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Monday, 20 January 2014

What's that i spy... a UFO?

Good afternoon blog readers... brrrr it was chilly this morning when I awoke.  I could hear the sound of people going off to work but before they set out they had to scrape the windscreens of their cars, not a nice sound to wake up to I can tell you.  One look out of the window had me nearly hopping back into bed for the whole day.  What I did do though was go and make a cuppa and hop back in and sit for half an hour reading my book.... sheer pleasure on a Monday morning lol.

DH has been having some health issues recently that have given cause for concern, so we've been staying home relaxing quite a bit and that means I've had quite a bit of progress with projects and have a few pics to share with you. 

A couple of finishes ....

Part 4 finished off and then the final part 5 of the Positive Thinking SAL stitched up beautifully

so that makes a finish of that.  It's been a really nice project to stitch and the wording is so lovely.  I need to remember this when I have negative thoughts popping into my head.  I've seen so many out there in blogland, not sure how to finish mine yet so will wait a while and give it some thought, although I am leaning towards just framing it and hanging it on my wall.
The second little finish is a birthday gift for a friend I met whilst studying over 20 years ago.  She's not a crafter and loves to receive something handmade.  She's also a gardener and this little design from Elizabeth's Designs has been in my stash together will the others that came out in the series since 2005.  I've recently been looking for something and came across quite a few things that I had forgotten I had.

I made a little change to the charted design.  You can see from this close up of the chart that the bee skeps are stitched in horizontal satin stitch

but I decided that they looked to long a stitch and not very neat.  I made mine vertical satin stitch like I've seen on other designs and was very happy how they turned out.

The WDW threads for the large trees and smaller ones and the little brass charm came with the chart, but I decided to add a little bee button from my own stash to the bottom fabric on the finished little pillow.
Wednesday SAL start ....
I'm still joining in with the Wednesday SAL at NH with Barb and the ladies in the parlour.  This week saw the start of another Santa Village design from CCN.  I got 6 stitched last year and number 7 is Christmas Tree Farm.  I'm hoping to get the last 6 stitched this year and all made up for Christmas 2014.
I spy a UFO  ...
A couple of years ago I made the decision to finish everything I had in my basket.  It worked well that year and lots did get completed.  A HAED design was left in there, and that, as regular readers will know, has now left the building and resides with a stitcher who offered to give it a good home and finish it.  The only other thing that got left was Irish Garden by Liz Turner Diehl

I checked on my blog and the last time it was stitched on was a post 10th May 2010  **hangs head in shame** oh dear and there was me saying it was only 2 years ago.....oooops!

This is where I left it after only working on it for a short time.

and here it is after some time on it this weekend.  Four trellis panels added, some backstitch to the top left corner and another little cat has come to play.

Will it get completed this year?  We will have to see.  I really do like the design.  It's just all the fiddle faddle stuff like half and quarter stitches and silly backstitch to them that joins them all up and there will be lots of speciality stitching in the outer borders.  You just can't watch tv and stitch on this one, it has to have your total attention and yet it looks so simple when you see a pic of it.  I admire those who stitch on the Chatelaine's this one is just like them... complicated!
I've also stitched and finished the January challenge that Christine organises over at NH.  This year the challenge has been combined with Christmas ornaments so we will all have 12 lovely ornaments at the end of the year.  Next weekend is reveal day for this one, so i'll show you that next time.
Thanks for stopping by, it's always a pleasure to see you here, thanks for taking time to comment and leave me a little note.


  1. Congratulations on the finishes. I love the fabric you used to make up the Elizabeth's Designs turned out so cute. I think I have that same Liz Turner Diehl garden buried deep in my stash somewhere.... =) It's looking great!

  2. Oh wow, there is some lovely stitchiness going on around your house lol. Fantastic...well done. Hope hubby's health problems are sorted out soon xx

  3. Julie you have been so busy, love all your work the SAL looks great , I still have a little more to do on mine , Norman Vincent Peel , wrote the verse I love his books so positive reading.
    Hope your DH gets well soon.

