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Sunday, 23 June 2013

What a week!

I've had a really fun and busy week.

Lots of crafting activities taking place at the local Community Centre. There is to be a large box frame around the noticeboard constructed with samples of lots of different crafts being shown in it.

The ladies from Soft Touch have been in the centre this week showing us new crafts ... like i need another hobby to add to the ones i have... watch out bank balance, you might need a little lottery win to boost the coffers.

All the ladies from the stitching group i go to were invited.  It's been great fun with the other ladies and i've learnt lots of things. 

We were given a beading mat (we can keep this and the needle), some thread and a simple small design with just three colours
By the end of the morning i had 1 ladybird on my bookmark.  I'm loving this and now have 2 more little ladybirds added (although i did have to frog it out once as i mixed up the black/red and it looked like one of them had been trodden on!)  It's addictive and i think i'll be doing some more beading (Lindsay you were right, it's such fun, i'll just need a bit of practice!)
Silk painting was really funny, lots of silly mistakes on this one with the gunky black pen that keeps the paint in its supposed area on the fabric.
My finished version of Peter Rabbit in the grass
Papercraft was something i wasn't really looking forward too, i've never had a real interest in this before.  Lots of different cards/papers to choose from to make a 6" square of your choice.
I chose a worded themed one as my group at the centre is the Book Borrowers and hopefully this will get chosen to represent my group in the finished box frame.  The little sunshine is part of a map and the background card has printed verse on it.  Imagination running wild with this one.  I'm happy with the finish.
Decoupage and flowers using old maps and pictures.  Very fiddly and gooey with the glue that was used.  The curled edges were easy winding them round a pencil, that was simple and effective.
Paper folding was even trickier, you needed 4 hands to hold this together to get a nice uncreased finish, not bad for a first attempt.
We've had homework too.   Using crafts that you enjoy, come up with a 6" square of your choice.  A few ladies at the stitching club only do cross stitch and they are doing some beautiful squares.  I chose to do a crochet flower one ....
and a basic knitted basketweave pattern
I've stitched a hardanger one too, just need to do the cutting out bits, i'll show you that next time.
At the Book Borrowers we also celebrated our 1st Birthday this week.  We've come full circle and been meeting and discussing books for a whole year.   I was shocked to count up the books i have read since it started.  60 in total ... thats amazing!!  We had a lovely time at the party, played a few silly games and ate lots of lovely food.  We even had balloons and a birthday cake was made by my daughter.

Parlour night came round again and i made a little start on Mrs Claus Cookie Shop, just a few stitches added this week.

With all this crafting activity this week computer time has been very limited and some days actually non existant, i'm way behind with blog reading and answering emails.  I'll get round to you all this week as things return to some sort of normal. 

Hope you had a lovely week too.


  1. Looks like you have been a busy bee, love the paper flowers lady of many talents I see hugs

  2. Wow! So many ways to play! I love your little looks amazing. Happy birthday to the book club. I am going to approach my library this week and see if they will go along with it! If you get a few mins to let me know how yours is run etc that would be great but no rush. xxx

  3. What a beautiful projects !!

  4. I am so impressed with how much you fit into a week - I love your crochet square and your papercraft too - what a creative week you've had.

  5. Lucky you, such fun, very creative.

  6. Sounds like you have had a fantastic week trying out new crafts. Great job done with all of them.

  7. You have been busy Julie, lots of great projects there. I really like the paper flower made from old maps

  8. Beautiful crafts Jlie, it's great to try new things. I find beading very addictive too which is probably why it's tucked away so I get my stitching done hee hee.

    Your BB party sounds like a great time for everyone, I love the cake !,

  9. So fun projects..I love them x

  10. Looks like lots of crafty fun , and some great results too .X

  11. What a great chance to try some different crafts. Stitching will always be my number one though!

    60 books is amazing in a year. I've probably read more first chapters than that but not so many whole books! I like to read the first page or two of each new release just to get a feel for it.

  12. Such fun to learn all those new crafts, Julie! I would love to learn quilting, but until I retire, I think I'll just stick with my stitching.

    Love the cake your daughter made to celebrate the Book Borrowers anniversary. I can tell how much you've enjoyed being a part of this group by reading your posts over the past year :) Hope it continues many more years!!

  13. Lots of cute craft finishes--you're very talented! Can't wait to see the hardanger one!

  14. Looks like you have been very busy. All the different crafts look gorgeous. Happy Birthday to Book club. Lovely progress on your stitching.

  15. What a variety of new crafts, and all lovely! Your Book Borrowers club sounds like lots of fun. I've always wanted to join a book group, but never had the courage. :)

  16. Wow what a lot of great new crafts you got to try with lots of help and no huge dent in your wallet!

  17. What fun!!!! I can't believe all the things you got to try out. It's like playtime for adults.

  18. Look at all the different crafts you've gotten your hands into! You've been one busy girl :)

  19. Gosh how much you have achieved Julie, I love those paper flowers. Congrats to all the book borrowers on your first year, and to A for that scrummy looking cake. I like the bunny and what a shame I sold all my beads and books as they would have helped you on your way. I loved beading almost as much as stitching. Oh well you have proved variety is the spice of life -well done you.

  20. You have been a busy bee and how lovely to have a go at new crafts. Your bird design would make a lovely birthday card and your flowers are stunning - wouldnt have a clue where to begin on the folded flowers, they look very difficult.


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