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Monday, 28 October 2013

Challenge reveal and a new outfit

Good afternoon readers...

I hope all the people in the south of the UK are safe after the stormy weather we had last night and earlier this morning.  Wind speeds have been recorded at 99mph in some parts.  It was not as bad for us as they had predicted but it's so sad to read that some have lost their lives and others are suffering damage to their properties from falling trees and flooding.

If you could see the sunlight that is flooding through my window right now, you would not believe the difference from the heavy rainfall and darkness of earlier today.... british weather... ho hum!

Yesterday was reveal day for the October challenge chart chosen by Christine at Needlecraft Haven.  She chooses some lovely designs for us. This little one from Homespun Elegance was the choice.  As usual I found I was at the end of the month and 'oh no, reveal day, better whip up something fast' so just a quick simple finish so as not to be in detention (again!).

A new doll for Isabelle's Christmas pressie to accompany the pram we have bought is going to be getting a new wardrobe of clothes too.  Here's what the knitting pins have made this week.  I'm hoping that the putting on of these will help her develop her motor skills with the buttons etc.
A bit of excitement to look forward to this week.  Saturday is the twice yearly meet up of the ladies from the Needlecraft Haven forum.  It'll be lovely to see some friends again that I haven't seen since April.  We're having a book swap and a goody bag exchange, it'll be a fun day. I'll tell you all about that next time.
Have a lovely week yourselves, and now we have put the clocks back here in the UK we should all get and extra hours crafting in each evening.... if we are lucky.


  1. Cute little ornament Julie, but your knitting is just spectacular.

  2. Julie--I'm in awe of your knitting!! How absolutely lovely. I know Isabelle will have such fun with it. Your ornament is very cute, too :)

    We turn our clocks back on Sunday--looking forward to an extra hour of stitching as well!

  3. Very cute ornament! And Isabelle is going to be a very happy little girl--such an adorable little doll outfit!!

    Our time changes this Sunday, and I am looking forward to that extra hour, for sure.

  4. Great ornament and those clothes are perfect.

    See you Saturday - I'm really looking forward to it too :-)

  5. Love the ornament Julie and that doly outfit is gorgeous.
    Sadly I can't make the meet up - I will get back one day. Have a fabulous time.

  6. one little girl is going to be so lucky, love the little dolls outfit. I hope to get to the meet up one day!Hope you all have lots of fun,be thinking of you.The ornament is lovely I am making a resolution for next year to take part and not sit on the fence. Look forward to hearing all about the meet up.

  7. Cute finish on your ornie!!

    I have gained an hour in the morning because the small boy wakes when his stomach says it 7.30am but the clock says 6.30. Then I lose an hour in the evening because I'm tired by 11pm as my body thinks it's midnight! :-(

  8. Sweet ornament.
    What an awesome set of clothes for her dolly.

  9. Such a pretty ornament. What a sweet outfit. You are a clever knitter. Pleased you are safe. Thinking of those affected by the awful storm

  10. Aww cute ornament and you knitting is super beautiful
    Big hugs x

  11. wow! That's a gorgeous outfit for Isabelle's doll.
    A very cute ornament too.

  12. Love the outfit that you have knitted for the doll and the ornament is cute too :)

    Hope you have a great time catching up with your stitching friends, I'll look forward to your update :)

  13. A cute ornament finish. Isabelle is going to have the best dressed doll. Have a great time at the meet up.

  14. A cute ornament finish!!! A fantastic outfit too :)

  15. How sweet I love the dolly kitted set so pretty , also your ornament is lovely.

  16. we managed to survive the storm, just gave us loads of stitching time, Love the little outfit.

  17. *squeeeeee*
    Look at the cute little doll outfit! It's ADORABLE.

    Happy to hear that awful storm wasn't too bad for you guys. :(

  18. What a sweet ornament Julie. Beautifully finished.

    I love that little doll's outfit. So cute!

    Hope you have a fantastic meet up :)

    I am glad the storm wasn't as bad as predicted for you. It was terrible way down south wasn't it. I woke up thinking we were on another dimension as no wind and a little rain. I was glad as I hate high winds.

  19. Lovely ornamnet finish Julie and I love the knitted doll's clothes

  20. Your ornament is great! I just can't keep up with the monthly challenges! The knitted doll outfit is really amazing!

  21. What a cute ornament, and the knitted doll outfit is spectacular! Isabelle will be thrilled.

  22. How frightening the stormy and windy weather must have been for everyone. It is always so sad when people lose their lives and homes, and it breaks my heart for them. We had some terrible winds and stormy weather here last night too. It felt like the windows were going to blow inside sometimes.

    Your knitting 'pins' have created another gorgeous outfit, Julie! Little Isabelle will look adorable in it.

    Cute little Christmas ornament too.


  23. Yikes! What crazy weather! Your knitting is fantastic! What a wonderful gift it will be. I still have some of the doll clothes that were knit for me when I was little. ;-)
    Your ornament is so cute.


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