  4. Positive Thoughts is beautiful Julie and I love the birthday gift you've made.

  5. Your finishes look great. I am way behind you on the positive thoughts Sal.

    I hope your husband gets better soon x

  6. Lovely stitching and finishing. How lovely to be able to hop back into bed. I wish I could!

  7. Julie how lovely the garden pillow is, your friend will be thrilled. My positive is hanging on the wall and yours will look as lovely whatever you decide on. Nice progress on the complicated design, I do not like quarter stitches so I admire you for doing that design. Hope things go well tomorrow sweetie.

  8. A post full of stitching goodness!!!! Great finishes

  9. Wow. That is some gorgeous stitching.I love Positive Thinking,such a lovely design.

  10. That is a lovely,little gift for your friend.
    Such a nice WIP you pulled back out.

  11. I hope hubby's health issues are soon resolved.

    Wow you have been a busy little bee - lots and lots of progress and such sweet stitching.

    Enjoy those cuppas in bed with a good book - always a nice way to start the mornings.

  12. Sorry to hear that Mr Julie has been under the weather, I hope it is resolved soon.
    Your French SAL is gorgeous, I have just started Part IV. I'm sure your friend will adore her garden pillow, it's so pretty. Good luck with those half & quarter stitches - not sure I could think about taking on a project like that.

  13. Lovely finishes there missis, I love the pillow, I've not seen that design will have to look out for the chart. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled to receive it.

    As for this morning all we were missing was snow it was white over with frost. I have to admit I was tempted to go back to bed when I saw the weather outside :)
    I've got so many cross stitch wip's I should really be ashamed.

    Hope hubby is on the road to recovery.

    Peg x

  14. Lots of stitching got done this weekend, I see. I just love Birds, Bees and Blossoms--you're finish was so cute and your friend is lucky! You also made good progress on your Liz Turner Diehl UFO. You can do it! We'll cheer each other on this year!

  15. Lovely stitching Julie. The little pillow is beautiful and I think your beehives look much more realistic than the original ones which remind me of Norman soldiers' helmets.
    Great progress on the knot garden design too

  16. Congrats on your sal finish,nice to see what it looks like in the end.
    Love the Birds and Bees one,with all the different stitches and so nice and colorful.Nice progress on your other projects.

  17. Love your ornie for your friend,it's so spring like,and as usual finished off lovely.
    The knot garden is coming on well as in santas village

  18. What is it that makes us dive into our UFO boxes in January? I saw so many stitchers pull out an UFO and continue stitching on it lately. And I was exactly the same. Somehow the first month of the year is like a new start and motivates us more than other months. Your Irish Garden looks gorgeous and it was a good idea to transform it into a WIP, lol.

    A very productive weekend with two finishes. The little ED pillow is so lovely. I think I have to go through my stash, too and have a look at my ED charts, they are so interesting to work on with all these specialty stitches.

  19. Lovely stitches Julie! I just love your garden finish for your friend and the Irish Garden looks like it'll be a fun and stunning stitch!

  20. Lovely stitches and finishes! I do hope that your husband is doing better ~ will keep you both in my prayers...

  21. Lovely stitching. I prefer your approach to stitching the bee hives compared to the chart's way. There's something satisfying about stitching something that matches the recipient's interests.

  22. What beautiful stitchiness you have shown us this month! I love your bee hives, they look great in the vertical stitches.

  23. Thanks for your visit Julie and the lovely comments. I forgot to say the other day I absolutely love your header.
    Peg xx

  24. Hope Hubby is okay xx
    I love the way you have done the beehive looks more realistic, I daren't look at my UFO's I think I would cry!! Looks great though!!

  25. So sorry to hear about your DH. I hope he gets better soon!

    Love the little change with the bee hives! It looks so much than the original, it really does. Both pieces are very nice.

  26. Lovely stitching and finishes!

  27. Positive turned out lovely, I've seen several people with this and love how it looks and the saying. I'll enjoy seeing your Santa Village progress, that is such a fun piece, and Irish is looking wonderful too, the cat in the one corner is so cute. Bees sounds like a perfect gift for your friend, and I love how the hives look with your change, I like them much better than the original design. Sue


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