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Monday, 10 June 2013

Could this be the perfect stitching spot?

I'm looking forward to trying my new space when the sun comes out again and warms up the temperatures, its turned quite cold today after a nice but cloudy weekend. 

Hubby took advantage of the cooler weekend weather and ripped out our old rotten wooden arbour that held up my lovely thornless rose Zephirine Drouhin. The flowers have a beautiful scent just like turkish delight.  He made a new wooden arbour from scratch and laid a new slabbed area underneath to house my latest purchase of a lovely bistro table and chairs. 

His assistant nuisance from next door (Jasper) was on hand to give some technical advice on the electrical wiring for the water feature.  I think he was really checking to see if there might just be fish going into it for him to guard!

With the recent sun we've got some nice bright and colourful flowers emerging

Outside looks summery, but if you came to visit me and saw my stitching area inside you would be forgiven for thinking i was about to put the Christmas decorations up and you've missed the second half of the year.  All my stitching these past few days has been Christmasy things!

Stocking-a-long Friday and a bit more progress on Nativity Stocking

May's ornament was stitched, but it just didn't get made up in time, i got that sorted this weekend.  I chose Maisons Rouges by Cathy Roy from Le Chalet des Perelles blog. There were 2 free designs to choose from in December 2012, i love the little reindeer so decided to do this one first. I'll maybe do the other later in the year, perhaps in a different colour?

The ornament for June came from Just Cross Stitch ornament edition 2012.  This time it was the lovely one by Judith Tuttle from Twisted Oaks that caught my eye.  The Little House Mouse is such a cutie and i'm pleased with how he turned out.

I was thinking as i was putting these ornaments together yesterday in my conservatory watching hubby hard at work in the garden....... I wonder how many stitchers get stressed with all the things they have commited themselves to do thinking they have plenty of time and then deadlines loom close.  I'm in a bookmark exchange that needs to be posted out really soon.  I knew about it at the stitchers meet up back in April and i have been putting off starting it to do other things and now the deadlines near it's got to be done .....NOW. 
Do you find you have such good intentions and sign up to lots of different things?  What's on your regular stitching list that you've said you will do?
For me, i have :-
Wednesdays SAL with the parlour ladies at NH - a design by LHN, CCN or TSG - I'm doing the CCN Santa Village each week during 2013 (although i have been doing more than 1 night a week on them)
Fridays - stocking-a-long - Nativity Stocking
Christmas Ornament SAL - 5 have been done this year, so i've missed one month
Monthly challenge free design at NH - Not compulsory and i have missed a few...sorry Christine
Now i have typed out the list, it doesn't look much obligation stitching does it so why have i not had a finish with Shores yet this year? 
Maybe the new 'sitting in area' in the garden will get lots of use for a stitcher. Or, as DH said when he was putting his tools away yesterday and i was outside with a book in the late evening sunlight trying out the new chair....... maybe it will be used by a book reader instead.......  mmm yes, now he's mentioned it, i guess that could be where my valuable stitching time goes to since the Book Borrowers started!
I'm looking forward to reading what things you have signed up for at various blogs, forums etc and how you manage to plan your stitching each month. 



  1. Hello

    I love your outside space, th flowers are beautiful.
    Sweet stitching too.

  2. What a peaceful spot to sit and enjoy the company of family and fur family.

    LOVE the stocking. The colors are great!

  3. What a wonderful sitting out area. Love it - hope you get lots of stitching time out there.


  4. Isn't it wonderful to have a special place to stitch and read. I will bring the sweets and you make the tea....

  5. It looks like a lovely stitching or reading area to me Julie.
    I wish I knew how to organise all my commitments, if you find out how please do let us all know!

  6. Hi Miss Julie,
    Well as you know I have a Ufo of my own that needs work on it. A new start in the parlour this week,I should be doing the challenges like you but I seem to be just stitching what I feel like . I know I am no help at all lol.Love the ornies and of course your sitting out area, the flowers are beautiful and I am sure Jasper would love to come live with you.

