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Monday, 3 February 2014

Just the odd stitch or two...

Phew ... what a week last week was, lots of things happening here, busy, busy, busy. 

I was out every night last week so not a lot of stitching happened. Monday was something new.  I was invited to a knitting group at the café in a local supermarket.  It's been running for over 8 years and I never knew it was there. A good evening meeting some new people and I'm looking forward to going again.  I was knitting one of my little bunnies, and we chatted about how many are around the world, over 70 at the last count!

I had an email from Gillie over at Random Thoughts from Abroad.  After seeing my Nature Alphabet start last post, she made a start on hers and we are now SAL'ing on Tuesdays.  **Waving to you Gillie**  You can see Gillie's progress on her blog. I added the letter 'E' to mine this time with an couple of hours stitching after my evening tai chi class.

Wednesday... ahhh a quiet evening.... but no.... that didn't turn out as it should.  Our individual meeting with the councils head of services that had been arranged for Tuesday at the Book Borrowers had to be cancelled so I went along to a meeting about neighbourhood services in our area Wednesday evening.  With the major budget cuts to local councils there will be changes to our community centre and that might involve my Book Borrowers and the volunteers who help and lots of the other services and groups that meet.  A long evening with some irate people who feel so very passionate about their own centres and the services that happen there and are not happy at the cuts that have been proposed. 
Not a stitch Thursday either..... a craft group meeting at the Community Centre in the evening putting together a project that sadly didn't go as planned in the first place.  The working party are doing well and all is moving along nicely with that now.  I was crafting, but with a wider group of people on a final piece that will be hung at the Community Centre.
I'd missed parlour evening with Barb and the girls on Wednesday so Friday evening, after an afternoon at the hospital with DH whilst he had his brain scan and then a couple of hours babysitting my granddaughter I spent some time on my Santa Village - Christmas Tree Farm.  The top border and the chimneys added this time.
The weekend came around again and it was time to pull out the UFO Irish Garden but I wasn't well on Saturday and then Sunday i spent the day sleeping off a migraine so no update on that this week.  Oh dear, what a poor show of stitching for a whole week.
I have been having a crafting fix though, with a magazine instead, the March issue of Style at Home. 
I was given an annual subscription to it and when it dropped through the letterbox and I looked there were some crafting things this time....

There are also some recipes for quick and tasty meals to make for your family.  It's not a very expensive magazine and even cheaper if you have the annual sub and it has some good things in it.

Last time I said I would share with you the series of books I've been reading recently.

The Poor Relation Series by M C Beaton.  They are old books and were written 1993/94 but have been re-released. They are set in the regency period about a group of people who themselves are 'the poor relations'.

What do you do if you are of noble stock - but impoverished, and living in London with a certain style to maintain?  One has to work... but One's relatives will be appalled when One turns One's hand to trade - and opens a hotel, The Poor Relation, offering employment to others of the same social standing and in the same awkward situation. This is precisely what Mrs Fortescue decides upon and, together with friend Colonel Sandhurst, transforms her decrepit Bond Street home into a posh hotel, offering guests the pleasure of being waited upon by the nobility.

Easy reading but funny, the folks involved do get up to some strange and quirky antics.  If you are a fan of Agatha Raisin you'll love this collection from M C Beaton, I did.  But you do need to read them in order beginning with Lady Fortesque Steps Out.  

What are you reading at the moment?  The BB choice for February is The Thread by Victoria Hislop, that's the book I've just started.  I loved The Island and am hoping this one will be just as good.

I've seen some lovely pictures on blogs from people's windows looking out at snow and beautiful sights in their gardens.  Not a pretty sight outside my window with the arrival of these yesterday......

and some signs that say 'Road Closed'  oh dear, it's going to be a noisy week around here with workmen replacing the speed humps that have not stood the test of time.  Perhaps i'll be able to have a quiet week and get lots of crafting done if I can't get my car off the driveway ..... a girl can hope!

Enjoy your week, whatever way you plan to spend it.


  1. Waving back! Only up to B so need to get my skates on! And you'll never guess what I downloaded on my iPad last week? Yup, Lady Fortescue! It was free and as it was still January and no-spend on books month I have been very frugal! How funny!

