretty pattern!

  4. Oh my! What adorable bunnies! Great progress with your stitching too.

  5. How kind, I'm sure Barb was delighted with your little parcel! Love those cute little bunnies, they are really sweet with the bright pink & bottles of champagne!!!

  6. Oh those bunnies are so lovely , I wish I was 60 again ha. All your stitching looks beautiful .
    Yesterday was sunny here but it only lasted a day , we have more rain again, hugs.

  7. Well, you wicked woman, actually showing me my treat, lol! It does look good....... Quick, move on.....

    Love the bunnies and Barbs treat too. See you tomorrow!

  8. I love those sweet little bunnies! Makes me think of Spring. Love your stitching also.

  9. I did love my goodies , and thankyou again , I will hopefully post pics tomorrow. Time ran away today. Oh those bunnies with their little champagne bottles are simply too sweet. Such a kind lady you are, Hope Gillie enjoyed her flapjack it looks yummy.
    Shame about the fence I should wait a little while before you put it up again. Kate lost hers too.

  10. Beautiful stitching and what cute 60th birthday bunnies!

  11. Great 60th prezzies!

    I love your Garden Alphabet, you're making great progress. I would also be skipping on to do the outlines if I had spare stitching time.

    Of course, Irish Garden is no longer a UFO but very much an active WIP now.

  12. Love the new bunnies Julie, Miss Valentine sends them a wave. Lovely Christmas cottage finish and great progress on your other pieces. Flapjack looks very tasty.

  13. Great progress on your stitching and those bunnies are so cute. The flapjack looks very tssty. Fingers crossed the weather will soon start to improve for us all.

  14. Lovely gifts. Your stitching is looking great.

  15. Lovely stitching Julie.
    How many bunnies is that out in the world now?

  16. Oh Julie ... those little bunnies are adorable!

  17. Oh, your 60th birthday bunnies are adorable, Julie! You must be so proud that so many of them hopped all over the world to their new homes :)

    Lovely stitching on your WIPs and such a pretty piece for Barb.

    Your green yard looks so pretty--I've forgotten what grass looks like!! We've had snow continually on the ground for two months now...sigh :(

    Enjoy your week!!

  18. A lovely gift you've made for Barb's Birthday and ohhh such adorable bunnies.

    Beautiful update with your WIPś.
    Happy week!

  19. A great gift for your friend, and these bunnies are so sweet. What a wonderful idea for your friends' 6oth birthday.
    Very nice progress on your WIPs and congratulations on finishing another little cottage. I'm sure they are all fun to stitch with all these lovely colours.
    So good to know thast the storms have decreased but so devastating to see all the damage they have done.

  20. OMGosh...those bunnies are too cute for words! So nice of you to knit them up for bday pressies for your friends. Happy Birthday to the special ladies! Love the progress on your Alphabet and the Garden is coming along nicely! Hope you are staying warm and dry!

  21. What a lovely gift for Barb and those 60th birthday bunnies are adorable!

    Lovely progress on all your stitching.

    Glad you didn't have too much damage from the high winds. Apparently they're back next week. I was hoping we'd seen the last of them.

  22. Lovely gifts and stitching progress! It sounds like the weather has been so bad. I hope the sun hangs around for you from now on

  23. Oh wow, they are really sweet bunnies! I love them. Great stitching as put me to shame with how productive you are xx

  24. Oh wow, they are really sweet bunnies! I love them. Great stitching as put me to shame with how productive you are xx


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