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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Final finish and new start

Happy New Year to you all.......

Final finish for 2013 was CCN Vintage Christmas, i just had to get this completed before the end of the year it's so pretty and different.

Plans for January that I'd been thinking about haven't gone to plan right before the new year started ..... I'd somehow not thought about an exchange needing to be stitched and sent out to arrive for 8th January 2014 and had been happily stitching away on Vintage for the whole of December .... ooops.
This finish does make it 31 stitched ones for last year, my favourite of course being Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - the biggie finish.  31 knitted ones (that includes 15 little Christmas stockings and then 3 crochet finishes.  Not too bad a year considering i also read 54 books.  Let's hope next year is as productive.
So you see, i am now stitching madly on said exchange, it is a new start for the new year, but not the one i thought i would be doing.  You'll have to wait to see the prepared new start later in the month as i have now decided that i'll perhaps be organised enough to start that on the Chinese new year instead lol.
Here's the exchange already to begin ....

and a little snippet to tease you as i can't show you the design till its been received.

OK, better sign off and crack on with it if it's going to be finished and sent on time ...

Happy stitching and crafting everyone



  1. I have this pattern and I too loved the different colors. Pink, of course, is always a winner for me! Well done!

  2. A lovely finish....the new start is very intriguing! Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, Julie!

    I love the LHN...I think I'll have to look for that one... :-)

    Intrigued about the exchange piece - lots of nice colours in there!

  4. Gorgeous finish and wow what a lot you managed to achieve during 2013.

    Good luck with getting your exchange piece completed in time and I look forward to seeing it completed when it has safely arrived at it's final destination.

  5. Love the Vintage Christmas piece - haven't seen this one before.
    Good luck for your exchange piece the colours look lovely.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. An amazing amount of finishes
    Julie :-) If I could complete half as many I'd be happy!

    Love the Vintage Christmas finish, and I too forgot all about the exchange piece! I have got it all stitched up though now, Just the finishing to do (the hardest part!!)
    Lovely collection of colours in your choice, can't wait to see what everyone has chosen :-)

    Speak soon xx

  7. Love the LHN piece. I hadn't seen that one before, either. The sneak peek at your exchange piece has got me wanting more! Looks like it will turn out lovely. Happy New Year!

  8. Sweet finish! You had a productive 2013 ~ here's to it continuing this year!

  9. I love your LHN finish. One of my favorite designers.

    Your exchange piece is very colorful. It looks like it might be a teapot lol. looking forward to seeing it completed.

  10. A gorgeous finish. Look forward to seeing your exchange piece. Happy New Year.

  11. Such a lovely last finish for 2013. And a really productive year I must say. I'm kind of envious when I see the amount of books that you have read last year. That would be a dream for me but I'm a snail like reader, lol.
    I'm very curious to see your finished exchange piece with all its great colours.
    Wishiung you a great new crafting and reading year!

  12. What a gorgeous finish Julie.
    Just beat you on the book front (57), but I think you got much more stitching done than I did.
    Happy New Year

  13. Vintage is just lovely! Congratulations on the finish. I read a lot more (79 I think) but finished an abysmally small number of projects, so let's not talk about that! You did great!

  14. Well done on the finish Julie, I had mine on display this year but it now has gone away if I can remember where I have put it,it will come out again next year. OH look forward to seeing the exchange piece -so far I have not signed up for any this year,I have not done as well as you on the book front but I may have a little more stitching done. None as big as your beautiful shores though.
    Take care lovey and keep stitching,.etc etc etc.

  15. Congrats on your wonderful first finish of 2014!!! Oooh the colours look great on your exchange piece!

  16. Congrats on your CCN finish. I still have to finish mine!!

  17. Congratulations on a very pretty finish, Julie! Lovely colors for your exchange piece. It does sound like you had a very productive year. I always enjoy having a look at your list of books read. :)

  18. Very nice final finish!!! :)
    Gosh, you were crazy productive last year. Very impressive.
    Can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  19. What a beautiful embroidery, colors and screen are in perfect harmony.

  20. What a lovley finish. I am intrigued by your snippet..will be on the look out for more clues:)

  21. I've really enjoyed following along with your stitching this year, Julie, and have to agree that Shores is my favorite, too. Your newest piece is so pretty with the pinks and blues--the little reindeer in the upper corner is so sweet!

    Hope your new year is off to a wonderful start :)

  22. Happy, healthly, safe 2014 to you and your family, Julie

  23. Love your CCN finish, I really like the departure from the traditional red and green :0)

  24. Very pretty and good luck on finishing the project.

  25. Vintage Christmas is beautiful. I think you finished a LOT of projects, well done!

  26. Vintage Christmas is lovely, the colours make a nice change from the traditional ones.

    I tend to leave things until the last moment too, hope your partner is in the UK!

  27. Julie your Vintage Christmas looks amazing !!!!


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