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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Finish, finish, WIP

As promised i'm back with the LHN Little Hill finish.  There was only the bottom floral border to add and that seemed to stitch up real quickly.

It's been a lovely project to do and was started when i had an actual stitching evening with my internet friend Barb instead of our virtual Wednesday evening back in mid April when i visited her part of the UK for a little holiday.  It will always remind me of the fun and laughter we had that evening.

Block 11 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is complete.  This has been a WIP for so long, i started it back in February 2011 so it's time it was finished. One more block to go.....

and here's how the full thing looks, i love it, although it's going to cost an arm and a leg to have it framed properly!

Friday and i was back to the stocking-a-long with Linda and the other ladies after missing a couple of weeks with being sick.  My choice is Nativity Stocking by Janlynn.  Nearly all the long leg part is stitched, soon be time for the shaping of the foot. This is definately going to be finished for when the man in red comes down the chimney.  Oh to be organised with the Christmas stitching so early in the year, unlike the rest of my life that just ebbs and flows at it's own pace, but i have to say, i am not complaining about that, i seem to be very peaceful and contented recently.

We all know how expensive stash is here in the UK compared to the USA.  My brother has just returned from a little trip overseas and has brought me some lovely stuff.  I gave him a list of some DMC threads i wanted for upcoming projects and he got them together with a whole load of both whites (B2500 and blanc) and black - they are always useful and i am always running out of them.  He also picked up some 28ct and 32ct fabrics and a fabulous DMC thread chart that shows all the different threads and their colours and numbers, he thought i would like that.  He also thought some gold needles would be a nice addition to my sewing box.  A wonderful haul to receive from a non-stitching chap - thanks little bro!

The weather has been so nice here recently i've been taking advantage and spending a bit more time outside reading a book or just soaking up the sunshine in the garden.  Agatha Raisin has had another adventure, her latest release Hiss and Hers. 
It's hard to think i had never heard of M C Beaton and Agatha until the Book Borrowers started last June.  I have read all 23 or her adventures since then.  Quite a wait for her next adventure now as it's not released until October.  Agatha has brought great enjoyment to my reading and also lots of fun and laughter to the group as we discuss her adventures each week as the other ladies work their way through the list of books. 
I see i have lost a few followers.  It would be sad to think they have gone because they feel my writings are way too boring and there is nothing of interest to read here.  If so, never mind, you can't please everyone all the time.   I do think that we all go a little quiet over the summer months and computer time is limited with being in the garden and having the lighter nights here in the UK when we are enjoying other things and annual vacations of course.
For me, my blog is more of an online diary for me to keep track of what i've been doing and to share with online friends i have made over the past few years. 
........ to those who do stop by and leave a little comment, it really is appreciated and i fully understand if you just drop in and have a quick read and not comment if you only have limited time at the computer. We all have lives and families that need our attention.
Time for me to stop by some of my favourite blogs and have a read and see whats been happening in your neck of the woods and what wonderful projects you have created.
Love and {hugs}


  1. What a very kind brother you have, not many men enjoy shopping in needlework stores. I must take a look at the Agatha Raisin books - they sound like a change from my usual reading material.

  2. What a super finish and I am loving your "Shores."

  3. Bells and whistles Julie, a finish and an almost finish ,Shores is mouth dropping ,so lovely. Your posts always bring a smile , so here is a follower you won't lose.
    Love the Bagpuss thankyou .
    Thankyou to you to keeping us all entertained.

  4. I do love Isabelle's stocking, it's so cute and congrats on your LHN finish too.

    I'll still be calling by, never fear!!!!!

  5. Well done on the finishes. Shores is looking great and the stocking is oh so sweet.

    Well done on all your reading too -I've got two books on the go at the moment, one at work and one at home.

    the sun is definitely an outside distraction great to make some time in the garden.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Julie, congrats on the lovely finishes you must be itching to stitch up that last block on shores! The stocking will be done in no time!

    Just a word of caution on the MGD textiles fabric you got, the evenweave/linen is notorious for being an "uneven" evenweave as in things don't quite end up square if the design is square.

  7. Love sheep, so I love your finish!! Shores is such a beautiful piece. Great goodies your brother brought back for you!

