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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day - We have a winner

Miss Valentine is off to a new home .....

Tina came over to spend the day with me today, we had a lovely day stitching and chatting. I printed off all the comments, folded the entries and put them into a large bowl and Tina was kind enough to draw a winner.

She pulled out your name KATE  .... Congratulations!!

Thank you to everyone who entered.


  1. Congratulations to Kate!

    Happy Hearts Day, Julie!!

  2. YEAH KATE!!! Congratulations on winning.

  3. Hello Julie

    Happy Valentines Day!
    Congrats to Kate.

  4. I am super excited that Miss Valentine is coming to live with us - thank you so much.

  5. Whoo hoo congratulations Kate x x

  6. Congrats to Kate! Have a lovely weekend Julie ;)

  7. Congrats a lovely giveaway

  8. Well done to the winner, such a pretty bunny from you, love the white picot under skirt..
    Just a note to say I have had two of my finishes framed and I am very pleased, worth the money. So now I am going to have one a month done when we come back from our holiday
    Love and hugs Chris xx

  9. nice pic of Tina Julie, and how lovely that Kate won the Valentine bunny, just in time for her birthday too.

  10. Congratulations to Kate!

    Can you believe how fast 2013 is already going? I need to put my Valentine's decorations away already and get out St. Patrick's day ones now followed by Easter. All that being said...I am ready to get out in the garden. Not that I can at the moment anyway healthwise but the longing is there.

    How fun to get together and stitch. I love doing that. I am having a bobbinlace friend over today. I will see how much I can do myself but just being together is so inspiring and fun.

    Love your Santa's Village!!!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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