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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Stitchers are so kind and so friendly

An envelope arrived last week..... regular readers will remember that I stitch the Best in Show sampler for the local Horticultural and Craft show each year and I had said that if anyone came across any alphabet floral/vegetable charts that they didn't want I could give them a home. 
Julie at K C's Court kindly sent an email to say she had something to send to me. Aren't these lovely. Thank you so much Julie for your kindness.

Happy times stitching along in SALs with other stitchers, a question came into my mind though.....

Does it make you stitch more being in a SAL and having to show regular progress to others through a stitching group, forum or friends SAL? 

I think I do stitch more.  It's nice to show off your progress each week and see how everyone else is getting on and encourage each other. I seem to be stitching a lot of things in SAL's in recent months.

I've just finished the stocking-along.  There's the ornament a month, the monthly challenge, Parlour evening with Santas Village on a Wednesday (am awaiting the next chart so I can carry on with that) and also......

Hopefully lots of progress on this next one as Strictly UFO stitching has been happening on Saturday and Sunday and will be for the next few weeks with Strictly Come Dancing on the TV.   My HAED UFO is out the dusty cupboard.  It's Leo by Sarah Butcher and was a gift a very long time ago.  Cobwebs dusted off and it's on the frame and here's where we leave it ready for next week.  This is just one quarter of the design gridded, its only a tiddler compared to some Haed's that ladies stitch.  The last time it saw the light of day was Feb 2010 according to an old blog post!  If you want to see what the finished design should look like, it's here.  ** whisper quietly that it was started way back in Jan 2007, it is my oldest UFO and I do only have 1 other UFO so not bad I don't think.

The Jardin Prive, Positive Thinking SAL shouted so loudly when I saw it that I just couldn't resist.  Part one completed and so very pretty it is too.
and just to make it a threesome, another SAL, this time the teeny tiny one over 9 weeks from Plum Street Samplers.  I chose the first one and have completed Parts 1 & 2.   I chose a blueish 32ct fabric  (no name on it, so have no idea what it is, but it's nice) for mine, although it doesn't look too blue in the picture.  Maybe a future update with show the true colour of the fabric.

Just to finish off, here's the knitting I've been doing.  Blueberry Waffle Socks from a free pattern at Ravelry.  They are for the 'C' word - Christmas - with the rate this year has been moving along it will be here and passed me by before I get started with my handmade gifts to I thought I better get cracking and make a start. 

Anyone else made a start on their festive gifts yet?  Please say you have and its not just me that's doing it!!


  1. That's a lovely gift from Julie :)

    I do think SALs help you stitch along - the Strictly SAL is definitely good for my Angels

  2. wow this si a very sweet gift :)
    sal is always so much fun..
    big hugs x

  3. Hope you can make use of them - hope you got my email re the chart without the coloured picture of key if not I'll send it again
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Your stitching is lovely. I really love your socks. I will have to look up the pattern on Ravelry. I have started my Christmas present making too. I am working on a Honey cowl (a free pattern on Ravelry) for my daughter. I want to knit some socks for my guys too. ;-)

  5. Those socks look cosy Julie,love your wips

    Tina x

  6. What a lovely gift! Sad to say, I am a disaster in SALs...too independent: I want to do things my own way rofl. I love you SAL and WIPs! Put me to shame, I just seem to be thinking about what I should be doing at the moment.

  7. I'm not good at sticking to stitching on the right day in SALs but they do usu me along. I love your new alphabet! So pretty. I am definitely going to have to kit up for the PSS mystery sampler. So cute! I am stitching a Xmas stocking so I am getting in the festive mood.

  8. What a nice gift from Julie! And your stitching all looks wonderful :) I'm not very good at SALs as I tend to only stitch one thing at a time. Your fabric for the PSS SAL is wonderful, Julie--the colors show up so nicely on it!

    Can't believe Christmas is so close--oh dear!!

  9. Love all your SAL projects, and your socks are gorgeous--love the color! You are doing much better than I am with Christmas. Every Christmas project I have is in the "planning" stage.

  10. beautiful stitching

  11. Lovely stitching and knitting.
    Yes I've made a start on my festive makes too, but it's a little frustrating not being able to show pictures

  12. Great WIPs Julie, but I LOVE those socks : )

  13. Iam not too good at keeping up with SAL,which I found out when I got behind with the Papillon SAL !!
    I love the colours in your HAED.

  14. A lovely gift from Julie & great update on your stitching :) I still have part 2 of JP's sal to stitch...

  15. Lovely gift Julie, stitchers are the kindest of people.
    Lovely update on your work - I'm doing the French version of the Jardin Prive SAL and I'm very tempted to join the Plum Street one too.

  16. What a lovely gift Julie.

    Love your progress on your SALs. I think I do tend to stitch more doing SALs. They are a great motivation. I started my PSS one yesterday afternoon. Just a few more stitches to add and I'm ready for part 3!

    Love those socks. I haven't started my Christmas gifts as yet but as I only really have one person I can make for it won't take me long lol.

  17. It would be tragic if I tried to do a SAL. Ha! There is just no way I would keep up, sadly. It does seem to motivate a lot of other people though.
    So much work done in that HAED, even though its just 1/4. The colors are lovely too.
    I don't want to think about Xmas. Ugh. So not ready. Lol

  18. How sweet of her to send you the charts. Now try not to win again next year!!

    I do find challenges and posting regularly help me with my stitching. Especially the challenges. I can't resist!!


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