  8. What a lovel brother!
    Lovely LHN finish and great progress on the stocking
    Your blog isn't owing Julie,it's the time of year

  9. Great stitching , I love your finish.
    Can I please borrow your brother for a while when he next goes away ? lol.
    Take care xxx

  10. Love your Little House on the Hill and the Shores piece. Looks like you've gotten quite a bit done on the stocking, too! Great stash haul from your brother--you should have enough black and white to last a while! I love reading your blog, and will remain your faithful reader (and follower).

  11. Beautiful stitching..
    Lots of love x

  12. Lovely finishes, Julie! And what a pretty stocking! What a sweet brother. :) Love, love Agatha Raisin! Enjoy your reading! I kind of felt funny when I lost a few followers - wondered what I did, or didn't do. Love your blog though, and don't plan on going anywhere. :)

  13. A gorgeous finish Julie. Great progress on your wips. Shores will soon be complete. I love Agatha Raisin books and so pleased to hear there will be another one soon. Great haul from your brother. I think we would all like to borrow him.

  14. Beautiful finish and I love the wips too, I've lost followers too, but hey the rest of us are still here and loving what you do! I'm not far behind you with the agatha's, I've read 20 and have 2 to read!

  15. Great finish on the little house, and Shores is looking wonderful.
    You've got your brother well trained!

  16. What a lovely brother! If you think it is expensive in the UK, you should see our prices rofl. I love the stocking..and Hawk, and all of your post. It is not at all boring: I think people are just giving up blogging for the curse that is fb. They will be back I am sure. Just don't look: I have no idea how many followers I have and wouldn't have a clue if anyone left..but we are here and we still love you xxxxxxx

  17. Lovely finish & great progress on your wip! It will look really nice when finished :) Your brother is really sweet to have bought you all these goodies! I didn't know stash was cheaper in the USA!!! Have a lovely sunny weekend!!! x

  18. Shores is looking fantastic! Little Hill and Isabelle's stocking are both beautiful too! You have such a kind brother too!

    I'm trying very hard not to worry about who reads or follows my blog, it's just not worth it. And when you move to a new blog like I've just done, you practically have to start again!

    Hugs to you Julie,

    Lesley (previously of tintocktap)

  19. How sweet of your brother to bring back all those goodies, Julie! I knew our DMC was cheaper, but didn't know other stash was, too...

    Love your LHN finish and the next-to-the-last block of shores. Having stitched and had Christmas at HRH framed, yes, I can tell you it will cost a lot! But, it will be a real heirloom...

    I feel the same way about my blog--it is just to keep track of my life (unexciting as it may be!!)... Always a pleasure to visit with you :)

  20. Your brother is such a sweetie!

    I love those HRH designs, they are rather big but very impressive.

    I keep a close eye on my followers and stick needles in the ones that leave me. Luckly they are blunt cross stitch needles so they just get a little indent.

  21. I don't think anyone could ever call your blog posts boring Julie! I always look forward to seeing your stitching, you always seem to accomplish so much :-)

    Shores is looking fab, i came across my chart when i was having a sort out this week, perhaps next year i might make it a project.

    Isabell's stocking is growing too and looks lovely, she is going to love it!

    Have a lovely weekend x

  22. A sweet LHN finish and gotta love that octopus in Shores, one block to go, yay
    I'm sure that stocking will be well cherished.
    Your blog is far from being boring, it's one of my favorites for a while now.
    Take care!!

  23. Julie your LHN finish is wonderful, love those colors. Your Shores and stocking are also looking great. And what a great stash you got from your brother, thats fabulous !!!
    Never heard about that writer, I'm going to look at google what the books are about.
    You can't please everybody. I lost followers too, oh well .. I write my blog, just as you, as a online diary and you can't make verybody happy :-) I love your blog !!

  24. Oops I forgot to say that I love your finishings from previous post .... that doll is just so beautiful done !!!!
    And I liked the pink house you gave her :-)

  25. Your stitching is lovely! Making me wish I could pick up the needle this week. I will sure try!

  26. One more block to go!!!! You're going to feel so good when you finish, I bet. It's a fabulous piece. Can't wait to see the stocking finished too.
    I think your brother did a PHENOMENAL job of putting together some stash for you. He really outdid himself.

  27. Such a lovely LHN finish. And wow, Shores approaches the finish line, too. Very nice progress on your stocking - such SALs can help a lot to be focused, can't they?
    You have a great brother bringing you stitching supplies from the US. It's particularly the DMC floss that is incredibly cheap over there compared to Europe.

  28. Your Shores is beautiful. I will check out that book series too


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