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Monday, 18 February 2013

Happy Birthday Barb

Lots of celebrations during February.  My 65th birthday bunny has now been delivered to my friend for her birthday yesterday, she loved her so that pleased me greatly.

Miss Valentine left the post office on Friday and should have arrived safely with Kate on Saturday. Strangely i have since learnt that it was Kate's birthday on Saturday, how weird that she was drawn as the winner by Tina and it was posted out to arrive perfectly on her birthday.  I couldn't have planned that better if i had tried. I hope you had a lovely birthday Kate.

Barb celebrated her birthday too, that was the end of last week.   I can now show you what i made for her.

A lovely whitmans tin ...

with the inside stitched like this ....

The design is specifically for this tin and comes from The Stitching Parlor.  I stitched the fob and added some angel scissors to it and also hubby made a small hole into a little childrens farmyard sheeps tail and a needlethreader was attached (unfortunately that seems to have jumped out of the photograph) - we all know Barbs love of anything sheepy lol. I hope you had a wonderful special age birthday Barb and you were thoroughly spoilt by friends and family.

Wednesday was parlour night at NH with the other parlour maids and as you know i'm stitching Santas Village. He now has a head, sorry Christine, i just could not bring myself to go with your suggestion on the last post to put his head on the snow beside him (although it did make me smile when i read it).

Friday night is Stocking-a-long evening with Linda and Catherine. I'm loving the bright colours in this one. The animals have started to arrive, 2 little sheep and the third king has made an appearance too.

A spot of knitting has also taken place.  A simple plain longline cardigan for Isabelle was completed Saturday and modelled by the little lady herself when she was here on Sunday as we had a family get together.

Today, i've spent a few hours in the company of Clare. She drove over to have some friendly stitching time.

She brought a lovely homemade guiness cake and we did partake of a slice each. DH is very happy, he does like cake and Clare was kind enough to bring a cake when she came once before.  That was for the summer exchange and she had stitched me a cake band and made the cake for it to go around.

DH and DS have each had a slice when they returned from work this afternoon and given it the thumbs up. Apparently, i need to have the recipe for this Clare. Maybe others would like it too and we can persuade you to put it on your blog? They both send you their thanks for thinking of them.

Tomorrow hubby and i celebrate our wedding anniversary and at the risk of sounding all gushing, i think we are even happier than when we first met. Age mellows you i think and different things are important to you as you get older. We value quality time together doing the simple things like a walk in the park or a little choccie and good DVD at the weekend.  February the month of love, and love certainly does make the world go round and a happier place. 

I hope all is well for you and yours. I do know a couple of ladies who are going through some very difficult times right now and send you lots of love and {{hugs}}.


  1. Hello Julie

    The tin is really lovely, what a lovely pressie for your friend.
    That cake looks delicious!
    I love the cardi - she looks gorgeous in it.
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband.
    Have a good week.

  2. Happy anniversary to you and your husband...the tin is very cute...
    Yummy cake..
    Lots of love for you x

  3. Barb is one lucky lady - such a beautiful gift.

    Your needlework is coming along nicely and your stocking is looking great. It's great having 'company' while you stitch and I'm sure we'll have our stockings finished in plenty of time for Christmas.

    The cardigan is gorgeous and such a dear little model.

    Happy Anniversay to you both for tomorrow. I agree with your sentiments - we've been married almost 29 years and feel closer to DH now than on our wedding day - such a wonderful feeling.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Paul x x I'm glad they liked the cake :-)

    You are so kind and thoughtful with your gifts Julie x x

  5. Miss Valentine arrived safe and well Julie - thank you so much - although she was confined to the padded envelope until we returned from our weekend away!
    Love the tin, it's absolutely gorgeous. Nice update on your other stitching.
    Isabelle is growing so fast, she looks fab in her new cardigan.

  6. What a lovely post Julie!
    I love the gift you made for Barb and the cardigan for Isabelle, you have been very busy again!

    Congratulations for your Anniversary tomorrow,and yes, i think you are right, our priorities change as we get older and we see things differently, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow x

  7. Lovely stitching and knitting .
    Happy anniversary .XXX

  8. Ola tudo bem?
    Gostei muito do seu Blog...

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both Julie!

    Barb must have been so thrilled to receive such a lovely birthday gift. Now that I've seen your lovely finish I think I will have to dig out my chart for this some time soon. I have three of the tins, a green, yellow and pink, but I'm not sure if I've brought one with me, or if I've left them all home in the UK - will have a hunt for that too!

    What a cute little model Isabelle is, and looking lovely in her new cardigan too!

  10. Happy Anniversary. Lovely stitching. Great gift for Barb. The cake looks yummy. Isabelle's cardigan is gorgeous.

  11. The tin is beautiful & that cake looks so yummy!! Would go down nicely with a nice cup of tea :)

  12. Wow, what a beautiful tin, such a thoughtful gift. Yummy cake and Happy Anniversary.

  13. Such lovelies you'ved made for Barb and lovely cardigan too.

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  14. The gift for Barb is gorgeous! It doesn't matter that you put Santa's head on his shoulders, you'll still think of it lying in the snow every time you look at it. Bwa ha ha ha!
    Isabelle's cardi is great.
    Happy Anniversary!

  15. Your gift for Barb is so beautiful !! I love the other stitching to, the santa's village houses are so much fun to stitch.

  16. Lovely tin, and your stitching looks fab inside.
    All your stitching look wonderful, hugs.

  17. So that's a 1, a 2, a 3 and a 6 from my list of standard blog comments LOL.

    Seriously though, that is a lovely tin and Santa looks better with a head!

    Happy Anniversary, it was our "Been Together 7 years" Anniversary yesterday! No itching going on here though LOL.

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and Paul Julie.

    Gorgeous gift for Barb. I bet she loved it. It is so pretty.

    Love Christine's idea of putting Santa's head on the snow! Lol! Don't think I could have done it either though. It is looking good. I love the nice bright colours.

    Lovely progress on your stocking.

    Awww Isabelle looks so sweet in her new cardigan.

  19. Well what to say I LOVED IT!! AND the pic of Izzy.Thankyou so much!mwah

  20. Hope you and your husband enjoy many, many more happy years together, Julie. It sounds like you've got this thing called marriage well figured out :)

    Lovely stitching and such a sweet gift for Barb...I'm sure you made her day.

    Can't get over how grown-up Isabelle looks--her new cardigan is just adorable. What a lucky little girl to have a crafty grandma!


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