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Friday, 11 October 2013

Goodnight Cathey

Just heard the news ..... a very sad day...
our friend Cathey aka Pumpkin is at peace and free from all her pain and suffering.
My thoughts and prayers are with Catheys family and friends at this sad time.
Thank you Katie for finding the strength in your heart to let us all know and to share with us some pictures of the happy times you and Cathey shared together. 
She will be missed greatly by all
A loving {hug} to everyone who knew this wonderful lady who has
left a little stitch in each of our hearts.


  1. Warm words for a wonderful woman!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words, it's true, she really has left a stitch in my heart.

  3. Thank you Julie. I just couldnt write anything, and I cant read anyone elses posts right now. Everything you put says it perfectly: it is how we all feel. Thank you xx

  4. 'who has left a little stitch in each of our hearts' , this sentence is so beautiful
    I'm glad to have one of her stitch in my heart

  5. It hit me hard but we are so thankful to have 'known' her.

  6. I'd just learned of this sweet lady when others were sending her Pumpkins for her special day. Sorry to hear she's gone.Thoses that knew and loved will remember her always.

  7. A lovely post Julie. She has definitely left a stitch in all our hearts x

  8. You're very welcome. Her 'stalkers' were very important to her, it was the best way I could think to honor her spirit. My goodness I miss her so


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