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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Who's a silly stitcher then?

It's been quite a productive week on the crafting front.  The weathers been dreadful, rain, rain and more rain, so lots of time spent inside cosying up on the sofa.

A couple of knitting finishes ...

Christmas pressie socks
   A free pattern at Ravelry called Blueberry Waffle Socks

Isabelle's cardigan using the bamboo 4ply sock wool.
A new stitching start ...   
CCN - Santa Village - Reindeer Stables
and then a disaster was found ......
The Jardin Prive SAL - a stupid mistake by someone who should know better!
 I had completed Part 1 & 2 and it was looking lovely.  Took it off the frame and OH NO!!! the fabrics too short for the other parts.... how can that be .... 
I opened the fabric drawer and took out the bag with the antique white fabric in and there on the top was a lovely piece just the same as I had been stitching on.... except.... this one was considerably longer.  Yes, you guessed it, when I cut the extra off I put back into the drawer the piece I should have been stitching on... aarrgghhhh.... all that wasted time.  No point frogging it, and as hubby said, the verse doesn't read too bad and could actually come to a conclusion as it is.
So, out came the longer piece of fabric and a new start on Friday last week.  I worked like mad all weekend and we now have Part 1 & 2 completed again
They make a nice pair!!
No measuring of fabric needed last night when I added more on the Plum Street Sampler SAL
 Part 4 added - I choose Mary's Sampler 1
Another Christmas knitting project going to be started tonight, I can't possibly do that wrong... can I??
Have a lovely week


  1. Julie you have been so busy!!! That little cardi is adorable :) I fear I might also run out on the SAL... Although I did count everything, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed & hope all the parts will fit :D Your are up to date now & it looks lovely. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Loooove the cardigan for Isabelle,oh no on the SAL,but it could have been worse you could have stitched more.
    Love those socks,they look really warm and comfy.
    Hugs xx

  3. Okay, put the kettle on, I am coming over to learn how to knit socks from you! I keep attempting them and give up too soon! Love the cardigan too, wonderful colours. So sorry about the Prive SAL but you could make a little pillow of the first attempt? Just finishing a Primitive Needle piece then picking up part 4 of PSS. Hope the weather improves soon.

  4. Oh and I thought only I could use the "wrong" fabric! Love Mary's Sampler progress.

  5. You have been busy - I love Isabelle's cardigan.

    Oops - that's an easy mistake tomake but as DH said it looks great as it is and wow what busy fingers to get it stitched again - well done x

  6. All your work is so beautiful Julie , your knitting is just beautiful and so is your stitching, sorry you had to re-stitch the SAL I thought I was the only one who does things like that. ha.
    But you are back to the same as the rest of us . You could use the other for a christmas gift. hugs.

  7. Gorgeous work as always. If it makes you feel any better I started my own SAL with the fabric facing me shortways instead of long ways...had to go around the whole blooming thing! Must be something in the vodka rofl

  8. Oops - it happens to us all at some time and you have been very quick to re-stitch the design.

    Lots of lovely knitting going on as well - good luck with the rest of your Christmas knitting.

  9. A lot of lovely knitting and stitching.Well done for starting and completing pt 1 and pt 2 again,it is a lovely design.

  10. Lovely knitting! Am super impressed you got the sock wool to match up so brilliantly in the cardigan too. :)

    That is such a bummer about the fabric. Arrrrgggggh! I can imagine how you felt when you figured it out. :(
    I bet you could put more of the checkerboard border to the side of the flowers or put in another little motif and get a small finish out of it. If you can bear to look at it, that is. I know for me I tend to hold a grudge against projects like that and never want to see them again. Because I'm mature like that. *ahem*

  11. Love the socks! I need to learn how to knit socks this winter. I'm sure that first attempt at the Prive SAL can be made into something really cute!

  12. Oh no, no, no! How awful!
    The cardigan is fabulous.

  13. Wow very pretty scoks..very sweet knitting..
    Pretty stitching..I love your sal so much..
    Big hugs x

  14. You sure been busy, stitching and knitting...Lovely Cardigan for Isabelle.
    Love the fabric you've chosen for the chosen...i am still debating to start this, really like the verse.

  15. Wow, Julie, you've been busy! Love the socks and cardi! So sorry about the SAL. So frustrating but you have a good attitude about it and already managed to catch up!

  16. Oh Julie! So sorry that you ended up with the wrong length of fabric but so glad you were able to make a nice design out of the work you had already done! Your husband is right ... it looks great that way : ) Beautiful knitting!

  17. What a shame but wow on getting it stitched again. Lovely knitting and stitching

  18. Oh no Julie, how annoying. Still I'm sure you can find something to do with the false start, maybe when the other parts come out you'll find a way to skip to the end as it were.
    Great knitting, the socks and cardi are fab

  19. Great crafting and WIPs! Love the color fabric you are using for the Mary's Sampler. I need to work on last Sunday's addition.

  20. Oh no.... poor you! But gosh you were quick to stitch it again on the longer piece of fabric.. love those socks and the cardi for Isabelle is beautiful she is a very lucky grand daughter
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  21. Oh, my!! What a discovery on the shorter piece of fabric! You were so good to start over and finish up so quickly, Julie... That sweater for Isabelle is so cheery--I'm sure she loves Grandma's gifts :)

  22. That is such a typical thing to do! I bought a large piece of fabric to stitch four matching samplers and accidentally used half of one piece for something else :-(

    Everything is looking lovely though, especially that cardigan, very cheerful.

  23. I am late in getting to you Julie. Gremlins are to blame ,they do get in the works sometimes I know only too well . Super cardi and socks , I need to get my needles working as Martins jumper is shouting at me and a lacy scarf. Oh well there is always next year.... Speedy stitching getting it done over a weekend well done you. Strictly stitching this evening,whoo hoo.


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