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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The crafting, the grandparent and the wardrobe....

We are still stepping outside the door here and into Narnia, well it certainly feels and looks like it! 

Sorry about the title of this post, all this snow seems to have made me put on my silly head lol.

It's been years since we've had snow like this, it just keeps coming and not thawing much at all, 10 days and its as bad as ever.

The garden still looks lovely

and it gives me the chance to have some fun in it too. Grandpa was pulling Isabelle and I on the sledge at the weekend. Being a grandparent does give you licence to be in your second childhood doesn't it?  One guy we passed on the sledge did tell me i was a bit old to be doing that.... bah humbug to him, it was fun and I loved it.

Lots of groups at the community centre have been cancelled due to the treacherous underfoot conditions, but my Book Borrower ladies wanted to meet on Tuesday so we did.

Our youngest member has had her little baby boy. He's called Andrew, weighed in at 7lb 14oz and both mother and baby are doing very well.  We held a surprise 'welcome baby' party for her and gave our gifts. I'm sure you all remember the blanket and cardigan I made a few posts back - she loved them. We had a nice homemade cake and lots of fun as well as chatting about our latest reads and having baby cuddles too....mmm that Johnsons baby powder smell, gotta love it.

Just in case you are nosey like me, here's where we meet each Tuesday afternoon in the lounge of the community centre, a warm welcome to all who come along.  One of our ladies made the super bunting with the words Book Borrowers on it for us to put up each week.

Time has been spent crafting and reading with all the 'keeping you inside' weather conditions.

I've read 5 books so far this year (list with links in the right hand side bar)

Knitted a fluffy cardigan for Isabelle

Crocheted a round cushion for hubbys footstool using the leftover wool from his lap blanket

and started Block 9 on Shores

I hope you are all safe and well and life is being kind to you. {{big hug}} for the poorly folks and those in need of a cuddle.

Off for a cuppa and then a venture out to the shops, hopefully i'll stay upright and not end up on  my  ... you know what!!!


  1. Lovely post Julie!
    I love the snow pic.
    Great stitching progress.

  2. A great post, and nice to finally see what you look like lol. Bah humbug are never, ever too old for sledging! Besides, with your lovely grand daughter wanting to have some fun, it would be downright rude not to join in. I love the cardigan and you are so lucky to have a book club to go to!!

  3. aww sweet winter wonderland :)
    very cute post with lots of sweet pictures..
    hugs cucki x

  4. Your garden looks magical with all the snow. Hope you do stay upright today....

  5. Great picture of you on the sledge, you should definitely be having fun as a gran. Lovely stitching and crocheting/knitting. Book Borrowers club looks great.

  6. You have been busy(and having fun, I see)with all of the snow! I love Isabelle's pretty pink cardigan, and wonderful progress on Shores!!

  7. I totally agree being a grandparent does give you chance of going into a second childhood!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Sounds like you had a productive and fun week! Who say's you are too old to ride on a sledge?? Looks like you had fun, and that's what matters :-)
    I love the little fluffy cardigan you knit for Isabelle, to cute!

    good job on the books! I'm still on my 3rd read of the year but it's huge and hard going at the moment.

    Yep our garden looks like that too, white all over, i've heard today that we may get more snow tomorrow!!

    Have a fab weekend x

  9. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow! I think we can be a kid anytime we want!!!

    Good start on Block 9!

  10. Such fun for you and Isabelle, yes a lot of snow for us all.. altho we do usually have a fall of snow in February here, so it was early this year
    You look well and a lovely smile as usual! Nice to have a title for your Reading Group, ours held in the library is just known aa the tuesday group! We have The Help to read this month altho I read it quite a while ago I will look at it again to refesh my memory..
    Happy days Julie
    Chris xx

  11. What a sweet photo of you and little Isabelle on the sled, Julie :) I think that must be the best thing about being a grandparent--getting to do all those fun "kid things" again !

    Your knitting, crocheting, and stitching are all off to fine starts for the year... Don't know how you manage it all plus all that reading :)

  12. How fun that you went sledding with Isabelle! You're never too old for fun! Love the pretty cardigan you knitted up! Great progress on your Shores block as well.

  13. Oh quit bragging Julie ;P
    Still now snow here.
    Great stitching and crochet and I love the little cardigan for Isabelle

  14. Lovely photos Julie, you keep on that sledge, don't listen to any killjoys, well done - of course yesterday I was in Hosp in a ward full of sledging injuries! Your knitting and crocheting are gorgeous. We still have lots of snow here in Somerset too.

  15. what a lovely post Julie! I enjoyed the entire post!
    What a great pix of you & your sweet little girl!!! Yes, as grandparents, we have the right to become young again!!!
    You have been very busy with all of your reading & crafting.... :>)

  16. Great post & sweet picture of you on the sledge with your granddaughter! Ignore what others say, they are probably jealous of seeing you having fun... I must admit, my parents are totally gaga when they are spending time with my son :D Great stitching too :)

  17. Hope you are not slip sliding away Julie, oh what fun it is to ride on a one husband pulling sleigh.
    I think Isabelle is going to enjoy her times With nanny and grandad, and its so good when they are tired and you are too you can hand them back.
    Great progress on shores.
    Thanks for the cuddle cos I hurt.

  18. Ooooo, I do love how your garden looks with all the snow! It's very pretty. :)
    The cardigan is also very pretty. It's just a fabulous color. So cheery!

  19. Great post! Loved the Narnia pics, the fact that you enjoyed the snow, and all the other goodness!

  20. Wow, you sure have a lot of snow! What little snow we had has vanished, but we're supposed to get a couple of inches tonight. Lovely knit and crochet finishes. Your block 9 looks great!

  21. Love the picture of you and Isabelle on the sledge! It does seem to be fun being a grandparent, got a few years to wait for that event LOL.


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