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Monday, 10 February 2014

A bit of blue sky... yes really!

Quick, don't blink ... we had a bit of blue sky at breakfast time and some sunshine this morning and very welcome it was too.  It was only short lived though as we are back to dark clouds, grey skies and the wet stuff again now.
My thoughts are with all those who are suffering in the recent bad stormy weather and flooding here in the UK.  I know quite a few bloggers who are being affected in the areas they live.  Please do take care ladies and stay safe.  The fields local to me are under water, the canals and rivers have burst their banks.  Mother Nature is certainly playing some strange games right now and the weatherman tells me its not going to be nice week either, more rain and high winds to come.
No new starts in the crafting department this week, I've had another busy week, not so busy as last week though.  Another meeting with the council and i've been told at present there are to be no cuts at our community centre - hooray!  In fact there might be something nice happening - the council library services are considering being installed to enhance my book borrowers group.   Better not hold my breath till all the consultations/costings have been done and it's a reality though.   But I am secretly excited about it and the new things it might bring.
A little stitching has been happening.....
Irish Garden - Weekend UFO - 2 rhododendron bushes added to the north and west triangles.
CCN Christmas Tree Farm - Parlour evening on Wednesday - Christmas trees have been planted. Now, it's just the bottom border and the snow to add, so I'm looking forward to a finish this week.
Nature's Alphabet - Tuesday is SAL with Gillie, this week F for flax was added.
It's growing well and is such a lovely design to stitch.  Each week the little square is like a mini finish.  I'm having to be really good and not stitch on this all the time, its so lovely to do.
A little making in the cooking department too.  Hubby is partial to homemade marmalade and he finished off the last jar.  A new batch to keep his breakfast time happy.
A little treat for myself was to purchase these at the weekend just to remind me that spring is definitely only round the corner and will soon be here, a lovely cheap bunch of daffodils.  They make me smile every time I walk into the room.....little things!
Wishing you all a lovely week full of happiness and good things.
Love and {hugs} to you all


  1. Well marmalade and daffodils will brighten up your world if nothing else!
    Nature's Alphabet IS lovely!

  2. I really like seeing your Irish Garden grow!!!

  3. I just love Nature's Garden! What a pretty design!

  4. I love the nature alphabet, it looks lovely!! A sweet post :)

  5. I must confess to working on it apart from Tuesdays, lol! I have the boxes stitched up to F, now to go back and fill them in. See you tomorrow!

  6. Blue skies are very rare over here these days, it's mostly greyish and rainy and stormy. But nothing compared to the storms at the west coast of your country we were seeing on TV. So much damage. And no change in sight.
    Some lovely stitching progress on your WIPs. Irish Garden is very impressive, and I love the different letters of Nature's Alphabet.

  7. We too had blue skies this morning but by lunch time the heavens had opened and haven't stopped since. Love all your stitching and isn't it lovely to have home made marmalade.

  8. I am really liking your Nature's Alphabet. I am looking forward to spring and daffodils.

  9. Blue skies here too! I need some daffs. It is sooo dark at the moment.Beautiful projects too Julie. x

  10. Lovely progress on all your projects :) Love the blue skies!

  11. Love your sttiching sky i samazing..spring cannot come here soon enough. Keep safe and warm and the wellies close.

  12. Oh Miss Julie what a lovely post. So many of us admiring Natures Alphabet it looks so pretty. Irish Garden whoo hoo seeing progress on your ufo well done. Nice daffs for a lovely lady and how lucky DH is to have homemade marmalade -your very own Paddington Bear.
    Warm hugs.

  13. Your Irish Garden and Nature's Alphabet are so charming. Glad you had a little blue skies. Guess the weather is more strange than not almost everywhere you go. Here we just broke the all-time record for days with lows below 0 degrees F. I'm in awe of anyone who can make marmalade, since I've never tried it.

  14. Lovely progress on your projects. I too love daffodils. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news on the library front.

  15. Beautiful stitching. I know what you mean about wanting to keep going with the Nature's Garden. I'm the same with my weekly piece!
    We have rain rain rain here today and the woodburner on full blast!

  16. Blue skies all day yesterday then back to rain today until mid afternoon.

    Yummy homemade marmalade. It's something I've never tried making but DH's auntie does it and I love it.

    Lovely progress on your stitching.

  17. Daffodils and marmalade do make me think of spring. I'm particularly enjoying your Irish Garden.

  18. I was a bit worried as your gorgeous Christmas Tree Farm is wintery BUT having seen your marmalade and daffodils I know spring is on the way :)

  19. Your "stitching gardens" are bursting with color and so beautifully stitched. I can see why you are having so much fun stitching those little mini alphabet floral designs. Oh how I wish I could just reach out and taste one of those jars of of my favorite jams.

    Daffodils are such a very happy and fragrant flower and such a sweet sign of Spring to come!


  20. Blue skies are such a treat when they happen, aren't they Julie? We have seen very little sun or blue skies this winter--just day after day of gray and snow. The flooding over in England is horrible, too--such a crazy winter for so many.

    Lovely progress on all. I felt the same way about stitching Nature's Alphabet--each was like a little finish :)

    The marmalade looks so yummy and what a welcome sight those pretty daffodils are. I sure hope spring makes an appearance before too long!


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