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Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend

Hubby and i have been away again, this time we went to stay with family and saw the Spalding Flower Parade in Lincolnshire.

The first flower festival was in 1959 and it's been an annual event since.  But number 54 this year will be the last one.  The council can no longer help to fund this spectacular event in the current economic climate - such a shame.   

This years event was also masked by the recent bad weather.  Poor growing conditions have meant only 200 bags of tulips have been collected for the Lincolnshire festival compared to 1,020 in 2012.  Other things such foil and rafias have been used this year to make the floats look beautiful.

People come from miles around to watch the parade and view the floats and see all the hard work that has gone into the event.  Lots to see and do and a fun day out.

Here are some snapshots we took on Saturday.  This years theme was "Lets Celebrate" 

Peterborough Morris Men entertaining the crowd in the
 town centre before the parade

Previous Flower Parade Queens


A marching band from Northern Ireland
were taking part

All the floats are usually decorated with just
tulips like this

Coventry Scout Band

A big well done to all the volunteers and those who took part in the event, it really was a magnificent sight to see in the streets of Spalding.


  1. It's so sad that this one was the last after so many years. Lovely photos Julie.

  2. Looks like you had fun, how lovely all the floats looked.

  3. Such a shame it is going to be the last one. We went to one years ago - before we were even married and they are always spectacular. Fantastic photos.

  4. So much work goes into an event such as this, the floats were very impressive.

  5. Great photos. Such a shame it will be the last one.

  6. Lovely pictures Julie, shame that another tradition has to come to an end.

  7. How beautiful, such a shame that it will be the last one

  8. what a shame it has come to an end, my grandparents went most years. the floats look amazing, love the chinese dragon one.

  9. That is so sad to read, losing our history, I love summer floats, so full of colour. Thank you for sharing your photo's with us.

  10. Stunning photos Julie - thanks for sharing, it brought back many happy memories of past parades. It is such a shame it has to end - maybe in years to come it will happen again.

  11. Oh, what fun! I do love a parade--so sad that this will be the final one...

  12. Gosh. What a bummer this is the last year for it. :(
    Just love the one with the white horses!!

  13. What a super day Julie, the hard work shows and such a shame it has to end. The carnival here is having problems with sponsorship this year.
    Where to next I wonder lol.

  14. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.

  15. Great to see all these pictures from that parade. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Lovely photos Julie!
    What a shame that this was the last one, we are loosing great traditions like this everywhere and it's so sad.

  17. What a fabulous tradition!! Hopefully something will occur that will allow for this to continue. Thanks for sharing...


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