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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New start and new ornament for my tree

With the start of advent I've had a new start for the month of December.

What is it?  

Ok you twisted my arm........ i'll show you ....

Vintage Christmas by LHN
Fabric 32ct linen in cocoa, but I've changed a couple of the threads
Three more little stockings for family members have flown off the knitting needles too. These will have a lovely treat of a little bar of Thorntons special chocolate inside.  A little treat for family who I usually just exchange a card with.  We've done some extra special things together this year and I feel I would like to show them how much I love them with a little handmade giftie.

December 1st was also the day for the opening of the ornaments in the exchange over at NH. Christine kindly organises this, I think it's probably been running for the past 5 years now in some way or another.  It's an exchange that I really look forward to each year. Just a stitched ornament, no extras, but I get to send something to a friend stitcher and also receive a new stitched one for my own tree.  I love this exchange, it's my favourite of the year.  It's a secret exchange so we wont know who sent to who till the list comes out when everyone has received.

My parcel arrived today.  I'd been admiring these little sleds on a blog recently and thought how nice it would be to get one and make it for my tree for next year.  Lo and behold that's what was in my exchange parcel.  Thank you so much 'Secret Stitcher' I love it.  Just need to get hubby to venture into the attic and get the Christmas decorations down so I can put it on the tree, for now it's sitting on my mantelpiece so I can admire it... it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I know the one I made has been received, i'll show you that when the list has been published. I don't want to spoil the surprise just in case the person reads here, it's a secret .... ssshhh.
I hope you are progressing well with your festive organising.  For me, it's slow going, motivation seems to be lacking at present, but I don't seem to be in a panic either, I keep telling myself we still have plenty of time ...... 


  1. How fun and sweet. I too have been admiring those sleds.
    I notice the Alfred Mainzer cat postcard. Have you seen the poodle varieties? ;)

  2. Ohhh I never seen such a little sleigh for a stitching piece, what fun that is and so beautiful ... you lucky girl !!!

    I love the little stockings and Vintage Christmas ... I hope you enjoy stitching that one, I did when i made it. I changed the colors also in red and blue ;-)

  3. Such a cute new start, Julie, and I dearly love the little snowman sled you received. I got one at my stitching retreat as a gift in October and can't wait to see it on my tree this month :)

    Love those teeny stockings--does it take long to make one?

  4. Great new project Julie, those sleighs are adorable you're a lucky lady.

  5. Lovely ornament Julie, the little sled is adorable. Great new start too

  6. Lovely stitching start Julie, and your little stockings are so cute Wow and love the little sled ornament.

  7. Wonderful new start! The stockings are just too gorgeous...perfect. I am so behind it is beyond belief...but oxfam will benefit...phew...a child's education, chickens and girl power....perfect ' get me out of an xmas fix' gifts. Why oh why am I never, ever organised??? lol

  8. Oooh, I also have started this project earlier on this year.... I think it's about time I finish it!!! :D YOur version looks lovely & that little sleigh is so sweet xx

  9. A lovely new start and a gorgeous exchange received. Look forward to seeing yours. My MIL has stitched us all knitted stocking with our initials on and they go on the tree every year.

  10. Love your new start Julie and your new ornament x

  11. Love your new start, and your tiny stockings are so sweet. I've just gotta get some of those sled ornaments! They're so cute, and they look very quick to stitch.

  12. Love the new start and your exchange ornament is fabulous.

  13. Love the non-traditional colours in the Christmas piece.

    The little sled is very sweet too, how lovely to receive something you have had your eye on!

  14. Oh my, this little sled ornament is so darling. And so are the tiny stockings you made for some family members. They will be so pleased.

  15. Hi Julie!! Long time no see. Love your new start and what a fab exchange. xx

  16. Love your new start, it's one of my favorite festive designs. The knitted stockings look adorable and I am in love with your secret exchange ornament, the sled is such a great idea!


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