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Saturday, 11 January 2014

First finish - exchange finish

My first finish this year was of course the exchange piece, the one I forgot had to be posted and received ready to open Friday 10th January.

My little teaser from the last post got you all thinking.  I can show you what it is this time, but I think i'll keep you waiting a little till I've told you all about it.

The exchange was organised by Clare at the meet up in November - yes, I know I had ages to get it organised and sorted in plenty of time.  I did find a nice chart and plan what I wanted to stitch, but with other things it got forgotten till the last minute..... we've all done it.

We were all given a little card and had to write our name/address inside and were asked 3 questions to put down the answers for.

The cards were collected, mixed up and everyone then chose a card. It meant that there was no 'host' for this exchange.  Nobody knew who they have received until yesterdays opening day, a totally secret exchange - such fun!

Lisa (no blog) was who I stitched for.

We were to stitch a saying and make some kind of ornament that could be displayed the whole year bearing in mind the answers in the little card.

Lisa's three answers when I opened her card were .....

1.Purple - yes, I added purple pins to my finish

2.Home - I chose a design for a new home card from this book, it was a lovely saying.

3.Food - I decided to back if with this wonderful fabric design, cakes and chocolate, yummy!

I think I fulfilled all three answers.

Ok, you've waited long enough, I better show you what I actually stitched and sent to Lisa.  A pinkeep, trimmed with white ribbon and the purple pins.

and here it is on the wooden stand I sent to display it, that also went in the parcel.
I must admit, I had a hard job sealing the envelope and letting this one go, it really did turn out nice and I was so pleased to get it posted to arrive in plenty of time for opening day.
Jane picked the card I filled in and she sent me this perfect saying for me.

I do try to stitch only on these days lol.

She included a beautiful card telling me all about the design and the threads she had used.

It was the first time Jane had made this type of finish, it looks perfect to me.  Thank you so much Jane, I have them displayed on my mantelpiece.

I hope you are all safe and well, especially those who are having adverse weather conditions, be they snow overseas, high temps in Australia or the floods here in the UK.  Mother nature is certainly giving us something to think about for the start of the new year.

Take care all, {{hugs}} to the poorly folks, I know a few who are suffering with certain ailments right now.


  1. The design you stitched is just so neat and so appealing. It's not a style I would usually choose but I have to say that I love it. I'm sure it was very well received and will give lots of pleasure.

  2. Great exchange pieces Julie :-)

  3. I love what you stitched though looking at it, it doesnt look like a quick stitch to me! I think the book title is telling fibs! But it looks perfect and I love the little stand. The item you received back is just perfect as well. Beautifu, both of them

  4. Julie, your finish is just perfect! What a great exchange :)

  5. Worked out wonderfully both ways!!
    It has warmed up here now. =)

  6. What a fabulous, fun exchange! I love both what you gave and what you received! You might just have to make the design that you sent a second time--for yourself!

  7. Both exchange pieces are lovely Julie

  8. Oh Julie I love what you stitched for lisa and the return gift from Jane is lovely too. Sounds like a fun exchange . Take care ,loads of hugs.

  9. Julie, love the piece you stitched for the exchange and very neatly finish.
    You received a lovely piece in return.

  10. What a great exchange and the stitched pieces are both gorgeous.

  11. What an interesting exchange! You did a lovely job on your piece - love the saying! And Jane did a lovely job as well - another perfect saying. :)

  12. Looks like a Joan Elliott to me, definitely not a quick stitch but really worth the time.

    The gift you received is lovely too and most appropriate!

  13. I love how this exchnae was organized with the crads and the three answers. Very neat. And what you stitched and finished for your exchange partner is really perfect. Such a beautiful little pinkeep. And the one you received is just as beautiful. Love the saying on it.

  14. What a wonderful little exchange. So inventive. I just love what you came up with it. It's perfectly darling - I can see why it was hard to let it go. Very cute piece that you got from Jane too. No arguing with that saying. Ha!

  15. What a fun and creative way to run an exchange, Julie! Both the gift you made and the gift received are perfect!

    Hope your weather is improving over there--we are due for another cold spell, but not as bad as earlier in the month, thank goodness!

  16. Looks absolutely lovely Julie..
    Chris x

  17. You did a lovely job with your exchange and received a sweet one in return

  18. What a brilliant exchange Julie. Love both what you stitched for Lisa and what Jane stitched for you.


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