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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Perfect timing...

Hubby arrived home from the allotment yesterday with a wonderful surprise.

Even with the recent weather we have been having here in the UK, not the nicest for the time of year, he was able to cut our first posy of sweet peas.

The perfect way for us to remember our late fathers, they both loved the smell of these beautiful blooms and the scent in my home was so lovely as i awoke this morning.

Happy Fathers Day
We miss you both very much xxx

My thoughts today are with all those who have angel dads like us.  I know of a couple of blogging friends who will be experiencing their very first Fathers Day without their beloved dad, my thoughts are with you ladies {{big hugs}}
I came across this little verse the other day, i thought i'd share it with you ...
It's good to travel light through life
Too much can weigh you down
So cast away the tiresome things
That make you fret and frown
Abandon grumps and silly gripes
Forget the fears that blight
If you just hold the things you love
Your heart's forever light
by Margaret Ingall
We'll be spending some time with our daughter and her family today as she is cooking a Sunday roast for her dad.  It'll be a nice treat for me too, it always is when someone else does the cooking instead of you!
Have a lovely Fathers Day remembering the happy times that you have spent or do spend with your own dad.
Love and {hugs} to you all



  1. What a touching post Julie, enjoy your day.

  2. Bless you Julie, I have a few sweepees but not enough to pick yet. We have just been to the cemetery with some sweet Williams. Martins dad loved these .My dad is too far away to visit. So a few flowers by his photograph will do. Off to Graemes as Sue is cooking. Enjoy your roast and I shall enjoy mine. Take care sweetie.
    Love the little verse it is so YOU.

  3. A lovely post and beautiful flowers.
    Have a good weekend (:

  4. Such a sweet post ~ wish I could smell those flowers!

  5. A lovely post...I love sweet peas: a perfect tribute Have a lovely day xx

  6. That is so nice, you never stop missing your dad or your mum. Love the sweet pea's, I can't grow them, pretty colours.

  7. My memories of sweet peas are the WT bringing them to the hospital when Pittsburgh Girl was born, love them. My dad died when I was eleven so not so many memories but still lovely ones. Hope the roast was good!

  8. Beautiful post Julie, I love the smell of sweet peas, ours are only just starting to bloom so it will be a while before I get enough for a posy.

  9. Such a lovely post, beautiful sweet peas,I just cut some of mine this week. hugs.

  10. Such a sweet post..enjoy your day dear x

  11. Oh, I do love sweet peas, Julie--my mom always grew them on a trellis right by our back door. What memories they bring back...

    You must miss your dad and FIL very much. I miss mine, too, even though he isn't dead. His dementia has wiped away all memories of his family and it is just so sad to watch him this way... It's been a tough day for me, too. But, I will celebrate the memories of him in better days.

    Enjoy that roast with your daughter--I rarely get homecooked meals by someone else so I know how special that is!!

  12. Thanks for that. My Dad always used to grow sweet peas in the garden . I have never managed to grow a single one ,despite planting up to three packets at a time ,lol .
    I miss my Dad too .X

  13. Those sweet peas are so pretty! And thank you for sharing that lovely verse. It is a lovely treat when someone else prepares the meal - hope you enjoyed the roast. :)

  14. A lovely post Julie. The sweetpeas looks gorgeous.

  15. What a wonderful post Julie. Your sweetpeas look beautiful

  16. Whag a lovely post Julie. My Dad grew Sweet Peas many years ago as both him and my Mum loved them. I can almost smell the gorgeous fragrance from your photo. Hugs xxx

  17. I hope you both enjoyed your meal on Sunday? It's always nice to have something cooked for you :-)

    The sweet peas are just lovely, i can just imagine how beautiful they smell!

    speak soon xx

  18. Great post Julie ! ! I love the Sweet Peas, they are gorgeous !! And I am sure they smell as sweet as they look.


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