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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A bit of calm during busy times

Hubby and I went out of town at the weekend to do a little Christmas shopping.  We took with us a flask and sat in the countryside drinking hot chocolate and eating a little cake we'd bought watching the birds and enjoying the silence after all the hustle and bustle we'd been in at the shops. 

We came across this ... doesn't it look sorry for itself all covered in brambles and neglected

and as the evening drew in we saw the most wonderful sunset on our way home.

Little things seem to be so pleasing to me at the moment and bringing a smile to my face.  This time of year is usually one of sadness for me with sad memories, but this year I feel quite calm and peaceful and I'm not sure I can actually describe it really.
It's been nice to spend time finding just the right gift even if it's only cost a few pennies or better still if I've handmade it and wrapping it in the loveliest of papers.... 
adding a bit of sparkle to the parcel ....

Getting all the parcels ready for the post office and sending them off with the Christmas cards and wondering if the recipients will enjoy what I've chosen and will the cards bring a smile to the face of those who are not so happy at the moment and have lots occupying their minds.
A visit to the park when we looked after Isabelle last week so mummy and daddy could do some secret shopping.  All wrapped up against the chill of the December winds .....
then coming home to warm up and do a little painting.
A visit to my daughters and watching Isabelle get so excited at being big enough to stand on the chair and help mummy bake mince pies - her daddy's favourite, a treat for him.  
I find it enthralling that at just over two and a half she is so bright and like a little sponge soaking up everything and wanting to be part of all that's happening this festive season.

Knowing that the ornament I lovingly stitched for the exchange has been received and was liked.
A design called Quilt Cube from a very old JCS Magazine stitched over 1 on 22ct aida to make it a little bigger than suggested in the magazine. I added 3 little bells so it jingles - that was a talking point at the Post Office when I tried to send it and the postmaster asked what was making all the noise inside the envelope.  How can you silence bells?

What's making you feel happy and contented at the moment? or are you stressed and going round in circles with all the preparations you have to make? I do hope its the former and not the later.
Love from


  1. What a nice peaceful post Julie,so many of us are chasing our tails but I like you are making memories with children.
    The sunset is fabulous and the machinery is not a good sight to see. Served its purpose and now put out to rust sad .
    Love those pics of Isabelle with her mummy and babar. Keep the calmness up my friend and I shall endeavour to do the same.Hugs

  2. I am not quite there re: finding my inner peace but I am thrilled you have. I am so pleased you have having time to reflect without the usual sadness and of course your beautiful grand daughter reminds us all what Christmas should be about. I wonder if you could loan her out lol.

    I love the is very cleverly done. I am quite partial to Barbar as well ;-)

  3. I am quite in a serene place at the moment, I have no idea why as I don't have a quiet weekend from now until the new year what with birthdays and Christmas. But I am content and happily wrapping the presents bit by bit instead of leaving till the last minute!

  4. Well, I am not completely relaxed, but I am not freaking out either. ;)

  5. What a sweet post and hasn't your granddaughter grown? Time flies. Yes it's a really busy time for me these days - with going back to teaching and all but sort of fun as well. xx

  6. A lovely post and lovely pictures.

  7. Such a great post, Julie--how wonderful that you've found peacefulness at this time of year. I tend to be sad as I always miss seeing my dear mother on Christmas, although I will see her tomorrow (weather willing!!).

    How lucky you are to have little Isabella in your life--Christmas through the eyes of a child is a true delight!

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A lovely gentle reminder of what Christmas should be all about. Your pictures of your precious granddaughter are beautiful. I had to laugh at the story of the postman with your kingly package!

  9. A lovely post Julie. Great photos especially of your granddaughter enjoying all the preparation.

  10. What a lovely peaceful post Julie. You sound very organised too. I'm not at that stage yet this year, I think it'll take me another week to get there. Actually I don't think I ever reach the stage where I feel ready for Christmas, just the stage where I think, "bother it, that'll do".
    Love the picture of Isabelle and Grandad painting

  11. A lovely post Julie, it's good to read you're feeling peaceful and calm, especially at the festive time when emotions can be very mixed. I love the jingling ornament !!

  12. Gorgeous post. I don't get stressed at Christmas - it happens.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Great post! My presents are wrapped, the food has been ordered & the tree will be going up this weekend... now waiting for it all to happen :)

  14. A sweet post of memory making!

  15. Great post. I feel quite laid back but then I remember I haven't done anything yet!!

    Lovely pictures of the granddaughter too.

  16. This is lovely, Julie - your grand-daughter is beautiful and so bright looking. It is sometimes sad to see them leave the baby days behind, but - oh -how exciting to see all those new skills developing. She will soon be your best friend xx

  17. What a lovely post Julie. So nice to see Isabelle helping her Mummy bake.

    The ornament you stitched for the exchange is gorgeous.

    Hugs to you my friend xx

  18. Lovely post Julie, sometimes this time of the year can be sad and happy.
    I am always so busy at this time of the year , but
    always thinking of family.
    Your little GD is lovely such happy times.

  19. What a lovely and thoughtful post this is, Julie. I also try to not get drawn too much into the hustle before Christmas. To enjoy my quiet moments and to get aware of all the happy moments that my days offer. The only thing I'm not happy with is the fact that I live so far away from my grandson. I'd love to see him enjoy the Christmas preparations.

  20. Such a wonderful post! :)
    I can't BELIEVE how big Isabella is now. Oh my GOSH. What a beautiful little girl, too.

  21. A lovely post! My kids were just given a gumball machine for Christmas and that made us all smile. Happy Christmas x


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