    Do hope this week is better and you feel better too. Am going to try to pop into the Parlour too so might see you there! XXX

  2. Those books look brillient..right up my street! Sounds like you have been really wonder you ended up with a migrain. Remember to get some rest and fingers crossed all hubby's tests come back with nice results ( or none at all).

    Loved reading this much going on. Nice to be part of such an active community. God help your council...but if community dies so will the whole area xx Fingers crossed something can be done about the book club.

  3. That certainly is one busy week you had there.I rarely buy magazines now has they are so expensive over here,but i do love my books.Always in the charity shop on the look out.Hope all goes well with hubby.

  4. That's so nice that you and Gillie will be stitching Nature's Alphabet together, Julie...yours is looking so nice. Don't you love the little ewe?

    I sure hope this week brings more stitching/knitting time for you!! I'm happy to hear that you've found a new knitting group and I'm sure they were most impressed at how many of your bunnies are hopping around the world. I do love my little Bluebelle :)

  5. Lovely SAL with Gillie :-) and a new knitting group - you are busy.

  6. Love your SAL Julie.
    Hope you can still run your book club.
    Just going to watch Chelsea now hugs

  7. I know those bunnies would multiply, lol
    Pretty stitching

  8. Love your SAL, hope hubby receives good results.
    Sometimes our lives get so busy a week is gone before we know where we are. Its taken a serious illness to make me slow down.
    I've just finished Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley and have started Sowing Secrets. She's a change for me I usually only read books written about 1940's or earlier. I really enjoyed the first two although they're not connected.
    Peg x

  9. Love the alphabet - it's nice to have others to SAL with. New knitting group sounds like a bit of a find even if it's taken you a while to discover it.
    Hope you are starting to pick up now.

  10. Wow, 70 bunnies are all over the world? That is so impressive Julie! I can understand weeks with little stitching. I think I did more bobbin winding last week than stitching and now I am feeling all out of sorts. Your progress is lovely though and how nice to be SALing with Gillie. I hope your nearby construction isn't too loud!

  11. The alphabet looks great! Those sheep are adorable!! Hope you can get some sleep with all that construction noise!

  12. Sounds like you have been very busy. Hope the migraine has gone. Hope this week is better for you. Lovely stitching.

  13. You've had a busy week Julie. Hope things are a bit calmer this week

  14. Sorry to hear about the cuts to your community center. It seems that change is never for the good these days. I'm so sick of snow that I would trade that for heavy construction equipment on my street. And more snow is on the way tonight...and this weekend. Love your WIPs, especially Nature Alphabet!

  15. Lovely design you are working with Gillie.
    Love the magazine, sounds lots of great things in it.
    The bookd, i am not familiar with the author but will search it out..
    Happy days!

  16. A very nice SAL that you are doing with Gillie. It's always more fun to stitch on a project together with someone else. And you found a new knitting group, so the fun goes on with knitting, too.

    You seem to be very busy indeed, and hopefully your book group will continue. Reading is such a great thing for me, too, and I can't imagine being without a book.

    All the best to your husband.

  17. Hello Julie , super sal with Gillie. IT is very wild and wet out again tonight Hope you are not having too noisy a week and you are not having to make workmen cups of tea!!
    Nice looking mag there ,, speak soon . Hugs.

  18. Great post and great SAL with Ginnie. Lovely progress even though you didn't get to stitch much. xx

  19. Wow you have been very busy. It's a shame we don't have a little snow to look out on isn't it? Hope the road works are not too disruptive.

  20. How funny, a customer ordered one of those books this week! I have never seen them before although Agatha Raisin sells well.

    A wry laugh at the title of the consultation about the cuts - "Transforming.." is that Council code for "destroying"?

    Hopefully there will have been more stithing time this week.

  21. I hope you get more stitching time next week. You send very involved in community engagement. I just finished When Angeld Fear by CS Haris and enjoyed it!

  22. Julie- your cross stitch projects are going to be beautiful- I love to cross stitch but haven't done it for years:(

    I'm interested in that series of books- I think I'd love them!

  23. Alphabet is looking lovely, the small individual squares are so cute. I did a Blue Ribbon design that had little squares and really enjoyed it, each square was like its own little finish. Village is looking great too, such fun bright colors. Thanks for the book recommendation, love the one series on Hamish MacBeth, and enjoy the Agatha series too but have never heard of the poor relation series, I'll have to go check them out. Sue


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