  7. I don't like to have stitching or crafting deadlines - one of the reasons I don't join exchange groups etc - I know I wouldn't like it. I like to stitch gifts but tend to make things and set them aside for future use. I love having hand stitched or hand knitted gifts just sitting for the right occasion. I do like the garden assistant, he looks like a handy little fellow.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful place to sit and stitch, or read or anything. :) You did a lovely job on your May ornament and The Little House Mouse is sweet. I've never joined a SAL or undertaken a stitching commitment before - I tend to be a procrastinator, so that kind of thing might not be for me. :)

  9. What a beautiful spot! May you enjoy many hours there, whether it be reading or stitching!

  10. A beautiful stitching area and flowers. I am sure it will be a great place to stitch and read. Lovely stitching.

  11. Aww such a pretty place to sit outside..
    Pretty stitching..
    Love x

  12. That looks like a lovely spot for stitching OR reading, and it is cat-approved as well!
    Great stitching, I love the mouse ornament

  13. it is not raining here I think I will imagine I am sitting in your garden for a little while. Just perfect. Oganised? Me...yeah..not going to happen. I am doing what I want when I want though once I get the next round of hospital visits out of the way with hopefully lots of positive results, then I will start to plan

  14. I love your mice - they are adorable and Isabelle's piece is looking so good.

    Well done DH, a beautiful stitching spot for sure - enjoy

  15. What a lovely stitching nook, The stocking looks amazing and I love the little mouse ornie. I have a friend who would love that one.

    I'm terrible for managing my time for my stitching and only seem to end up stitching for others as a result and never getting any of the projects for me done. I do participate in some wonderful swaps so I cant complain at all.

  16. Lovely stitching spot,fab ornie finishes especially love the red one,Isabelle's stocking is coming on lovely,
    Tina x

  17. Your new stitching area is so lovely. I hope we get the good weather for you to enjoy it fully.
    Great stitching,I love your little mouse:-)

  18. Love the revamped out side space. My work box is full of finished items waiting to be made up, I love the stitching more than the completed object. I now only stitch large projects.

  19. It looks like a peaceful little spot that will be much used. Hope you get lots and lots of nice weather this summer to help you along.
    I would be terrible at any sort of stitching deadline so I'm amazed you keep up with any of it. :)

  20. That looks like a wonderful stitching spot, Julie--add some nice lemonade, some comfy pillows, and some freshly baked cookies and it will be perfect :)

    Love your Christmas stitching--I could easily stitch ornaments full time!

  21. Oh what a spot, I'm on my way! I have always wanted one of those roses, wonder if it would do in Michigan, where we have a fairly serious storm passing over right now!
    mm, let's see, a 4th July exchange not started, a Christmas in July almost stitched, an exchange with Mouse only just started and another private exchange not even decided on. Oh and I may have to do an angel stitch lol! And, like Ann, I hate deadlines, grin!

  22. That is a lovely christmas stocking for Isabelle, beautifully stitched.. and I think that little arbour is the perfect stitching place. I too have WIPs and wonder how I am going to get it all done, especially as I am on a crochet run at the moment and everything else has been put on hold.
    I love your blog Julie so no matter some people have left, I can't imagine why and as you said you are writing for you and a diary of your life and stitching.. the reason why I blog too.
    Love and Blessings
    Chris xx

  23. Look at those two beautiful ornaments - they are so nicely stitched and finished. And Isabelle's stocking is coming along great.
    I used to do a lot of exchanges and SALs but I have cut back on everything. I work full time and do not always have a lot of stitching time, so deadlines were so terrible for me and I couldn't stitch all the things that I once wanted to stitch for myself. So I gave up exchnages although I loved doing them, and I just have an occasional SAL and that's it for me at the moment. And I must say that stitching on whatever I want to is completely stress free, lol. Maybe I will start on exchnages again when I will be retired.

  24. Your new arbor and little table and chairs look like it will be the perfect place for both reading and stitching, whatever suits your fancy on any particular day.

    Isabelle's Nativity Stocking is coming along so beautifully, and I love Maisons Rouges and the sweet little mouse that you stitched for June. I made that mouse too for a Christmas gift exchange.

    When my dear husband asked me yesterday, why the Just Cross Stitch issue was already showing Christmas ornaments, I replied, "Don't you know that stitchers love to stitch Christmas ornaments all year round?" He looked at me, puzzled, since "it is summer time", he said.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings!

  25. Whatdya mean "the NH challenge isn't compulsory"? Christine puts me in detention if I don't do it LOL.

    Love your little stitching arbour, it looks like the perfect spot, just needs a little fridge for cold drinkies. I like stitching in my conservatory at this time of year. Hubby finally cleared all his sound equipment out so I can use it again!

  26. Lovely stitching spot. Unfortunately in South Florida where I live, its way too humid to do stitching outdoors, even in the winter months. So I keep inside with the A/C. Love the pics of your flowers. They are so bright and beautiful.

    This year I only signed up for 2 SAL but I'm not doing a good job keeping with them. Me and stitching deadlines don't work I guess.

    Love your stitching and your ornaments turned out great. :-)


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